Friday, November 16, 2012

Odds n ends...

Well, I was able to get a lot of cleaning done this past holiday weekend. It started in the girls room - going through clothes and moving their room around. J & I cleaned the kitchen up - got all the stuff down from on top the cabinets, pulled out the refrigerator, cleaned the pantry, and got rid of a lot of stuff we don't ever use. I also cleaned out the two closets, the one by the front door and the hallway closet. J finally got rid of some of his jackets too! I was then able to clean the study up. Vacuumed and dusted the TV area.

I even did a little sewing, pillowcases for the girls and one for J.

I took Tuesday off from work and stayed home and did some more cleaning. This time I got in H's room - drawers and closet and dusted. Put up his bulletin board finally. :) I was able to go through the girls toy box and get rid of some junk that had accumulated. Then the big one - my closet. I got rid of some clothes that I just don't like to wear or never wear. I packed away the pants that are too big for me to wear now and some of the shirts too - to be put in the attic. Went through the birthday bags/tissue to get that cleaned up.

Then Wednesday was my early day, so I went home and cleaned both bathrooms. Dropped all the stuff off at good will. I hope someone is blessed by the little that I was able to donate.

So all I lack is to get in the top of my closet. I need to go through cards/pictures, high school stuff and stuffed animals. I need to have a little more room in my closet. I did rearrange things a little but it is still full.

One day this winter J & I need to get up in the attic and purge some stuff there too.

Spring cleaning, only in the winter...Makes this person happy...I really don't like clutter.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

God is faithful...

to us even when we do not deserve it!

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is next week. It always has been my favorite holiday and Christmas is J's. We truly have so much to be thankful for this year. We are still in our battle but God has the victory taken care of for us. (J is really enjoying his job!)

The girls are still having bad days at school. Not horrible but just something every day. Please pray that L gets her fits under control. I know she understands, I just think at the time she doesn't know what to do when she gets upset and cant have her way. I have not had any problems lately at home, so maybe the discipline that we are doing is making at difference at home. School is kinda in a catch 20/20. They really cant do anything, therefore she is getting away with her fit. Of course she doesn't get her way but that still doesn't stop her. A is just being defiant. If she doesn't want to do it then she just ignores and does it anyway. She thinks its funny. Again discipline has stepped up a notch at home trying to stay on top of these things so they don't get out of hand. They must understand that what we say is what we mean.

H is doing well. Not to many problems talking and he has gotten a 100 and a 90 on the last two chapter books he read for AR. He really is smart!!! (of course he gets that from me :) ))) JK

I have moved the girls room around. We had to figure out a way to separate the girls beds because they were standing on the head boards and climbing from one bed to the other. They have just been bothering each other lately. I had enough, SO.... Now A is on one side and L is on the other. I moved it on Sunday and that nap was the best one ever. I didn't have to pat, both girls laid in their beds and went right to sleep. Took L about 2 minutes and A about 10 to fall asleep. Nights have also been better too. Not as much playing. I pray that it continues.

J still feels so honored to be a deacon. I am excited for him because there is so much growth. He is going to teach SS this coming Sunday. I think he enjoys it but just doesn't want the weekly responsibility to do it all the time. He also is going to be helping with the Lord's Supper. A really special thing at church on Christmas Eve is the Lord's Supper and I am proud J gets to be involved this year. The girls are doing well at church too. L still doesn't like to go down the isle during children's church call. A will run down to meet papa. Needless to say its kinda the thing for the girls to have papa take them to children's church. I am just happy that they will go. They have been asked several times for them to sing in tiny tones. That is a Sunday night thing, we don't always make it, but we need to start trying again. They are still loving cubbies of course!

Me...I am just taking one day at at time and letting tomorrow worry about itself!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


to please everyone just doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am worried about to many things and too many people. Why oh why does life have to be so difficult and blind.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just have faith...

Just have faith...
That is what J just told me as he got off the phone. I just don't think that I have much left. Yes, I know God will take care of us, but (and I know there shouldn't be any buts) why not provide a great job now. Why is this taking so long?

I get so frustrated at him. I try to be supportive but I am struggling. I feel like my parents are mad with me/us. I don't want them to ever think that I am only taking, but I want them to know that I am grateful and indebted forever to them.

Someone has told him that they will have a full time position in 2013! 2013!???? I know part time will come before that but really, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming...The kids don't deserve this at all. I am tired of taking and asking of my family.

J's mom gave him an envelope on Sunday night and said that someone gave it to her to give to us. It is a $50.00 Wallyworld gift card. I am not sure if it was for us or if she gave it to us because someone gave it to them for their pastor appreciation day which was this past Sunday. I guess I shouldn't question Gods blessings, no matter where they come from.

I am just ready to give up.

I am amazed at the two weeks that J was out of town working, how less stressed I was every night, even my coworker noticed. Wow! I also realized when he came home last weekend that it is his indecisiveness that gets me so frustrated. Even when I tell him that he can choose he just throws it back at me until I make the decision. He tells me not to worry that he will do what he needs to do to take care of his family. I don't know if these are just words or...He tells me things will be different when he comes home, because he realized how much he missed us when he was gone and he doesn't want to go through that again.

Pride...It is a hard thing to let go of. Is that what God is teaching me??? To let go of my pride. To know that He is the one in control and that I can leave it with Him to take care of?

When it came right down to him leaving, I didn't want him to go. When it came time to go bed, I wanted him there. I love this man...the man God gave to me to support and be his helpmate.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want off...

this roller coaster ride!!!


Yesterday afternoon, A goes to the back door and tells us their is a snake outside. I told her no there is not a snake. I got up to look with her anyway and sure enough...a snake slithering across the back patio. Our neighbors were not home so I ran across the street and got HK's dad, she is a girl in their K3 class. He was so very nice to come and kill it with a shovel and promptly throw it over the back fence. Uck!!

J was able to come home last night and the kids absolutely LOVED it. They miss and love their daddy so much. We did have to sit down and talk last night. J believes that he cannot do this new job. He has decided to come home. He does have a part time job lined up to start as soon as he gets back. And he is trying to get another one in place as well. He stated that he will do what he has to to keep this family together. I do believe him but it is hard to trust sometimes. So I am trusting God to provide, like he already has for us.

BIG thanks to my parents for letting J stay at their house for the last two weeks and treating him just like a son. I know that he will miss his lunch being made for him. :)

Please just keep praying for us...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Right now I believe that only God will get us through this. He has provided in so many ways, so I know that He will also lead us to the right path to take for our family.

J did get a job but it is about 3 hours away from us. This does not make this momma and kids happy. H is handling it pretty well but still wants/needs to talk with his dad almost nightly. The girls will ask for him and ask where he is and I tell them he is working and the day he will be home. They seem ok with that answer for now.

So many questions arise from this situation...Should we move? Should we stay? If we move where do we move to? and Can we afford this change? Then I would have to find a new job, UGH...the kids would have to start new schools...we would have to sell our house here first...These are things that we just don't know the answers to and relying on God to show us the signs for the direction we are to go. In almost two months the job that J took is the only thing that has been offered full time. Is that a sign? I have just gotten to where I am happy at work and very happy where the kids are going to school. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS????

I am doing well so far on the home front, handling the kids and house by myself. I still get stressed and think at times that I just cant take this anymore and money problems still arise. But then I remember that I am NOT in control of things and that, thankfully, I can put them in Gods hands. I also remember to take just one day/moment/hour at a time. Its hard when the husband, a grown man, calls you from out of town crying because he just misses his family and feels like a failure because we are going through this. (sometimes we don't know what we have till it becomes absent from our lives) FAITH...we have to walk by faith.

I pray that if moving is not the right direction then God will open a door for a job here at home. But if it is then to clearly show us that that is our next step in our life. I really would like to be settled and just enjoy raising the kids. Living in limbo is not fun at all...

This story is to be continued of course...

Monday, September 17, 2012

It has been a while...

Sorry, just to say thing have gotten crazy would be an understatement.

Since I last wrote, we have gone to the beach, become fully potty trained, started K3 & 2nd Grade, and celebrated our 3rd and 8th (on Saturday) birthdays.

Not sure what made things click in A's head, but once returning from our week long trip she understood that she could get up in the middle of the night and go potty. Of course since then I have been getting up at least once 5 out of 7 nights. Of course I don't mind because it is better than having to do loads of laundry. L still maintains staying dry all night too. They love that they are big girls now! Stores have lost their excitement too for the most part. We can go and not have to worry about a gazillion potty breaks.

The girls third birthday was an experience! We did the donut theme and it turned out very cute and simple. The girls had their dresses especially made just for that day and they were adorable in them. I just sit back in awe some days and cant believe that they are 3. Amazing! When they turned one, the thought was - ok we made it past the first year of twins. When they turned 2 it was - ok we have toddlers now. But 3 - I have two little girls who are slowly but surly growing up on me. I am ok with this for now, but in about 10 years, probably not. The seem to be normal sisters in that they squabble and they are learning to share. They are understanding so much more that I give them credit sometimes.

K3 also started this past August. Of course my girls are the youngest in the class because of their birthdays, but if you could see all they are learning and saying and doing - it again, amazes me! Sponges for sure. We are learning to recognize and write our names, they know their first letters and that is how they distinguish their backpacks, lunchboxes, and nap mats. It used to be only by color for their sippy cups and bags. I absolutely love their new school!!! Actually that is an big understatement. They have been in school for a a month now and they both have gotten in to trouble once each. BUT the big difference is that along with what they did wrong they also praise for what they have done right/good! At little school they never gave positive feedback - only negative each day. So this change has been good for this momma. Maybe it is all in my head but the girls also seem much happier at the end of the day.

H has started 2nd grade and just like last year, the talking is still a problem some days. Only one note home so far though. H will also turn 8 this Saturday and we are going to surprise him with a party. We have been downplaying it saying that when he turned 5 is when parties stopped. He had a friend over for 6th birthday and 7th he went to an Alabama game. So this year ... He will love it! J and H are going to hit golf balls that morning (weather permitting) and then maybe some BassPro and while they are doing that I will be setting up at home. Grandparents will come over and surprise!!!

On the home front with J & me. Sad news, J lost his job. Not sure how to take this but we are moving forward. Praying and praying some more...God will get us through, it is just hard to wait for His plan sometimes. The kids don't know yet, I'm not sure we will tell them either until we have to. The girls probably wont care but H will know. Whoever you are please keep praying for us!

Maybe that catches us up in a brief way...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I spoke too soon...

Of course!!!

I spoke too soon when I talked about L & A staying dry...Guess what? BOTH girls had accidents last night. uggghhh.... Hopefully they will be dry for another few nights in a row and we can truly say it was just an accident. A's was sometime in the middle of the night and L just didn't get out of bed in time.

H called us last night crying. He is homesick. Nighttime has a way of doing that to us. But it also made this mama happy to know that he needs me and his daddy! I cannot wait to get my hands on him when he gets home. I pray he has a great next two days and that he always remembers that I love him all the way to heaven and as much as God loves us!

Water day for L was today. Once again, the whine about why one gets to do something the other one doesn't. Just more unneeded stress.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back again...

I am back again. Seems like I go for a few days doing entries and then just stop, only to pop up again!!

H is out of town this week going to VBS with grandparents. He was with the other set of grandparents last week for VBS as well. Good thing they are different studies. Anyway, he sounded so happy and excited on Monday evening when I spoke with him. I know when his papa gets back from out of town he will have more exciting times too. Although I miss him and can not wait to get my hands on him again this weekend! Love my little man!
He will have art camp next week from 8-12 everyday. I know that he is excited about that. And then a couple weeks after that we will all be at the beach! This summer will be over quickly and H will start 2nd grade and the girls will be in K3 at the same school at their brother! So excited!!!

Speaking of the girls. I'll have you know that I ventured out and put the mattress pads back on the beds with the sheet. L has been completely potty trained for some time now but A was having nightly accidents. Even with going out of town this past weekend she stayed dry. They love their new flower print bed sheet, but I just knew that if I put them on that she would wet. NO, not at all. I was in the shower when they got up and J went and got them out of their room. He said that A was sitting in L's bed when he entered and freaked out. Thinking that twice the wash. He asked her if she was wet and she quickly said no and told him he could check. Sure enough, DRY! This is either the 5 or 6th night in a row!! Maybe!?!?!? We praise it up when she is dry in the morning too! When I went in to check on them later that morning I asked her if she stayed dry, she quickly said yes and pointed to her sheet and said she kept her flowers dry all night! :) Such big girls now!

Water day at school is a great enjoyment for the girls! L is on Thursday and A is on Friday. This is good and bad. Good not all in the same day but bad trying to explain to them why one of them gets to wear the fun stuff/shoes when the other one can't.

Not much else to say right now. Just wanted to get something in on the blog.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy and sad and just plain mad...

Well, I am all of the above this morning.

I am just sick and tired of L getting up in the middle of the night just to fuss and complain and then to be up again at 5am. Last night she got up around 1 am and it took me being on her floor for 1hour and 30 min to get back to my bed...only for her to be back up at 5am...I was telling her to go to use the potty and I was going to attempt to put her back in her bed, seeing as it was still dark outside. She didn't want to go potty, so I was taking her back to bed. Then she wanted to go potty, but was crying and fussing the whole time, so she teed a little on her pnties. She sat and went and then when I was handing her paper she just kept whining and saying no, she didn't want to wipe. I got her clean pnties to put on and she didn't want that either. So I picked her up, wiped her and tried once again to put the pnties back on. NO go... So I picked her up took her back to her room, put her and her pnties and shorts for her to put on in her bed and I left the room. Yes, she was still crying and fussing but I there was nothing that I could do right for her. I don't know how but A slept through some of this whole debacle. I went back to my room. She continued to cry/whine for about another 10 min and then I noticed it was quite. I didn't hear another thing till about 6:15 when A was at the door saying she had to go ptty. L had pnties on and they had been playing in the room. A had taken her wet pnties off and they were in the floor. But A went to the ptty and p'd her morning p like usual. I just cant take this stuff anymore. I am beyond frustrated. Takes me anywhere from 30 min to an hour to get them to bed, then up again in the middle of the night and then early, early in the morning, and naps are getting shorter and shorter. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???

L surprised me this morning. We were on our way to school and she has hair rubber band that had broke. She had placed it on her leg and said mom, I have a 'j' on my leg!!! Sure enough it was in the shape of a J. So smart when she wants to be.

I payed all three kids registration this morning for the fall. At least that is taken care of now and off my mind.

I got rid of the ratty pink sandals on Saturday. This morning they wore their k#ds to school and I didn't even hear one fuss about it. Shocked to say the least.

So excited about the beach trip coming up. Have to start saving a little for that. Also excited that the girls will have new swing tops that my mom is going to make for them!! They will love them. (And the red dresses!)

We gave jills girls presents to the mil to forward knowing that she would see them before we would. Anyway, mil had already looked into the present and made the comment to me that they would love them because they love silverware. ??? I don't get why she would look into a present that wasn't even hers? Needless to say, the party didn't happen on Saturday. The daycare called her on Friday because one of the girls had a fever. They still had it on Saturday and so jill called us to let us know and say that she understood if we didn't come. Of course we didn't go, I wont subject the girls to known sickness. Good thing because they still had the fever on Sunday too. Only two weeks into the new day care and they are sick. Now she will understand what day care is really like. Well, maybe I am just dreaming because we know who came to the rescue and it wasn't the girls mom/dad. Mil had suggested we get the girls vacuums. J told her we probably wouldn't and she said that was ok to let her know and she will get them for them. Of course jill posted a picture of the girls/mimi on Saturday playing with their brand new dirt devil play vacuums. Quoted, the best gift ever.

I texted H's teacher for the last time and thanked her for being a good teacher for H. "Thanks for all you did for H this year! This is his mom signing off your text line for the final time. Thanks again for being a great teacher at HES!" She texted me back saying: "Awww!! Thanks so much for all of your support! I am so proud of H. He is so smart. Gifted testing takes place in 2nd grade :). Feel free to text me or call me if you guys need anything! Have a great summer!"
Nice for her to notice the gifted part even when I said nothing about it.

Wow, I am in a mood today, but trying to not let it take control. Pray for me...

Thursday, May 24, 2012


We have been dry for 48 hours now!!!

I did set my alarm clock for midnight. It went off, I got up, took A to the ptty. She sat but after a few seconds said she didn't want to go. I told her she needed to so she wouldn't wet in the bed. But it was a no go. She got up and crawled back into bed. I just knew that she would wet. Fast forward to 5:45am and L was at the door crying so I just knew also that I would have puddle on the floor because she didn't make it out. But I opened the door and A was right behind her, they walked out and went to potty. A & L both were dry!!!!

H got a note sent home yesterday, but it was GREAT! He will be receiving two awards on the 29th! One for his A Honor Roll and then a second for his Accelerated Reading. To say we are so proud is an understatement. I will be going to that!!!!!

I am taking tomorrow off from work & so is J. Just a day together because of our 12th anniversary this weekend. I hope we can relax just a little.

Hope all is well in your house...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

24 hours...

We have been dry in our house for 24 hours!!! I cannot believe it...first time in weeks that we have not had to change at least one bed. Here's the story: L woke up crying at around 11:45pm. I go into the room and find her standing in front of her bed with her blanket and was shaking. I asked her if she fell out of the bed and she said yes. I held her tight and picked her up and decided to go ahead and take her ptty. She went, and I took her right back to bed and told her I would be right back. I felt A and she was still dry so I picked her up and took her ptty. She went and I took her right back to bed. I laid on the floor and after a few minutes I crawled out of the room and went back to bed myself. Fast forward to 5:45am and both girls get up, go ptty and we have dry beds!!! I guess I will start getting up now and maybe after a week or so they will realized they can go on their own to the ptty???

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The end...

of school for H is next Thursday. I cannot believe that he will be in second grade next year. I am definitely not old enough to have a second grader. Am I? Lots of new exciting adventures ahead I'm sure. He told me this past weekend that his girlfriend broke up with him. I asked him why and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know but that was what she did. :)  Love this little boy...

This girls are having their end of the school year party on Friday. Bananas for L's room and yogurt for A's. I really hope they move L up soon because this momma is not sure she likes it. I feel like L is missing out on maturing and learning new things. Its not that they are in different classrooms, its that they are in different grade levels. They usually do end up together by the end of the day, usually on the playground.

I am proud to say that I have no fear in taking the girls anyplace. They are potty trained for sure during the day. No more diaper bag!!! I still keep a change of clothes in the van but I feel so free to be able to not have to carry anything. I actually got to carry my Bible on Sunday! Sad I know but when holding toddlers and bags it was just easier to look at J's. Ptty stops are just a part of the trip now. We go to Walmrt and they will have to go, so we go. The only thing that is frustrating, is taking both of them at the same time. I try if I can to take one at a time but not always the case. But they do good for the most part. They can pull up/down for clothes and they can get on the ptty by themselves to. Of course in a public setting I get them on and off for less touching. But I can honestly say I am proud!!! A is still having a night issue, but did have one dry night on Monday morning. But of course in twin style, L wet. She hasn't figured out she can get up and just go to the ptty. I am at some point going to start setting my alarm clock for midnight or so to get A up to go ptty. I am not sure that is going to help or not, but we wont know until we try. Another theory we were wondering about was if L is waking up earlier because she has to go. But she got up around 3am the other day and so I got her out of bed and took her ptty and put her back in bed. She was still up before 6am. Goodness!!

They are loving their B@rbies in the bathtub too! L is very good at sharing, A not so much.

June 11-15 is VBS, so H will be at the grandparents that week. I wonder how many days they will take him over to the sister n laws house. It seems to be the only place they are ever at. I think that if I find out that they are taking him over there a lot that I will rethink this next year. The whole point is to have him get the full attention for that week. Speaking of snl, her girls started a new daycare on Monday. Not ours of course but another one that is in between grandparents and her. Convenient.
J caught his dad in a lie. Maybe not a lie but still a story. I didn't hear this till after. But J said he came up to him and H and made the comment that he wished he had know about the kids thing in the big city and he would have come up and gotten H. Thinking nothing of it. When we were at lunch with J&C they mentioned that they went and that they saw the grandparents w/ snl & bnl w/ kids. Later when J brought it up, he said that he didn't understand why his dad said anything to begin with why make things up. I also wondered why they didn't even call, even last minute, to invite us out. I guess we just are not flexible enough??? Or maybe its just me. I am doing my best not to even worry about her and I am doing pretty well, but...The big 2 year bday party is coming. No invite yet by mail but yes by mouth to J. She even had the nerve to ask him if he would help drive some train thing that they were going to do at the party. Ugghhh... I told him if he does then he can take all three kids by himself. I am not being left alone there. I wonder how many times it is going to take for him to realize things are not going to change. He secretly wishes that they would have to move...not going to happen.

Sorry this entry was a big run on...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So fast but so slow...

That is how I feel life is going. I feel very safe to say that L is completely potty trained. She has stayed dry during the day for a full week and at night for 5 days now. A on the other hand is fully "day" potty trained and hasn't had an accident in over a week as well, but night time she still has a problem with. She goes sometime in the middle of the night but when she wakes in the morning she goes a full p. So...

But my girls are surely becoming big girls. They love their jelly beans for sure, but L will make sure she doesn't get orange. She will tell daddy that she wants a jelly bean but not orange. A on the other hand doesn't care what color and neither does H.

H got four punches on Monday and then one punch on Tuesday and then one strike on Wednesday. He is working for a full punch week to be able to go hit balls with J at the golf course. Anyway after we complete this week he only has two and a half more weeks of school left. Then I will be a mom to a second grader!!! And the girls will be starting K3 this fall too! Amazing!

The girls are handling being in separate class rooms very well, but some days its hard when I drop them off. L really wants to go to the big classroom with A. I'm sure its because it is more fun and different stuff then what she sees everyday. I hope soon they will have a spot open for her to move up too.

Day care has 6 cases of pink eye in the toddler room. On the entry board it says 5 confirmed cases of pink eye and stomach virus and hand,foot,mouth. WOW --- So we continue to put in eye drops for now.

There are also just few more weeks of awana at church and then they will move the service to Monday nights. I'm not sure if we will make those or not...kinda just depends but right now J has to work late on Mondays which will make it really hard.

VBS is coming at church in June and I know that H is excited. He will spend a full week with his Mimi & papa. I know they will spoil him. I hope they do something together that he will be able to treasure. Sometimes they are so busy with work and the job that they don't actually do quality time stuff with him. I know he loves the toys but...

I'm getting excited about my room. I want to make it a place that I will enjoy and feel relaxed to go to. I want to do it right and where it is affordable. The cable/elec man is coming on Saturday am. He was supposed to come Tuesday but his worker got ill so he had to take him to the hospital. No hurry anyway for this to be completed. But it is the first step. Since I will now have wall over my bed, I was thinking of getting a vinyl saying to put above the bed...The greatest measure of love is to love without measure. I just really like it. 

Well, I have rambled enough for now...

Monday, April 30, 2012


I think this will be my final potty post. The girls are doing great! I'm not sure I want to say they are fully potty trained but they are potty trained. I think in 3 more months they will most definitely be ready for K3 school. We stuck around at home this weekend and the girls were great all day long. A wet the bed on Friday night to Saturday morning, so last night I decided to get her up around 9pm (when we went to bed) to have her potty. She did great, she went and then I put her back in bed. She was dry in the morning. L had the accident last night so I might try and get her up too at the same time, but she is a little more difficult to deal with when she is asleep/waking up, like her momma!

I decided not to pay the tuition for the old school and go out on faith that the girls will be ready and "fully" trained by 8/13/12. Their director called me today at work and said that there was an opening right now in the lower three's class and that both the girls are the oldest to move up. She only had one spot. She asked if I was OK with separating them or for her to wait. I said that it didn't matter, because in my mind on occasion they are in different rooms anyway and I'm sure as soon as another spot opens they will move the other one. She suggested A to move up because she loves to be in that classroom. I also think this might be good for A and get some independence from L and be a leader not a follower all the time. I also know that this will only be for about 3 more months at the worst case for them being apart. I paid the regular day care bill today and also included their slips that they will not be returning for the fall. We'll see if they say anything.

We have recovered our living room from the kids. All the girls toys have been moved to their room. I put guards on both sides of their doors and on the bathroom door, and a baby gate in H's door. They have free roam of the hallway and their room. Yesterday was the first day and they did a lot of playing in their room or in the hallway with H. Now I have an empty corner!! Of course the bookcase is still in there and so is the easel, but that is all! They did great last night going to bed too. I thought they might keep getting out of bed to go to the toy box, but they didn't. So proud!

L was sick and had strep on Thursday so the streak has been broken. But it was 2/8 the last time so we had a good run of health. I hope this fades fast but L is still complaining about her belly hurting. I called the nurse and she said the antibiotic is strong, just make sure she drinking plenty of fluids and takes it with food. Her last bm was Saturday, so we need to make sure she goes today. She said not to mention it to L but see if she says any more about it and to call her back on Wednesday if she is still complaining.

Between the termite and air condition bill and the potty training, this momma is tired and in dire need of time off! But no rest for the weary...J & I are thinking of taking 5/25 off and going about an hour north to go eat and just be together, not overnight or anything, for our 12th anniversary. We'll see closer to the time, depending on sickness.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the countdown...

The girls are on the final countdown to their next big birthday!!

Officially today, 4 more months till they turn the big "3"!

Not sure what the party will be like, so I know that will wait till closer to the big day. I am thinking about getting them big girl bikes with training wheels of course, like we did with H. We have been taking walks and they see H riding his bike and they cant understand why they don't have bikes and are starting to dislike being in the wagon. Don't get me wrong, they still ride and enjoy the wagon but they whine at first. Anyway... I am also trying to start jotting down Christmas ideas to get them as I hear/see them, that way I am not at a loss as to what to get for all three.

J went to the doctor yesterday and his blood pressure is still high. Not sure if that is just apprehension about the visit or if really there is an issue. He had no protein in his urine so the doctor said he wasn't going to do medicine at this point. J is still working on his cholesterol. He also asked the doctor about snoring and not getting restful sleep. He suggested that J loose about 20 lbs. I am kinda thankful for this and I hope that he sticks to this because I know that he will fell much better too! I pulled the wagon with the girls, J ran, and H rode his bike yesterday.

H only has six weeks left of school. We got progress reports yesterday and he has all A's. We told him how proud we are of his grades and that he needs to keep it up to be on the honor roll for the next grade period. He has gotten a strike on each of the last two days. I am trying not to get all over him about it, so, I pray he doesn't get a third this week but if he does there will have to be consequences.

Anyway, we are all doing well!

The perfect day...

Day 8: (completed)

The girls had a perfect day!!! Woke up dry, stayed dry all day long, and both even went poo on the potty!!!

Day 9:

L woke up crying about 3am. I was going to let her cry it out but after a couple minutes I realized she wasn't just going to settle down. I got in the room and she was crying about her arm being wet. She had wet the bed. I got her to the bathroom and woke J up to change the bed. A stirred so I got her up to go potty too. They both went back to bed. Both got up from bed dry. Dry all the way to school. tbc...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At what point...

do you say your child is potty trained?

Day 7: (completed)
The girls went into a new big girl classroom and did well. A had no accidents and L only had one p accident. Not sure if they went poo or not, the teacher wasn't there and there wasn't a daily sheet. They stayed dry all afternoon! They are even starting to tell me when they have to go. They both went potty before bed and then once they were in bed they fussed that they had to go potty again. And when L says she has to go, then of course so does A. I don't want to dismiss them so I take them and then make sure they go or don't go and then its right back to bed.

Day 8:
L woke up again at around 3-4 am. I decided not to take her to the potty this time. I just covered her back up and gave her her lovie. We woke them up around 6:15am and they were both dry, to the potty we went. A went right away and L wanted to fuss about it and ended up in Mommy's bathroom to go potty. But she did. While eating breakfast, A told me she had to go again. And boy did she have to go again! So proud of her telling me. I know that the girls didn't poo on Sunday and I am doubtful about Monday, so I will be watching for that. I can remember watching H's too! Love being a mommy :)

I was going to cook fried potatoes on Sunday. I plugged in the fry daddy and J came in to check, since he was outside grilling chicken. He asked me what happened to the lid. My thought was that I took it off and that I set it somewhere. I looked but then noticed that I never took it off. I melted the lid right into the fry daddy! I'm such a good cook! So we had fried potatoes in the skillet. Not as good but still....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Successful first weekend...

Well, I think it was anyway. My baby girls are becoming big girls.

Day 5: (completed)
The girls stayed dray all day and only one poo accident. A was going potty when I got there and I asked L but she told me she already went. I get them to the car and as I am putting L into the car seat she says she has to go. I took her back inside, she did her business and then we were able to go. I was so proud of her! J & I and H had a baseball game to go to Friday night so the in laws were going to watch the girls. I was a little apprehensive about this but when we got home at 11pm they were in bed asleep and mil said they were dry all night but only one poo accident.

Day 6: All day Saturday was at home...
L was already wet when I went in their room on Saturday, but A was dry so I took her to the potty. She went and then L came in and went again. Both got their jellybeans! They were dry all through the day and even at nap. When they got up they went potty. That afternoon I took H and we went to the grocery store. We were gone about 2 hours and I got about 3 calls while I was out. L had a p accident outside while playing and a poo accident while outside playing. When I got home and the girls came in. A had a poo accident. Other than that there was success! Dry for the rest of the night!!

Day 7: a complete week...
Today was our first venture out besides home and school. Church! They both woke up dry and went potty and we went again before we left for church. I dressed them in clothes so that if they had an accident that they would be able to change very easily. The girls just moved up last week to a new class so this was another big change. When we got to the church we went right to the potty. A went but L didn't. I told them both to make sure they told the teacher if they had to go potty. I informed the teacher. An hour later before SS was going to start, I went by their classroom to make sure the second teacher knew that they were in big girls pnts. She said that the last teacher was taking them potty right then. I was proud, no accidents! After SS we went to their room where they were playing happily. They stayed dry and even told the teacher if they had to go! She said they listened very well while the story was read. !! I have big girls now !!! Dry throughout nap. I kept asking if they needed to poo but I never had one yesterday. I feel sorry for the teacher today. But they were dry alllll dayyy!! I even took the potty outside while we were playing. They each had a successful pp. P before bed and good night!

Day 8: another new day...
MONDAY!! It has now been a full week. I think I can say that my girls are doing GREAT!!!!!!!
It has definitely gone smoother than I expected, although the first three days were hard, I really think they get it. L woke up crying this morning about 4 am, I took her potty. She p'ed and then went right back to bed. I am not waking them up to p but if they do wake in the middle of the night I want to take them so they know it is OK to do that. They both woke up dry and L p'ed again and A did too. Dry all the way to school. I hope they do well today!

Less laundry would be great and I think we really need to work on the poo issue and we will be doing great!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Day 4: (completed)
Today was a good day at school! Both girls stayed dry all day and each only had one poo accident. :)
I am proud of that for sure!!!
When we got home we went to the potty so we could go on a wagon ride. L went right away, but even after several attempts A wouldn't/couldn't go. Both girls were watching out the back door to see dad get the wagon out. A let out a few whimpers and I looked to see her spreading with pee going down her leg. Luckily she was close to the linoleum and we got her on that to clean up. She really didn't like it at all, and I think that is good because she will remember that. They went on their wagon ride and came back. We ate dinner and got baths. Just before bed we took the girls potty. Both p'd like champs! When it came time to go to bed, the girls realized that they could say they had to go potty and they could get out of bed that way. At first we told them they just went and they couldn't get out of bed. After about 10 min, I picked L up out of bed, went straight to our bathroom, and she p'd right away. Just a little though, but still. Then I put her back in bed and took A. She didn't go but was happy she got out of bed. Back to bed she went. Night night!!

Day 5:
Today started off good. I went in to wake them up and I noticed that L had already wet the bed. I saw that A had not. I picked her up and we went straight to the potty. She sat and p'd right away! Big high fives and a jelly bean!! L did not like being wet. She must have just gone because she was soaked! Sometimes I have to remember to not think about the fact that I am touching pp. EWWW...
We stayed dry all the way to school as well.
I think maybe, just maybe they might be catching on. It was good for this momma to see they did well yesterday and I at least had one dry bed that I didn't have to change! :)

TBC...(I cant update again till Monday, but I will do my best to remember it all) This will be the first weekend for us in p@nties so...and the first Sunday at church...Please say big prayers!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still on the train...

Day 3:  (completed)
The teacher said the day was better than on Tuesday. Both girls had accidents at nap, so wet bedsheets and blankets were brought home and they both pooped in their pants.
A p'd at the dinner table again, after we asked her and she sat repeatedly. But she gave us a really big p right before bed, it only took us 10-15 min of sitting on the pot. She really wants to keep her panties.
Both did good p right before bed. Both wet their bed sometime in the middle of the night. I guess I am going to have to start getting them up to go potty in the middle.

I think that L gets it, just a stop to go thing now and poo of course. A, I'm not so sure?. But we are not stopping...

Day 4:
When I came out of my room, I could hear L talking, so I missed my window of opportunity. When I went in the room L was standing beside her bed trying to clean her potty spot with her lovie. She got out of bed and wet the floor. A said she was dry so I sent her to the bathroom. She went potty! But since both had wet during the night, we still had both beds to change. No accidents on the way to school. We'll see how school goes...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Amazing that this is  my 101 post! AND because we are in potty training 101!!!


It all started on Monday 4/16/12. I am determined to get the girls potty trained so they are able to start a new school for K3 in August. They have to be fully potty trained by the time they start. Four months and counting!

Day 1:
I got up about 30 minutes earlier than I normally do so that I can wake the girls in the morning and take them potty first thing, instead of them just waking up on their own. When I went in to wake them up, I told them that we were going to wear big girl p&nties and that  we needed to go pp in the potty. They both jumped out of bed and we were successful with morning p. Again before we left the house we took them again. I worried that they would wet their car seat on the way to school because that is about 30 minutes in the car. But dry they were when we got there! I was proud. Throughout the day I wondered but I was too scared to call and ask. When I picked them up, I saw A in the front room playing and she had her same clothes on! Amazing. She had p and poo in the potty and did wonderful. L on the other hand, had a p accident and a poo accident. The p went all the way to her shoes. Both stayed dry during nap. I really did expect the accidents because they have been in pull ups for so many months that they are just like diapers for them only they pull up, but no "wet" britches if they p/poo. A successful afternoon as well at home. Both went to the potty before bed and when J and I went to bed the girls were still dry.

Day 2:
We woke the girls up and L was dry and A had wet the bed. We took them both to the potty and they both went p. Again, dry all the way to school. But the day at school was a little different today. Roles reversed...they both had accidents but A wet her bed at nap and both had poo accidents. I got a little discouraged this afternoon because I felt like we took one step forward and two steps backward. That afternoon, L went potty great and A went p at the dinner table in her chair after having sat on the potty a couple time and doing nothing and being asked several times. I put a towel under her and then after dinner we got a bath. Night time was no exception to the day...L had cried out in the middle of the night and at around 2am I went in to check them and they were BOTH wet. When morning came, L went in the potty for her am p and A had already we the bed again. --A load of laundry started!

Day 3:
I was a little worried this morning because A didn't p at home. But we did make it to school dry. They both sat on the potty when we first got to school but neither of them went. I let the teacher know and she said they would take A in about 10 minutes to try again. The teacher also made me feel some better and said that the girls were in a different classroom yesterday and that she thinks that messed them up. She said she will try to keep them on schedule today..... We'll see....TBC...

Had to call mom because this mom was getting discouraged. I know that sounds funny because in reality it is just day two, but yes, I wanted this miracle to happen and that they would just get it! I know that H didn't and that it took a couple weeks, but...Things times two have always seemed so much more difficult. I plan to look for other twin moms stories of potty training and see if I can find hints. We have jelly beans and stickers but sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I cant believe my ears...

Last night, while sitting in church, J leaned in and told me that he wanted to go to Disn*y again. Of course this was in our plans for the far future, like the girls being over 5! For sure!!  His reason...he couldn't wait to see the girls dress in princess dresses and meet the princesses. A is loving Cinder*lla. We don't have the movie (might have to get this one when I order again), but when any of these movies start she knows that that is her castle at the beginning. J even asked me if we could do the princess breakfast like my niece did this past trip. Wow, a man who wasn't so sure about girls, is now completely obsessed. Taking time for family.

Speaking of family... I hope that H is having a very good time on spring break. He went to his Nana and Papa's house for the week. Things are easier with just two kids over three but sitting around the dinner table is NOT the same and there is definitely something/one missing!!! I know that he is having new adventures and is soaking up the personal one on one time with Nana, Papa, & Memaw! We miss you H and cant wait to see you. The girls ask where you are and when we tell them that you are with n&p they just say OK and move on, but be prepared to get knocked over with hugs when you see them!!!

I got the girls new easter buckets and I am getting vinyl letters made for their names to go on the other side. I was able to find one at T*rget that is somewhat boyish and it is about the same size and was only $5, so I got it and will put his name on his as well.

I started this entry about 6 hours ago......

Friday, March 2, 2012

With love...

Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and that I love you. ALL of you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And it keeps moving on...

Wonders never cease in our house...
H got in trouble again yesterday. After getting two strikes on Tuesday he got two more yesterday. One for talking out during a test and the other for running and sliding in the classroom and knocking down another student. WOW... Cant seem to find a happy balance with him.

A got hurt last night. The kids in Puggles were riding in the bye-bye buggy and as they were going through a doorway, she decided to stick her leg out. She is complaining that her knee hurts and she limps occasionally. She also will no run and sometimes her leg goes limp. Not fall on the floor limp but just enough to catch herself. She still goes up stairs and stands on that leg to get her pants on. Not hardly any problem walking normally. There is no swelling and no bruising. I really think its just like a sprain and J looked at it and felt nothing different than her other knee. So I have called the on call nurse at doctors office. Might take her in tomorrow if they suggest it. She was the first one to mention her knee hurting her this morning, so I know that it is still bothering her. We'll see...

The girls finally slept in a little. They didn't get out of bed till 6:45. A went to the potty again this morning. She did have some wet in her pull up but I think that might be from late last night, because she went a good pp. L still doesn't care...

Mom, thanks for everything you did yesterday for me and the family! It means so much to us ALL. Glad the day went pretty smoothly, it makes you feel more accomplished and it sounds like you got a lot done too. I hope you have a great day today too and for sure rest tomorrow. I can not wait to see you all later this month!

Love ya,

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just wanted to say I love you!!! I wish we were closer to each other...I would really bug you then! :)

H had a good night. After we found out he had strep, we decided not to go to church and just get home and get baths and good rest. J picked up the dinners from Wed night supper so I didn't have to cook and then we enjoyed some cupcakes! They were good too! I cooked for a food day we are having for a birthday at work and I have found I really do enjoy to cook. I LOVE my mixer!!! and that is no joke!!! I made blueberry almond creme muffins... they weren't too bad if I do say so myself. J took some to work and then I took the rest. Maybe one day I will cook them for you too. If you want me to that is?.?

The girls have started getting up around 6-615 every morning. I am not sure why this has started because it is not light in their room and the noise level has not changed. But even this morning, J got up and left the house at 610ish and then not two minutes after he left I heard the girls opening their door and going to the living room. I waited a few minutes and then got up and just went and turned on the TV and put up the baby gate and went to take my shower. I checked on them periodically and they did fine. I fed all three of them breakfast this morning, meds all around and we had a good morning. Soo.. J suggested maybe they need to stay up later in the evenings, but they might go to bed at 645 but they never go to sleep for another 20-30 minutes. Not sure if staying up later is really going to help but we'll see.

When I took H to the doc yesterday, it was so nice that he is older. He was able to get out of the van and go to the waiting room while I signed him in. He waited quietly in the waiting room and when time, he stepped on the scales. (64lbs by the way!!) He laid on the table and did everything the doc told him to do. I guess what I am getting at is that it was easy! No fighting to get him to do things and no struggles. I know that one day I will get there with the girls but right now it is just hard with the two going different direction and constantly not wanting to do what they are told. Anyway, H gave me some insight that one day I will get there with the girls too. Maybe...

I got my bows last night and I love them! The are the perfect size and I think they will be for several more years. Yea!! A wanted to wear hers and kept asking where her bow went. The poor girl wont keep a pony tail in so I am not sure about how the bow is going to go but I will do it on Sunday and see. These bows have closure clips so the girls would have to acutally pull it out of their hair. L does really good. I am now putting her hair up daily, just the middle top portion to keep it out of her eyes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Holiday...

I had a great weekend and had my day off to myself! I was able to go shopping and have lunch with a friend. It was a good day.

H is complaining of a very sore throat. The nurse called today from school and said he didn't have a temp but he felt warm and he had been complaining/crying since lunch time. J went to get him and I called the on call nurse to see if they would call in an antibiotic because of the girls recent bout of strep or if I need to take him in. Well see...

L & A are doing well and seem to be growing up so much. I can actually have conversations with them now. Its fun to see the changes. A had now started calling L by her full name and not just the nickname. I love to listen to her and the way she pronounces her name is adorable. I love the bond they have, I love that they have each other.

H ended last week on a bad note. He got all three strikes, so basically he was out! He stayed in his room most of the weekend. Then on Monday he got a strike and a punch. One good decision and one bad. The teacher had him move his desk to sit by himself and then at the end of the day he was able to move it back. J said that he was talking to another teacher (one of his patients) and she stated that the school system is too hard on them and is expecting to much of a 1st and 2nd grader. Possibly what could be going on is that when the teacher is teaching something new, he sees it, and gets it and is immediately bored. OR he could just be disobeying. We did not punish him last night. He did the now normal routine and had a shower, eat, homework, chore list and then bed. He was in bed at 7pm last night. The punishment doesn't seem to change anything so not sure if that is the way or not. So for now we have just taken away privileges.

I am having another terrible headache today. Not sure why I am starting to get these things, but they are getting old very fast. I am tired of having them. I still push through but no OTC medication is working. Might have to be a talk with the doctor next visit for sure.

I got some more things cleaned up yesterday. I only have one more corner in my room to clean and that is the CD's. Not sure what I am going to do with those. Most I don't listen too anymore but not sure if I just want to get a big notebook/storage to keep them in and get rid of the cases themselves. That way there would be less to store. That's my idea right now anyway.

The girls will officially be two and a half this Saturday. They are growing so fast now it seems. I look at them and wonder when they grew so tall and started talking in sentences and having conversations. They are also starting to share much better together. Of course they do still have their fights...but i see the changes for the better.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I guess since you came looking I will write! :)

This week has been a weird sorta week. Not horrible just didn't feel like normal. But what is normal???

H didn't have a good week he got three strikes, but he also got 4 or 5 punches. Its the three strikes that are bad. Anyway... The girls are doing good at school. They really do not like their new teacher and they miss Ms. Tiffany. They now fuss again when I drop them off. L had a straight line bruise again and I am keeping a log of it. I am trying to keep a daily journal of all things that happen at the daycare from sicknesses in the center to boo boo reports. I did like the teacher that I picked them up from yesterday afternoon. I do not know her name and I haven't seen her before, but she was so very nice and of course it didn't hurt that she told me that I had the sweetest twins. I got to watch them for a few minutes yesterday when I picked them up before they saw me. What I saw made me very happy. L was on a little bench playing with her babies and feeding them their bottles and A was over with two other boys and was playing with some dinosaurs. I loved seeing that they played individually. Sometimes you hear about twins that have trouble socially because they are so used to playing with each other all the time.

I am excited for Monday...I am trying to make plans to meet up with Crystal for lunch or movie. Not sure right now. I also plan to go to K*hls and maybe a couple other places. I want to try and find a couple pairs of pants.

Not much else to write about right now. The kids are well and I hope it stays that way for a few more weeks at least.

Hope you all are well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day...

Wowo, seems like things happen so quickly.

The "too many projects" was a common theme last year too. This year follow it! Only one project at a time and find room in the spare bedroom to put your projects instead of the kitchen table. Just an idea.

The getaway will be good for Memaw. I really think she will enjoy getting out but being in a quiet place. Good idea!

We would come on a Friday night for sure because we would want to leave on Saturday morning and come back Sunday afternoon. Nothing much but just to get away and wake up without anything waiting for us to do immediately getting out of bed. Thanks!

Don't worry about the sale stuff. We will work it out. We don't spend much time in there anyway.

The girls did fine this weekend. Even though A had strep, the fever never came back and L was fine as well. No recent complaints of belly aches. They went to school yesterday but A didn't take a nap at all and L only took a 30 minute nap. They have their valentines party today and I got all the valentines done. The heart crayons were fun to make and H got to help. I used the shredder and  used the color scrapbook paper and shredded paper to go into the goodie bags. I also included a mini rice krispy treat. I think the whole thing only cost approx 7 dollars for all three kids... not bad.

H ended last week with a bang. Again broke his record with 9 punches and only 1 strike. I made a deal with him that if he made it through a whole week w/ no strikes then he would go see StarWars 3D with J on a Saturday. Well first day out of the gate, H gets a strike on Monday. Well see how the rest of the week goes. J still wants to give him the reward if he makes good punches and no more strikes. This is where he and I don't agree. I think its because J wants to see the movie just as much or more than H.

Happy Valentines Day to all!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missin' you...

I sure am missing you! And YOU know who you are!

I feel the impending doom of sickness louring on our household. The girls school now has RSV, strep, fever virus, & bronchitis on the sick board. The girls are getting stuffy again and loose bm. Started the mucine% again this morning. IF I make it through today then I did make it a whole month with out sickness, but not a whole month without having to take off work for the girls. They had a gas leak and they had bad weather twice. Oh well, its going to have to happen sooner or later...
I'm sure that story it tbc...

H did really good this past week. He ended up with 7 punches and only 2 strikes, the most he has had ever in one week this entire school year. Monday was also a good day, no strikes and 1 punch. The goal is to have 5 punches by the end of the week and no more than 3 strikes. I got a low balance notice from the school lunchroom on Saturday saying that he only had 7 dollars left. He should have had 10. I wrote a note to his teacher to find out where the extra money was going. Come to find out, he had started going to breakfast (1 dollar per day) because one of his friends was going. So... once again another chitchat with H about money and being honest and telling/asking us everything. It seems that kids these days have much more freedom to do things than before at a much younger age.

J & I need a time to get away together for an overnight stay, so I am trying to see how that can be worked out. Maybe when we come down to bring H for spring break. We might can leave the girls to for one overnight stay with just Nana & Papa. Another goal I would like to work towards, which is probably not going to happen, but I would like to save about 20$ per week for a big vacation for me & J to go for our 15 year anniversary. This would give us about 2 years to save. I really would like to do a "blue water" vacation for approx 4 nights??? This is in no way planned out at all so, right now its just dreaming. The reason I say that its probably not going to happen is because we are trying to get out of debt and we are already overextended.

I did buy a splurge this month. I got a good deal for the girls some bows. I noticed this past Sunday, when trying to get the girls ready, that they needed bigger bows and more colors. I contacted a lady who makes them out of Auburn and she gave me a good deal. I got 20 bows, 3inch, for 50. The shipping was free. So I only paid an even 50. This makes these bows only 2.50 a piece. I have ordered two of each color: pink, red, orange, yellow, apple, navy, orchid, black, turquoise, & peach. I already have hot pink and white at home in a bigger size. I hope this was a good investment...

OK, I think I have spilled my guts long enough now, ta ta for now...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Final Decrease and Stage...

My oh my, I am getting a little excited. Even if it is only $80 per month. The girls final decrease in daycare is coming at the end of February! Then just about 2 and a half more years and the girls will be starting K5!

If I figured it right, in the year fall of 2014 the girls will enter K5. I am hoping though that they get into the state funded program for the K4, which H went through, and the cost will decrease then too. Praying my girls are ready when the time comes.

They are growing up and I am excited about that. I know that the struggles will be different but they will be alot more self-sufficient and that will help out alot. I look forward to cooking dinner and not having to scream over and over to get out of the kitchen. This is not out of meanness but out of fear that they might touch the stove or something hot be dropped on the by accident. Our kitchen is not big by any means and they have the whole living room and all their toys to play with for the 30 min that I am in the kitchen.

I see alot of other moms that have twin girls about the my girls age and some are going through the potty training stage. I am too but not full force. I feel like this is the final hurdle that I have to cross before things will calm down. If you read previous post about paci's, toddler beds, and potty training. Well we got through the first two and now we are getting to the 3rd. About 3ish months ago, L decided that she would start going on the potty at school. She eventually got more and more comfortable. Now going #2 is another story but sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. She is still using pull*ps, but only because I am scared to change to big girl pant*es. A is still in diapers. She also is a hit or miss for #1or2. She is very proud of her sister and gets excited for her. She is also starting to ask more to sit on the potty, but well see once we run out of this pack of diapers. Pull*ps it might be for her to see what she can do. I plan on in the spring to start the real transition to pant*es, maybe once the full effect of the liquid going down their leg will be all it takes. I also have in mind to keep a small jar of M*M's in the bathroom. Currently this is the girls vice! They will do anything for and M*M, even take their nasty medicine. I dread this potty thing and pray it catches on sooner than later. I don't know if I can handle the mess, but I did it with H and I know that the girls can do it too.
Fun times ahead...and more stories I'm sure!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cute things they say...

I wish that I could write all the funny things that my kids say but I don't ever remember to write them down.

Funny story: Our family of 5 was sitting at the dinner table just casually eating. It was Christmas time. Out of the blue H pipes up and says "mom, I hope that you don't cheat on daddy". Needless to say we were not amused at the time but had to get to the bottom of why he said this (because it is in no way true). Finally after about 5 minutes of trying to find out why, he said, "mom, you said that you kissed Santa last year". After that we found it hilarious. Oh the innocence of children. I guess he wont know the real truth till he learns that Santa is not real.

H used to call bugs baw-bwees

A & L say  ho-ju-me when they want to be picked up.

L was watching the Tinkerbell movie and she said, mom, Tinkerbell has a butterfly on her back. I loved this and thought it was so sweet. She doesn't quite know what fairies are but she sure does love Tink.

Almost every day that I pick the up from school A tells me and everyone that she is going to church! I have to remind her that it's only on Sunday and Wednesday.

L was playing with my hair one night and she told me very seriously, I no hurt you, I be niiiicccee (as she petted my hair like a cat).

I love when I wake the girls up in the morning, I always tell them to watch their eyeballs as I turn on the light. They bury their heads into the pillow/bed and finally raise to look at me. A 'always' has a smile on her face and she lights up the room then happily gets out of bed. L on the other hand will give you a little devil grin but just lay there in bed. It takes L a little longer to wake up.

The girls will play mom and dad, when one of us is trying to get something done, like putting on a jacket or getting dressed thy will say that they want the other person to do it. Not to fun especially when your in a hurry. But if it gets the job done, we go with it.

I love H's enthusiasm when he is doing math or spelling. Reading is also a joy of his. He loves to buy new books and asks to read one almost every night before bed. Most nights I love this because I get to have quality time with him and he needs that.

I can remember before the girls were born and I was able to rock H to sleep. Sweet times that I miss with the girls, since there are two of them things had to be done a little differently. When H got bigger he would lay beside me on the couch to fall asleep. I miss that sweet little boy. He is growing all to fast.

H went to his first Alabama game this year for his birthday in September. And he was able to watch the National Championship game that Alabama won with his dad and the boys. Good times ahead for dad and son.

A brand new year...

Happy New Year to you all!!! I feel like 2012 will be a better year. The kids are getting older and I am hoping the girls will be fully potty trained by the end of the year. Win for me and daddy (and Nana/Memaw who help buy diapers/pull ups).

A good start was that H made the A Honor Roll!!! Yes you read it right, I have a very smart 1st grader!

The girls are doing good so far. A got a write up for biting another child and L got in trouble for attempting to bite. The girls are learning and they know that it hurts and is ugly to bite. Still a work in progress. This will pass and it will be something else next month.

More good news is that the girls tuition will go down in February. This will be the last decrease until they get in K4/K5, but still something to look forward to.

Things are also looking up for J and I. We are doing our best to work together and talk more. Its been nice to have that closeness again, physically and emotionally.

We are also going to work harder this year on getting out of debt. We started toward the end of last year, but I can already see progress.

I know there will still be bumps in the road but...

Hope your New Year has great promise to.