Thursday, May 24, 2012


We have been dry for 48 hours now!!!

I did set my alarm clock for midnight. It went off, I got up, took A to the ptty. She sat but after a few seconds said she didn't want to go. I told her she needed to so she wouldn't wet in the bed. But it was a no go. She got up and crawled back into bed. I just knew that she would wet. Fast forward to 5:45am and L was at the door crying so I just knew also that I would have puddle on the floor because she didn't make it out. But I opened the door and A was right behind her, they walked out and went to potty. A & L both were dry!!!!

H got a note sent home yesterday, but it was GREAT! He will be receiving two awards on the 29th! One for his A Honor Roll and then a second for his Accelerated Reading. To say we are so proud is an understatement. I will be going to that!!!!!

I am taking tomorrow off from work & so is J. Just a day together because of our 12th anniversary this weekend. I hope we can relax just a little.

Hope all is well in your house...

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