Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pet peeve...

After going out of town this weekend, I have started noticing more and more places that do not have a changing table in their bathrooms! This is horrible!!!!

We stopped at one particular fast food joint to change babies and also pick up lunch. It was brand new and had a play place. I was sure that they would have a changing table in the bathroom. But NO... of course it was early enough and the manager was the one taking the order so she heard me say that there was not one and that I was going to have to change the baby in the car. She pulled a chair from a table and put it in the bathroom for me to change A on. This was a good idea but not practical. Can you see changing a toddler that is over 32 inches long on a seat that is much less than that wide? But, I made do and changed a poopy diaper on that little chair. I decided though to change L in the van.

Every restaurant should have a changing station!!

One other is the high chairs. Number one, they should be cleaned after every use!!! I know this may be hard but they clean the tables, shouldn't the chair that a baby sits in also be cleaned??  The other thing, have more that one high chair! We stayed at a hotel that offered a complimentary breakfast. Three stories of hotel and only ONE high chair! Crazy!!

OK, enough ranting. But I am getting good at changing a diaper in the van/car!

Sorry one more. The straps on the said high chairs should WORK! If they don't, then they are useless!! This also goes for grocery carts, if the straps are broken then it defeats the purpose!

Mommy & Son date...

Yesterday I had a great privilege to take H to see Cars2! Every since he was a little guy and the first movie came out, I have been saying that they needed to make a second one. Well, let me just say that it took them long enough. My review... it was great! Full of action and my son loved it! I was afraid that he was getting too big but it seems that he is still in love with Cars.

I got off at 1pm and picked him up. I purchased the tickets before hand so all we had to do was walk right up and go in. Potty first, then concessions, then movie! Me, a $ coke and $ popcorn and H, a blue icee and m&ms. We walked in just as the previews started. By the way, previews are horrible to watch for 20-30 min before the movie even starts. That should be what they play before movie time. H kept asking me it is starting, over and over.

We got out of there a little before 4pm and then went to pick the sisters up and went home for a spaghetti dinner.

Great day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Look around, there is always someone who has it worse.

Last night we went and heard a speaker at church. About three years ago, she was living a dream life in California with her husband and 3 months old son. Then, she had a brain aneurysm. She spoke of her recovery and how she saw God in every step of the way. Yes, she still struggled and is still struggling but she knows that God will see her through. Amazing!

I love what she said about marriage being a choice. You can choose the worlds way or you can choose Gods way. We made a covenant with God on the day we got married. We daily choose to serve and love our spouses. This is so very true.

Even with being out of town all weekend and then forgetting about the Monday night service until Monday morning. I still was very grateful that we went. The kids did great and everything worked out. And I even got a thank you from my husband and he said he was glad he went because he got something out of it too!

Sometimes we get down, wether it be finacially, family or marriage issues, or health. But this is only a season in our life! Look for the positive attitude and He will get us through!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Yea!! Today we purchased a Step 2 play n slide for the girls. I am so excited!

We had a larger wooden fort/playhouse that has a large slide and 2 swings on it already, but it was H's and I wasn't really sure the girls were old enough for it yet. A lot of child proofing would have to be done to it. I kept my eye out on craigslist and was excited to get a call back today. Husband was already off today from work so off he went to pick up my treasure! I love it and can not wait for the girls to play on it. It has a little playhouse underneath it that they can go in and out of. :)  So much fun to be had!

Calming down...

A little thing I want to remember for always: In the last few weeks at bedtime for the girls, they are placed in their cribs and they will reach up to be held. I will pick up A first and hold her like a baby and bounce/pat/rock and sing to her "You are my sunshine" and then "Rock a by baby". Then I put her back in bed and then it is Ls turn. On Tuesday when I did this, I was in the middle of As turn and L put her hands up really quickly and just kept saying "Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine". Just made my heart melt! Then last night in the bathtub, she did it again, asking for me to sing "Sunshine". I love all three of my children and they are all my sunshines! The light of my whole life! 

Things have calmed down a little around our house. The kids are well (for now) and we are in a routine again. I love routine. I think part of that is due to having the twins and how well things seem to work this way.

We have a vacation coming up very soon and I cannot wait! A whole week off work, a visit with my parents, and then with the in laws at the beach! I am praying for a relaxed attitude and calm toddlers, at least part of the time. :)

Family reunion is coming too! This is only a weekend trip but I have not gone in about 3-4 years, so it will be interesting this time. This is my maternal side of the family. My grandma is in her 90s and she has one other older sister that is still alive out of the 12 kids (I believe). I cannot wait to go to their old homestead and just look around. I remember going to a lot of the reunions as a kid and the memories that were made on that front porch. My girls will have so much fun in the country!

Two days ago marked only three more months till H's birthday! I absolutely cannot believe that he is going to be 7. It feels like just yesterday that he was a toddler.

This Saturday the Twins will be 22 months and only two months away from their second birthday! (Oh my that is alot of twos) :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odd N Ends...

My mind is in many things going on in there, it's dangerous.

I have been thinking a lot this week on the girls second birthday. I am going with Mermaids and Under the Sea. The girls absolutely love Bubble Guppies from Nick Jr. Looking on Etsy and finding thing and ideas! I have found the exact theme and even decoration that I plan to do. Cannot wait! I plan to make the cake...I pray that I can handle all this, I know I can!

Our sons 7th birthday will be very low key. I kinda decided after the fifth birthday that the huge "party planning" goes out the window. I will do the same with the girls. He had a sleep over with one friend last year and this year husband is taking him to his first Alabama game! Yes, we are big Roll Tide fans in our house! He cannot wait. After going to A-day, he got in a good dry run practice and cannot wait for the real thing! I am as excited for him.

Juice boxes are the next big thing! Mom took me to Sams and I decided to get some little juice boxes (about 4oz) to try and get the girls used to drinking from a straw. I took the chance last night in the bath tub to try it out. And I do believe that they might have had some before at school. They did great! Their eyes lit up with excitement and they knew just what to do. A slugged her down in t-2 seconds and L kinda just took sips and kept saying juice box over and over. By the end of the bath it was all gone. Still need a few more lesions in not tipping them up like sippy cups but they will get it quickly.

L has found her shoes and socks. About 3 months ago it was A that I was yelling at to leave her shoes and sock on and now its L! I love it though and am so very thankful she is learning. She is also doing much better going up and down steps.

Ants...Ants,,,Ants!!!  Last two night have been a little crazy. It started Sunday night that husband noticed ants in the kids bathroom. No big deal, we sprayed and cleaned and they were gone. The next morning they were  in our bathroom. Again, spray and clean and gone. Then Tuesday, I noticed they were in my closet (which is in between the two bathrooms). Again, spray and clean. No big deal. Here's the kicker: last night we were playing in the girls room and L was looking by her bed and said "ants". I said no baby no ants and then she kept repeating. So I looked and sure enough, ANTS! Not only crawling on the floor but also IN their bed! OMGoodness, I was so horrified and just thinking, what if I had put them to bed in that??? We sent the girls into the livingroom to play and me and husband vacumed the floor, stripped the beds, moved the cribs and sprayed the baseboards with ant spray. Keep in mind that the baseboard is no where near where the girls can get to, it is behind their beds. So they are chemically safe. I checked on them several times before we went to bed and all was clear. We had done everything possible. We checked H's room as well but so far none. I pray we are done with the ants in our house!

Mad at Nick Jr...Why oh why have you changed the schedueling for Bubble Guppies! Special plans are made in my house to make sure we can watch this show when ever possible, but 8 PM ??? What toddler is up at that time???

Things I want:  a Kindle, a Kitchen Aid Mixer, new wood flooring in my house, new living room furninture, painted walls in my bedroom, painted walls in my livingroom, ect...

Things I am blessed with: a beautiful family, a house to go home to, and food to put on my table... God is good!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello again...

Well, where have I been? If you read the previous then you will know! I have been out with sick kids. Between the poop and throw up, I am tired. Thank goodness for Mom who came to the rescue so I could work on Friday. I had never been so happy to see solid poop like I was on Sunday! The results from the trip back to the Doctor on Thursday was possibly that the antibiotic wasn't working or that they had a virus on top of strep. And yes, it was all three who were puny! We are all much better now and the girls have their appetite back for sure!

On another positive note... Son pulled his third tooth out this weekend! We told him that it was Double Super Saturday! and that it only comes around once a year and that the tooth fairy will double money or bring a real good prize. The top right tooth has been loose for about 3-4 weeks now and was hanging on really tightly. I told him I would try to pull it three times and he agreed. I couldn't get it but I told him instead of back and forth to try and twist it. He did it one time and it started bleeding. I got a napkin and with one light pull it was out! He was so excited. The tooth fairy left him a dsi game he wanted and also left fairy dust for him!

Another positive was I got to spend a great weekend with my mom and my grandma. It was fun! UNO like the old days and with my son and husband was so much fun and I CANNOT wait to do it again! I also get to see them on Friday for a family reunion!

Thanks mom and memaw for all your help! Love you!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the edge of my seat...

Today all three of my kids are at daycare. I promised to pick up the girls at 1pm when I get off work and I have been on the edge of my seat since I dropped them off. Every time my work phone or cell phone rings I look to see who it is with worry. The girls should be sleeping right now which leads me to believe that I will make it to 1pm without being called to come get them. Please pray that this all passes soon so this mom will survive yet another sickness with the twins. Not fun in the least!

One the positive note, my mom called and is buying me some panties! :) This makes me happy! And she is going to laugh at this and laugh at the fact that I called them "panties"!
I love you mom!

Monday, June 13, 2011 I loathe thee...

Well, its kinda a love/hate relationship really!

It never fails, when I take one twin to school and not the other one, that day care is going to call. And today they did! One fussy toddler with one loose bm and I get a phone call. ughhhh! I feel like they find any reason to have a parent to come pick up their child and I guess since I have two it makes it feel as if I am being picked on. Could be that she ate something that her tummy didn't like or her fussiness might be because she is teething (right now we are cutting our canines). At 2:30 I get the call saying these things and when I call husband who is at home with the strep toddler he has to wake her up to go to pick up the healthy one at day care. Of course day care was not calling to say "come pick her up" but they do this and it just puts that notion in my head because if they call you "to" come pick up your child then you have to keep them out for 24 hours before you can bring them back and that means no work and no money! I really would like to ask them sometimes if they ever get diarrhea?? Doesn't everybody...does this mean that everyone is a contagious case walking around???  I know that there has to be guidelines but come on. I ask them if they call about a diarrhea diaper that they keep it, because if it is that bad I want proof and something to take to the doctor, and did they keep!

They never asked about the twin that stayed home. Husband was told that the poop was watery and was almost white??? What is that???  Also they say she was complaining about her tummy hurting??? She doesn't have a clue what this even means yet. I really am disliking the new girl in their room. I just don't think she has enough real life experience to really make these points.

She will get her dose of antibiotics to ward off any sickness and they will both be at school tomorrow. Oh the frustration. Thanks for the venting!


Need I say more?

I feel like someone in our house has strep every couple of months. I am not just talking sore throat strep but full on different symptoms each time strep. One time it was our oldest and the only symptom he had was a belly ache and then he threw up twice. Other times it has been just irritability and not eating much. Today, it was a rash. Only a spotted rash that I knew if she went to school that they would call me to pick her up. So to the doctor we go. Husband took the day off and took her while the other two are at school. She had been hit or miss on the eating and only a very slightly raised temperature. But temperament wise she was really just fine!

The thing is, with twins if one has it then 9/10 the other one will get it. Thankfully we have a doc that understands and will write prescript for both and will also be on call for the third child. Antibiotics all around for our family!

Keeping a positive attitude, at least for now, this too shall pass.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A letter to my mom...

It's OK!

I think of you often and pray. I know things are only getting harder right now and they should only be breezy at this stage of life. You have taken on a new role: Caregiver. This is a special one and a new title that God has given you. I will give you advice like you would give me. Pray daily and walk with God, He will lead your steps. Whether you feel it is a right or wrong decision, keep going. It's all part of our destination. Rewards may be in heaven but you will get them, God promises. As you know I often wonder why me for the twins, as you do with your new caregiver position, but God knows and I have realized and believe that I will never know why. One day in heaven I will surely ask though!

Keep a journal daily, even if it is on your new laptop and in your own word documents. It will help. This blog has helped me and just gets things off my chest and I love doing it everyday.

I liked this link... check it out and know that I love you and if you need to talk I am here for YOU!

Love, Your Only Sunshine

Thursday, June 9, 2011


After having a singleton baby, you would think things would be a breeze the next time. Well, in most cases it probably is but when its twins the second time that just throws a curve! Small hurdles become major ones or at least in the adult mind. I think things end up being much harder on the parents then the kids.

We have crossed many bridges with the girls, such as bottles to sippies, formula to milk, and baby food to table food. All has gone well, but I can also remember how much I stressed about these things. Another major step was getting rid of the pacifiers! I have read that anywhere from 16 months to 2 years is the best time to get rid of it and after two years old it is just a habit. With my first son, I realized one day driving home as he fell asleep in the back of the car, that if he can do it in the car with out a paci with out fussing then he can do it at home. So cold turkey, at around 15 months, he was done! And it was just that easy with him. With the girls, I dreaded it, because it had also become my source of go to for crying situations. I feel as if girls cry and whine so much more than boys.?!? We had one more road trip coming up for Easter and I just decided that when we got back on Monday that we would stop giving the girls their paci. Of course they would be 20 months old at the time and they had been on pacis for only nap and bedtime for several months prior to this. I broke and ended up not starting till May 1st. This was a Sunday and beginning of the new week of a new month! This worked! And after just 2-3 days of asking for "papi" they realized it wasn't coming back. We even survived our first sickness without pacis just 5 days after the process started! I am proud to say my girls are paci free and it really wasn't as bad as I was dreading it to be. I will also admit that I wish on some cranky afternoons that I had a "papi" to give to them to hush them. We are in the process of becoming big girls!

Next big hurdle that I see coming is potty training!!!! Boys are so different, first I didn't have to think about this till he was closer to three and all he had to do was stand, pee pee, and then we were good to go. If he had to go while traveling, just stop on the side of the road, let him aim it and pee, get back in car and go. I have a scary feeling about the girls though. Many many stops to pee pee and now I have to carry a porta potty. Two at one time? Two at one time? Will they do fight over who gets what potty and will they train together and be ready at the same time? I know that we are only 21 months right now but I see it coming very close to when they turn 2. Only two and a half months away :) They both are sitting occasionally on the potty and talk about it very often, and one is telling me to change her when she is pee pee. We are now working on how to put pants up and down. There has been no official pee or poo in the potty yet, so we are not getting on board the ship just yet. The girls will move up into a new class in August and will also be two then, so I am seeing a light coming on in that tunnel.

One final hurdle that I am also feeling but have absolutely no idea when it will occur is toddler beds. We already have them purchased and just waiting for the right time. Our son was around 27 months and handled it very well. Two girls in the same room with freedom...pray hard once this happens!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One on one...

He is gone! I am missing him so much!

Earlier this year, during spring break, my son had his first week away from us. I thought it would be good for him to have one on one time with grandparents, since he had it all for 5 years and hasn't had any in almost two. First up was my parents, about three hours away. We went down for the weekend and left him there on Sunday and my parents brought him back up the next Sunday. To say the least, he had a blast! So much boating, beaches, building things with papa, and go fish with memaw!

This week his is with the husbands parents! Although they are local, we are pretending as if they are not. We let them take him from church on Sunday and will return him at the end of the week. Husband talked with him this morning and he is doing great! Says he is having fun and missing us. But lots of things on the agenda...visiting the fire station, building a bank with papa, going to the police dept and getting fingerprinted, and later going to a movie!

He is growing up so fast and becoming so independent. A good thing but also a sad thing. It is very quiet at our house, so to speak, but I am able to get his room cleaned up and ready for the boy to come back home and play. His sisters are asking, bubba? But we tell them he is with mimi and papa and they move on. I think we all miss him!

I cant wait for my little one on one time with him at the end of this month when we go to see CARS 2! This movie has been a long awaited date for us and we are so excited! Husband will get good quality time when they go to his first Alabama game in September! Roll Tide!

Make the moments count!
Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time...

Monday, June 6, 2011


As humans most of us do not like change. But what is it about change that we also crave? We think, oh the grass is so much greener on that other side. But is is really? Some of it might be but some of it isn't. If didn't have my husband things would be so less complicated, if I just had the bigger house I would be happy, if I was closer to my family I would feel settled, and if we didn't have so much debt our finances would be easier. Truth is none of these things would actually satisfy. The wish of what we don't have makes us blind to what we do have. The positive truth is that I have a friend and companion to come home to every night, I was raised in a smaller house and our is just fine, even though there is now distance between my family and I it makes me treasure the times we have together so much more, and finances never ever get easier!

With change also comes some sacrifice. Especially in marriage. Is it what I want or what he wants? Is it what is best for our family? I think some decisions we make are selfish ones to seek out what will satisfy a craving. Every step in life is a decision and sets us on our path. It may be winding and full of right and wrongs, but what makes it right or wrong? Who is to judge?

Sorry this was a deeper blog than I thought but I am learning. Getting thoughts out there. I feel as if my husband is now settled but I am not. So where do I go from here? How do I see direction. There are so many things that I feel as if I need to be settled: out of debt, bigger house w some land, closer to my parents. Financially none of that is possible? Will it ever be? Is it hopeless?

God doesn't want us to worry. He knows all of our wants and desires. I love this verse:

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

What does my future hold? Will I have the desires of my heart? Are my desires, His desires for me?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Envious a little...

Well, maybe.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to my sons last t-ball game of the season. Of course it was a 6:30pm game. That is exactly the girls bedtime! But I knew he was counting on me to be there and I try very hard not to always say I cant do something "because of the girls". After work I picked up the girls and met my son and husband at his parents house. My husband is the t-ball coach, therefore watching the girls was going to be solely my duty. I was happy that both of his parents were home and that I might have a little help at the game. We fed the girls and let them play for about thirty minutes. While the girls were eating I find out that mil is not going to go to the last game because she has arrangements to be somewhere else. (that's another story!)
Again, I am on my own.

We get to the game early and of course the stroller and sitting still only last so long. About twenty minutes into the game the girls get restless and I am no longer able to enjoy watching my son play. He really doesn't care, just as long as I was there. The girls start crying to get out and I get comments from other parents asking if they ever get out of their stroller. I try to politely explain that the girls go in different directions when they are out of the stroller and there is only one of me. I think about it for a moment and then I get very brave. I got both girls out and we walked. That lasted for a little while and then we sat in the grass and dirt and just played. They got so dirty but I was ok, because they were very happy! A couple time one started to run off and I had to go catch them but we survived. Dripping sweat from all of us but it worked out. Once the game was over, God stepped in and did a miracle. I told the girls that we were going to get raisins and juice and we had to get back into the stroller. They did it! As I strapped one in the other climbed into her seat and we enjoyed our snack. My father in law came back to sit with the girls so I could go see my son receive his trophy. All in all a good night.

Here is where the envy come in...I am jealous of parents who only have one baby at a time! It make me so sick to hear when they complain about how hard it is to take care of just one baby. I have had a singleton and I have had twins and they just don't realize how EASY they have it! There were a lot of other parents there that had small babies and toddlers. I watch them have help with their one baby and enjoy the game. Why not me? Why did I have to struggle with twins just to be able to be there for my son. Why couldn't my mother in law say to me, why don't I watch the girls for you tonight so you can go and enjoy your sons last and final t ball game?

God tells us not to be envious of others. So, looking back last night I see even though it was tough, it was worth every struggle to be there. Thank you God for strength!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One about two...

I find it funny that both of my pregnancies occured in the exact same months only 5 years apart. January was my starting month for each and the due date only a couple weeks apart. I joke with my husband that he must have a thing with January, but of course that was a curse on me for a summertime pregnancy in the South! Hot and miserable!

Once being told that I was having twins, thing changed. We were considered more high risk and received more ultrasounds and check ups. This was such an added blessing and I loved being able to see the girls often.

Things progress normally for me. I did have bouts of morning sickness but only for a few weeks. Spotted some, which scared me to death. I can remember on my way to the doctors office that morning I told God that if he was going to take one/both of my babies, that I needed him to do it early on because I just didn't think I could handle such a loss at a later stage. After an ultrasound all things were confirmed as just fine and was normal changes. Reaching 24 weeks was a true blessing and as any pregnant woman knows is the milestone of viability. I started having braxton hicks contractions around twenty weeks but at first I didn't know what they were because it just felt like the girls were rolling around in there! I hydrated myself and rested for the next few weeks. I was then reaching the 30 week mark and was just so tired and just wasn't sure that my body was going to stretch any farther. Trips to the grocery store got harder and I would only be able to walk a little and then have to sit, thank goodness for the benches set up throughout the store! The pure weight of the belly on the lower half of my body was huge.  I was so sure that I was just going to pop out a baby every time I walked that I felt like I need to walk with my legs as close together as possible.

At my checkup for 33 weeks, I told the doctor about my contractions that I had been having. He decided best to go have them monitored. Sure enough, I was actually having more than I realized. I was admitted that same night into the hospital to get started on the Magnesium drip to stop the contractions. If you have ever had this or know someone who has then you know just how horrible it is. The nurses come in and explain all the side effects of the drugs...two things: your body gets very, very hot and you really cannot focus on anything while on this drug. They started pulling every fan that was available on that floor and I was still so very hot. I had three days of this horrible drug before my contractions started to ease up. Although this drug was miserable, I would deffinatly go through it all again to keep the girls in longer! I was released from the hospital three days later with orders of bed rest. No more work...what ever was I going to do for money?

God provided. I got a call from work and I can honestly say that I sobbed on the phone with my boss after he told me not to worry about money. I am not sure that he will ever fully understand what weight lifted off me but I think he felt it.

The date was set. The 25th. I had three more weeks to get through. How was I ever going to do this and how was my body going to stretch for three more weeks of growth. Sleep was miserable and the weight of my belly laying in any direction was pulling every possible muscle. My wonderful mother came up and helped me get through those weeks. We tried to be as prepared as possible, for at anytime labor could approach or my water could break. Of course hindsight being 20/20, I think the girls would have taken up residency in there. I counted down the days on the calendar. Keep in mind as I am getting to the end of this pregnancy, my husband had just graduated PTA school and was looking for work. Thankfully he got a job and was to start the Monday after the girls would be delivered! God's blessing again.

I made it! I made it to 36 weeks and 2 days, gained 35lbs and was measuring around 45+ wks of pregnancy! The day before the girls were to be born, I had a maternity photo shoot. I felt horrible and felt like I looked horrible but I can honestly say I am so glad that I did those pictures! They are amazing! The next morning we were on our way to the hosptial to be induced. Since I delivered naturally with my first baby, my goal was to have a natural delivery with the twins. I also had the goal to have the twins by noon, since my first was at 2pm. I believe we were at the hospital at 6am and they got me hooked up to the iv and monitors and broke Baby A's bag of water (she was head down) and I had my epidural by 7am. I loved the guys that did my epidural. They were with me even through the delivery and were just amazing and very comforting. My mom and dad brought our son up later once he woke up and got breakfast. They arrived around 8 or 9. This time, I was very alert and was able to enjoy the progression of the delivery. Around 11am, I had gotten to a 10 on one side but still a 9 on the other. The nurse was about to go get a replacement probe to monitor one of the girls and had me switch positions before she left the room. She was only gone about 2 min and came back in. She was about to open the package and said let me just check you one time before we do this again. I was a full 10 and ready to deliver the girls. Things moved very quickly. We delivered in the OR just in case baby B, who was transverse, wouldnt cooperate. Baby A was delivered at 11:50am after just two pushes. I cried immediatly, this was so surreal. They took her to get stats and husband/nurse brought her over to me to enjoy while they broke my second bag of waters and worked to move baby B. Once they were ready I pushed baby B out in just two pushes later at 11:59am our second baby girl was born.  The girls were a healthy 5lbs and 5lbs 11oz and both were 18 inches of beauty! There was no nicu time either!

The first one to meet the girls, besides my husband and I, was our son! When we found out we were having a baby he wanted a sister and we he found out there was two he never had any doubt that they both were girls. They were just what he asked for from God!  When we told him they were girls after the gender u/s, his response was, "I told you!" Seeing him meet them was such a special moment that I relive through pictures. I wish I could have been there to see in real life. I pray that he will always have a special bond with his twin sisters.

Double blessed!  Yes, but also triple blessed with three beautiful gifts from God!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When I was pregnant with my son, things went as normal as could be expected. Except for the cramping in the beginning, I had no morning sickness or any end of pregnancy complications. My only complaint was I was sleepy all the time and I was very swollen by the end and 52lbs heavier. I was still working full time until mid September and hurricane Ivan came through and after about 6 days with no power and being 9 months pregnant I was so over it. I made sure I was able to see the doctor that following Monday because I had missed my appointment and the offices had been closed because of the power outages. I was only about a week shy of my due date and I told the doctor that I just couldn't handle it much longer. He left the room and came back in and asked how Tuesday night sounded. GREAT!!! is what it was! The next night we went to check into the hospital around 8. There was no room in the inn... so we had our last meal as a couple with no children. Arby's was our choice. We went back a couple hours later and we were put in a room that was really a over sized closet. The next morning we were put into a regular room and things were underway. Once I had my epidural, I slept.   So much so that I missed all the pre baby talking that your supposed to do before delivery. All the while, the in laws and my parents talked it up and the men just marveled at the contraption that was monitoring my contractions and couldn't believe that I was sleeping through them. I seem to only have one major issue, which I don't remember, but husband told me that my blood pressure dropped and that they had everyone clear the room to get me stabilized. A little scary to hear about that afterwards. Time came to push and after just 20 minutes of pushing, HE was here! So beautiful and perfect of course! Our first baby was born and our little family had grown by 7lbs 5.5oz 20.5inches.

We had so much to learn from him. Looking back now I wonder how different my life would have been if I had had twins the first pregnancy. But also looking back now I can see that Gods timing was made perfect. I believe that we had some growing up to do first.