Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just wanted to say I love you!!! I wish we were closer to each other...I would really bug you then! :)

H had a good night. After we found out he had strep, we decided not to go to church and just get home and get baths and good rest. J picked up the dinners from Wed night supper so I didn't have to cook and then we enjoyed some cupcakes! They were good too! I cooked for a food day we are having for a birthday at work and I have found I really do enjoy to cook. I LOVE my mixer!!! and that is no joke!!! I made blueberry almond creme muffins... they weren't too bad if I do say so myself. J took some to work and then I took the rest. Maybe one day I will cook them for you too. If you want me to that is?.?

The girls have started getting up around 6-615 every morning. I am not sure why this has started because it is not light in their room and the noise level has not changed. But even this morning, J got up and left the house at 610ish and then not two minutes after he left I heard the girls opening their door and going to the living room. I waited a few minutes and then got up and just went and turned on the TV and put up the baby gate and went to take my shower. I checked on them periodically and they did fine. I fed all three of them breakfast this morning, meds all around and we had a good morning. Soo.. J suggested maybe they need to stay up later in the evenings, but they might go to bed at 645 but they never go to sleep for another 20-30 minutes. Not sure if staying up later is really going to help but we'll see.

When I took H to the doc yesterday, it was so nice that he is older. He was able to get out of the van and go to the waiting room while I signed him in. He waited quietly in the waiting room and when time, he stepped on the scales. (64lbs by the way!!) He laid on the table and did everything the doc told him to do. I guess what I am getting at is that it was easy! No fighting to get him to do things and no struggles. I know that one day I will get there with the girls but right now it is just hard with the two going different direction and constantly not wanting to do what they are told. Anyway, H gave me some insight that one day I will get there with the girls too. Maybe...

I got my bows last night and I love them! The are the perfect size and I think they will be for several more years. Yea!! A wanted to wear hers and kept asking where her bow went. The poor girl wont keep a pony tail in so I am not sure about how the bow is going to go but I will do it on Sunday and see. These bows have closure clips so the girls would have to acutally pull it out of their hair. L does really good. I am now putting her hair up daily, just the middle top portion to keep it out of her eyes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Holiday...

I had a great weekend and had my day off to myself! I was able to go shopping and have lunch with a friend. It was a good day.

H is complaining of a very sore throat. The nurse called today from school and said he didn't have a temp but he felt warm and he had been complaining/crying since lunch time. J went to get him and I called the on call nurse to see if they would call in an antibiotic because of the girls recent bout of strep or if I need to take him in. Well see...

L & A are doing well and seem to be growing up so much. I can actually have conversations with them now. Its fun to see the changes. A had now started calling L by her full name and not just the nickname. I love to listen to her and the way she pronounces her name is adorable. I love the bond they have, I love that they have each other.

H ended last week on a bad note. He got all three strikes, so basically he was out! He stayed in his room most of the weekend. Then on Monday he got a strike and a punch. One good decision and one bad. The teacher had him move his desk to sit by himself and then at the end of the day he was able to move it back. J said that he was talking to another teacher (one of his patients) and she stated that the school system is too hard on them and is expecting to much of a 1st and 2nd grader. Possibly what could be going on is that when the teacher is teaching something new, he sees it, and gets it and is immediately bored. OR he could just be disobeying. We did not punish him last night. He did the now normal routine and had a shower, eat, homework, chore list and then bed. He was in bed at 7pm last night. The punishment doesn't seem to change anything so not sure if that is the way or not. So for now we have just taken away privileges.

I am having another terrible headache today. Not sure why I am starting to get these things, but they are getting old very fast. I am tired of having them. I still push through but no OTC medication is working. Might have to be a talk with the doctor next visit for sure.

I got some more things cleaned up yesterday. I only have one more corner in my room to clean and that is the CD's. Not sure what I am going to do with those. Most I don't listen too anymore but not sure if I just want to get a big notebook/storage to keep them in and get rid of the cases themselves. That way there would be less to store. That's my idea right now anyway.

The girls will officially be two and a half this Saturday. They are growing so fast now it seems. I look at them and wonder when they grew so tall and started talking in sentences and having conversations. They are also starting to share much better together. Of course they do still have their fights...but i see the changes for the better.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I guess since you came looking I will write! :)

This week has been a weird sorta week. Not horrible just didn't feel like normal. But what is normal???

H didn't have a good week he got three strikes, but he also got 4 or 5 punches. Its the three strikes that are bad. Anyway... The girls are doing good at school. They really do not like their new teacher and they miss Ms. Tiffany. They now fuss again when I drop them off. L had a straight line bruise again and I am keeping a log of it. I am trying to keep a daily journal of all things that happen at the daycare from sicknesses in the center to boo boo reports. I did like the teacher that I picked them up from yesterday afternoon. I do not know her name and I haven't seen her before, but she was so very nice and of course it didn't hurt that she told me that I had the sweetest twins. I got to watch them for a few minutes yesterday when I picked them up before they saw me. What I saw made me very happy. L was on a little bench playing with her babies and feeding them their bottles and A was over with two other boys and was playing with some dinosaurs. I loved seeing that they played individually. Sometimes you hear about twins that have trouble socially because they are so used to playing with each other all the time.

I am excited for Monday...I am trying to make plans to meet up with Crystal for lunch or movie. Not sure right now. I also plan to go to K*hls and maybe a couple other places. I want to try and find a couple pairs of pants.

Not much else to write about right now. The kids are well and I hope it stays that way for a few more weeks at least.

Hope you all are well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day...

Wowo, seems like things happen so quickly.

The "too many projects" was a common theme last year too. This year follow it! Only one project at a time and find room in the spare bedroom to put your projects instead of the kitchen table. Just an idea.

The getaway will be good for Memaw. I really think she will enjoy getting out but being in a quiet place. Good idea!

We would come on a Friday night for sure because we would want to leave on Saturday morning and come back Sunday afternoon. Nothing much but just to get away and wake up without anything waiting for us to do immediately getting out of bed. Thanks!

Don't worry about the sale stuff. We will work it out. We don't spend much time in there anyway.

The girls did fine this weekend. Even though A had strep, the fever never came back and L was fine as well. No recent complaints of belly aches. They went to school yesterday but A didn't take a nap at all and L only took a 30 minute nap. They have their valentines party today and I got all the valentines done. The heart crayons were fun to make and H got to help. I used the shredder and  used the color scrapbook paper and shredded paper to go into the goodie bags. I also included a mini rice krispy treat. I think the whole thing only cost approx 7 dollars for all three kids... not bad.

H ended last week with a bang. Again broke his record with 9 punches and only 1 strike. I made a deal with him that if he made it through a whole week w/ no strikes then he would go see StarWars 3D with J on a Saturday. Well first day out of the gate, H gets a strike on Monday. Well see how the rest of the week goes. J still wants to give him the reward if he makes good punches and no more strikes. This is where he and I don't agree. I think its because J wants to see the movie just as much or more than H.

Happy Valentines Day to all!!