Monday, April 30, 2012


I think this will be my final potty post. The girls are doing great! I'm not sure I want to say they are fully potty trained but they are potty trained. I think in 3 more months they will most definitely be ready for K3 school. We stuck around at home this weekend and the girls were great all day long. A wet the bed on Friday night to Saturday morning, so last night I decided to get her up around 9pm (when we went to bed) to have her potty. She did great, she went and then I put her back in bed. She was dry in the morning. L had the accident last night so I might try and get her up too at the same time, but she is a little more difficult to deal with when she is asleep/waking up, like her momma!

I decided not to pay the tuition for the old school and go out on faith that the girls will be ready and "fully" trained by 8/13/12. Their director called me today at work and said that there was an opening right now in the lower three's class and that both the girls are the oldest to move up. She only had one spot. She asked if I was OK with separating them or for her to wait. I said that it didn't matter, because in my mind on occasion they are in different rooms anyway and I'm sure as soon as another spot opens they will move the other one. She suggested A to move up because she loves to be in that classroom. I also think this might be good for A and get some independence from L and be a leader not a follower all the time. I also know that this will only be for about 3 more months at the worst case for them being apart. I paid the regular day care bill today and also included their slips that they will not be returning for the fall. We'll see if they say anything.

We have recovered our living room from the kids. All the girls toys have been moved to their room. I put guards on both sides of their doors and on the bathroom door, and a baby gate in H's door. They have free roam of the hallway and their room. Yesterday was the first day and they did a lot of playing in their room or in the hallway with H. Now I have an empty corner!! Of course the bookcase is still in there and so is the easel, but that is all! They did great last night going to bed too. I thought they might keep getting out of bed to go to the toy box, but they didn't. So proud!

L was sick and had strep on Thursday so the streak has been broken. But it was 2/8 the last time so we had a good run of health. I hope this fades fast but L is still complaining about her belly hurting. I called the nurse and she said the antibiotic is strong, just make sure she drinking plenty of fluids and takes it with food. Her last bm was Saturday, so we need to make sure she goes today. She said not to mention it to L but see if she says any more about it and to call her back on Wednesday if she is still complaining.

Between the termite and air condition bill and the potty training, this momma is tired and in dire need of time off! But no rest for the weary...J & I are thinking of taking 5/25 off and going about an hour north to go eat and just be together, not overnight or anything, for our 12th anniversary. We'll see closer to the time, depending on sickness.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the countdown...

The girls are on the final countdown to their next big birthday!!

Officially today, 4 more months till they turn the big "3"!

Not sure what the party will be like, so I know that will wait till closer to the big day. I am thinking about getting them big girl bikes with training wheels of course, like we did with H. We have been taking walks and they see H riding his bike and they cant understand why they don't have bikes and are starting to dislike being in the wagon. Don't get me wrong, they still ride and enjoy the wagon but they whine at first. Anyway... I am also trying to start jotting down Christmas ideas to get them as I hear/see them, that way I am not at a loss as to what to get for all three.

J went to the doctor yesterday and his blood pressure is still high. Not sure if that is just apprehension about the visit or if really there is an issue. He had no protein in his urine so the doctor said he wasn't going to do medicine at this point. J is still working on his cholesterol. He also asked the doctor about snoring and not getting restful sleep. He suggested that J loose about 20 lbs. I am kinda thankful for this and I hope that he sticks to this because I know that he will fell much better too! I pulled the wagon with the girls, J ran, and H rode his bike yesterday.

H only has six weeks left of school. We got progress reports yesterday and he has all A's. We told him how proud we are of his grades and that he needs to keep it up to be on the honor roll for the next grade period. He has gotten a strike on each of the last two days. I am trying not to get all over him about it, so, I pray he doesn't get a third this week but if he does there will have to be consequences.

Anyway, we are all doing well!

The perfect day...

Day 8: (completed)

The girls had a perfect day!!! Woke up dry, stayed dry all day long, and both even went poo on the potty!!!

Day 9:

L woke up crying about 3am. I was going to let her cry it out but after a couple minutes I realized she wasn't just going to settle down. I got in the room and she was crying about her arm being wet. She had wet the bed. I got her to the bathroom and woke J up to change the bed. A stirred so I got her up to go potty too. They both went back to bed. Both got up from bed dry. Dry all the way to school. tbc...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At what point...

do you say your child is potty trained?

Day 7: (completed)
The girls went into a new big girl classroom and did well. A had no accidents and L only had one p accident. Not sure if they went poo or not, the teacher wasn't there and there wasn't a daily sheet. They stayed dry all afternoon! They are even starting to tell me when they have to go. They both went potty before bed and then once they were in bed they fussed that they had to go potty again. And when L says she has to go, then of course so does A. I don't want to dismiss them so I take them and then make sure they go or don't go and then its right back to bed.

Day 8:
L woke up again at around 3-4 am. I decided not to take her to the potty this time. I just covered her back up and gave her her lovie. We woke them up around 6:15am and they were both dry, to the potty we went. A went right away and L wanted to fuss about it and ended up in Mommy's bathroom to go potty. But she did. While eating breakfast, A told me she had to go again. And boy did she have to go again! So proud of her telling me. I know that the girls didn't poo on Sunday and I am doubtful about Monday, so I will be watching for that. I can remember watching H's too! Love being a mommy :)

I was going to cook fried potatoes on Sunday. I plugged in the fry daddy and J came in to check, since he was outside grilling chicken. He asked me what happened to the lid. My thought was that I took it off and that I set it somewhere. I looked but then noticed that I never took it off. I melted the lid right into the fry daddy! I'm such a good cook! So we had fried potatoes in the skillet. Not as good but still....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Successful first weekend...

Well, I think it was anyway. My baby girls are becoming big girls.

Day 5: (completed)
The girls stayed dray all day and only one poo accident. A was going potty when I got there and I asked L but she told me she already went. I get them to the car and as I am putting L into the car seat she says she has to go. I took her back inside, she did her business and then we were able to go. I was so proud of her! J & I and H had a baseball game to go to Friday night so the in laws were going to watch the girls. I was a little apprehensive about this but when we got home at 11pm they were in bed asleep and mil said they were dry all night but only one poo accident.

Day 6: All day Saturday was at home...
L was already wet when I went in their room on Saturday, but A was dry so I took her to the potty. She went and then L came in and went again. Both got their jellybeans! They were dry all through the day and even at nap. When they got up they went potty. That afternoon I took H and we went to the grocery store. We were gone about 2 hours and I got about 3 calls while I was out. L had a p accident outside while playing and a poo accident while outside playing. When I got home and the girls came in. A had a poo accident. Other than that there was success! Dry for the rest of the night!!

Day 7: a complete week...
Today was our first venture out besides home and school. Church! They both woke up dry and went potty and we went again before we left for church. I dressed them in clothes so that if they had an accident that they would be able to change very easily. The girls just moved up last week to a new class so this was another big change. When we got to the church we went right to the potty. A went but L didn't. I told them both to make sure they told the teacher if they had to go potty. I informed the teacher. An hour later before SS was going to start, I went by their classroom to make sure the second teacher knew that they were in big girls pnts. She said that the last teacher was taking them potty right then. I was proud, no accidents! After SS we went to their room where they were playing happily. They stayed dry and even told the teacher if they had to go! She said they listened very well while the story was read. !! I have big girls now !!! Dry throughout nap. I kept asking if they needed to poo but I never had one yesterday. I feel sorry for the teacher today. But they were dry alllll dayyy!! I even took the potty outside while we were playing. They each had a successful pp. P before bed and good night!

Day 8: another new day...
MONDAY!! It has now been a full week. I think I can say that my girls are doing GREAT!!!!!!!
It has definitely gone smoother than I expected, although the first three days were hard, I really think they get it. L woke up crying this morning about 4 am, I took her potty. She p'ed and then went right back to bed. I am not waking them up to p but if they do wake in the middle of the night I want to take them so they know it is OK to do that. They both woke up dry and L p'ed again and A did too. Dry all the way to school. I hope they do well today!

Less laundry would be great and I think we really need to work on the poo issue and we will be doing great!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Day 4: (completed)
Today was a good day at school! Both girls stayed dry all day and each only had one poo accident. :)
I am proud of that for sure!!!
When we got home we went to the potty so we could go on a wagon ride. L went right away, but even after several attempts A wouldn't/couldn't go. Both girls were watching out the back door to see dad get the wagon out. A let out a few whimpers and I looked to see her spreading with pee going down her leg. Luckily she was close to the linoleum and we got her on that to clean up. She really didn't like it at all, and I think that is good because she will remember that. They went on their wagon ride and came back. We ate dinner and got baths. Just before bed we took the girls potty. Both p'd like champs! When it came time to go to bed, the girls realized that they could say they had to go potty and they could get out of bed that way. At first we told them they just went and they couldn't get out of bed. After about 10 min, I picked L up out of bed, went straight to our bathroom, and she p'd right away. Just a little though, but still. Then I put her back in bed and took A. She didn't go but was happy she got out of bed. Back to bed she went. Night night!!

Day 5:
Today started off good. I went in to wake them up and I noticed that L had already wet the bed. I saw that A had not. I picked her up and we went straight to the potty. She sat and p'd right away! Big high fives and a jelly bean!! L did not like being wet. She must have just gone because she was soaked! Sometimes I have to remember to not think about the fact that I am touching pp. EWWW...
We stayed dry all the way to school as well.
I think maybe, just maybe they might be catching on. It was good for this momma to see they did well yesterday and I at least had one dry bed that I didn't have to change! :)

TBC...(I cant update again till Monday, but I will do my best to remember it all) This will be the first weekend for us in p@nties so...and the first Sunday at church...Please say big prayers!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still on the train...

Day 3:  (completed)
The teacher said the day was better than on Tuesday. Both girls had accidents at nap, so wet bedsheets and blankets were brought home and they both pooped in their pants.
A p'd at the dinner table again, after we asked her and she sat repeatedly. But she gave us a really big p right before bed, it only took us 10-15 min of sitting on the pot. She really wants to keep her panties.
Both did good p right before bed. Both wet their bed sometime in the middle of the night. I guess I am going to have to start getting them up to go potty in the middle.

I think that L gets it, just a stop to go thing now and poo of course. A, I'm not so sure?. But we are not stopping...

Day 4:
When I came out of my room, I could hear L talking, so I missed my window of opportunity. When I went in the room L was standing beside her bed trying to clean her potty spot with her lovie. She got out of bed and wet the floor. A said she was dry so I sent her to the bathroom. She went potty! But since both had wet during the night, we still had both beds to change. No accidents on the way to school. We'll see how school goes...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Amazing that this is  my 101 post! AND because we are in potty training 101!!!


It all started on Monday 4/16/12. I am determined to get the girls potty trained so they are able to start a new school for K3 in August. They have to be fully potty trained by the time they start. Four months and counting!

Day 1:
I got up about 30 minutes earlier than I normally do so that I can wake the girls in the morning and take them potty first thing, instead of them just waking up on their own. When I went in to wake them up, I told them that we were going to wear big girl p&nties and that  we needed to go pp in the potty. They both jumped out of bed and we were successful with morning p. Again before we left the house we took them again. I worried that they would wet their car seat on the way to school because that is about 30 minutes in the car. But dry they were when we got there! I was proud. Throughout the day I wondered but I was too scared to call and ask. When I picked them up, I saw A in the front room playing and she had her same clothes on! Amazing. She had p and poo in the potty and did wonderful. L on the other hand, had a p accident and a poo accident. The p went all the way to her shoes. Both stayed dry during nap. I really did expect the accidents because they have been in pull ups for so many months that they are just like diapers for them only they pull up, but no "wet" britches if they p/poo. A successful afternoon as well at home. Both went to the potty before bed and when J and I went to bed the girls were still dry.

Day 2:
We woke the girls up and L was dry and A had wet the bed. We took them both to the potty and they both went p. Again, dry all the way to school. But the day at school was a little different today. Roles reversed...they both had accidents but A wet her bed at nap and both had poo accidents. I got a little discouraged this afternoon because I felt like we took one step forward and two steps backward. That afternoon, L went potty great and A went p at the dinner table in her chair after having sat on the potty a couple time and doing nothing and being asked several times. I put a towel under her and then after dinner we got a bath. Night time was no exception to the day...L had cried out in the middle of the night and at around 2am I went in to check them and they were BOTH wet. When morning came, L went in the potty for her am p and A had already we the bed again. --A load of laundry started!

Day 3:
I was a little worried this morning because A didn't p at home. But we did make it to school dry. They both sat on the potty when we first got to school but neither of them went. I let the teacher know and she said they would take A in about 10 minutes to try again. The teacher also made me feel some better and said that the girls were in a different classroom yesterday and that she thinks that messed them up. She said she will try to keep them on schedule today..... We'll see....TBC...

Had to call mom because this mom was getting discouraged. I know that sounds funny because in reality it is just day two, but yes, I wanted this miracle to happen and that they would just get it! I know that H didn't and that it took a couple weeks, but...Things times two have always seemed so much more difficult. I plan to look for other twin moms stories of potty training and see if I can find hints. We have jelly beans and stickers but sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.