Friday, August 26, 2011


OK, I am at my whits end!

I have so much going on in my head that I don't even know where to start and I am forgetting to do things that I wanted to do before the girls birthday. But of course with them being sick and no time, it just didn't get done. I know truly it wont matter in the end but still. I also have so much cooking/baking to do tonight and tomorrow morning. I also still have some last minute grocery shopping to do. Will I get it all done????

A seems to be doing better and fever gone but I know that L is catching it. They both went to school today but I am trying to decide on whether or not to go pick them up early. I just don't want a call from school again. I pray that this sickness passes quickly.

Mom and family are coming into town today and I am happy to see them. I pray the weekend goes smoothly.

H lost a tooth this week and he said that maybe the tooth fairy would bring him two dollars since the tooth was bigger than the last one. So this tooth fairy made sure he got two dollars. When he got up he was not at all excited. I asked him later why he wasn't happy with his two dollars and he said because he wanted a Bible. I was very happy to hear him say this. This coming Sunday, H is getting baptised at church. I had already ordered him a new Bible, one that is age appropriate and that he will like. I can not wait to surprise him with it!!!

My goal this weekend is to just enjoy myself. Enjoy cooking, enjoy my girls party, enjoy my parents being in town and enjoying H being baptised on Sunday! This will be a good weekend, even if all the things in my head don't get completed!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear A...

Dear A...

My second born daughter, but only by 9 minutes, you have amazed me from day one! You are my solid rock. Your beautiful round face with a smile that beams as bright as the sun! Your personality from the very beginning has been evident. Outgoing and dominant for sure. You might not have been the first born but you were the first to do many things, talking and walking for one. The first year was an amazing one and watching you grow and change was always an exciting thing to watch. But your second year, you developed personality beyond my imagination.

The words you are saying these days are so very clear but with a sweet accent that is only you! I especially love then you say "uh hu" and "yes". Your voice inflections are so sweet.

I am not sure if you have a favorite toy or not but you do like to put linkados on as bracelets. You alsolove blankets. You will spread them out and then lay on them and just smile so big. Really, any toy that L has, it has to be yours to. The twin thing applies, when you buy one then you buy two just alike for the other sister.

Going potty has been an adventure so far and we are not even training yet. You have gone poo poo first and then about a week later you went pee pee. So many fun times are ahead. You do not like to be in a dirty diaper and you will come to me and say "change".

You are a little more picky than your sister when it comes to food. You are more like H in this area, textures are not always a good thing. Rice, corn and lettuce - you hate. But you do love yogurt, aka "yo yowt". You also like: chicken nuggets, raisins, juice boxes, fish sticks, peas, green beans, salisbury steak meat, bread and butter, cake and grits. Again, I could go on.

You are a decent sleeper but a pain in the bootie to get to sleep. The toddler bed transition has been much harder for you. You do a good job of staying in bed but falling asleep takes you a lot longer. Average is about 30-40 minutes. But once you are asleep I look at your sleeping face and I soak it up. These days will soon pass and you wont even want me in the room.

Clothes: You love to tell me no when I am putting shorts on you. You love to wear dresses! You are even asking for panties and bloomers too! Picking out clothes is becoming a daily thing.

Right now your favorite place is not school but church! Although you do love school, you are such a social butterfly. Not afraid at all to go into a new place. You ask all the time now to go to church. Again, in your sweet little accent. We have started going on Sunday am and pm and Wednesday nights. So you are loving it!

A, when I think about you, I see strong, independent but with a soft center that is nourished on love. If you have a boo boo then you need us, but you love to do things yourself. As you grow over the next year into a three year old, I pray that as we struggle and sweep through the days that I am able to see your beauty through and through. I can not wait to see the joys we will enjoy though out the next year.

A, I love you with all my hears and all the way to heaven!


Dear L...

Dear L,

My sweet first born little girl. Your entrance into this world made me cry. Of course it was a happy, relieved cry. You were healthy and beautiful! You are two years old today and again you make me cry happy tears. You have grown and developed so much in the last year and seeing your personality change daily is amazing. Like a flower blooming and each day a new petal opens.

The first year of your life we called you "lazy L", not out of meanness but because you were so laid back and enjoyed just watching others accomplish tasks. It seemed as if you always did things on your own time table. This second year though, has been so amazing to see you accomplish so much.

You can speak words so well and you pronunciate things well when you repeat.

You love your lovie!

Going potty has been fun, even though we are not training right now, you have pee peed once.

Right now, baby dolls are your favorite thing to play with. What surprises me the most is you always have two and the babies have to have their lovies too! You will lay them down and cover them up and pat pat them to sleep. You will put them in the stroller or cart and push them around. Such a sweet girl and maybe you will be the one to carry on the twin tradition! (I promise to help you too, just like your Nana did me)

All foods are your favorite. There isn't much that I have found that you don't like. You are not to fond of yogurt, but you have started eating some and you really don't care for ice cream yet. You love: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, hamburger helper, peas, green beans, corn, applesauce, raisins, salisbury steak meat, spaghetti o's, cheese and cake. I could probably go on but I wont.

Your smile and laugh are so beautiful! I melt every time I look into your eyes. When I tell you I love you, you always say back, "lub you"! You will even give kisses. You have daddy wrapped around your finger and your brother truly loves you!

Your favorite teacher right now is Ms. Lisa. She had you in the baby room and when you moved up to the toddler room, you struggled with the transition. Ms. Lisa had the opportunity to move up and she did! Then when she would try to leave for lunch you would melt down and not even eat, so once again she adjusted her schedule just for you! You are a special girl and one day you will have to thank Ms. Lisa for loving you so much! For now I will let her know.

You are a good sleeper and will lay down in you toddler bed like such a big girl. When you think I have moved away, you will poke your head up and see if I'm still there and then lay back down.

Most of the time your sister is the one picking on you, she even has gotten in trouble for biting you at school. But just recently you fought back and scratched her on the face because she was trying to take something you had. Even though I had to give you a time out for scratching/pinching I was still kinda proud that you fought back.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you as you grow into a three year old. I am sure many struggles of the terrible twos await but the beauty of who you are is also going to grow and develop and I can not wait to see who you become.

I love you L, with all my heart and all the way to heaven!


Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Today, two years ago, you made me a very lucky mother! I now had my complete family, a little boy and two little girls! I can not believe that you are now two years old and that we have survived. You both are hard work but at the end of each and every day, I truly count my blessings times two. Now, my prayer request is that I survive the next two years of terrible twos and worse threes :)  I love you L & A to the very deepest core of me and you girls are the light in my day. I live for my children!

PS. Sad to say that A is home sick on her birthday today. Just a fever virus (so far). L is at school today. So on your second birthday you girls are apart for most of the day. But we will party on Saturday for sure!! Cake!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once upon a time...

Oh, that right this isn't a fairy tale. But I do have a beautiful story to tell and I pray daily that all the people in my story have a very happy ending!

Today is the day before my twin girls birthday. I remember waiting and counting down the days to go have them. I was miserable and yet relaxed and anxious and yet calm. I had goals and dreams for these little girls. I am sure in a previous post I wrote about their birth, so I wont bore you will details again. TWO years ago, I can not believe that time has past and they are getting so independent and opinionated. Good thing and a bad thing. I certainly didn't know two years ago how much my life would change. The struggles and joys and the highs and the lows. I continually pray that there will be many more highs as the future comes to fruition.

Just for the fun of it I will post a picture of what my belly look like just a few days before delivery. Stretched to the maximum!

Please don't judge, there were two babies in there!! :)

I want to say to all mothers of multiples and especially MoM that have more children, whether older or younger, GOD BLESS YOU! I truly believe that there is a very special place in heaven for us!

Friday, August 19, 2011


L really did get an owie yesterday at school. She fell down and hit the side corner of the sidewalk. So if you were to put your hand up and down on your cheek/eye area that is where her big ole bruise is. Yesterday it was bad but still OK. This morning though its more swollen under he eye and under her eye is also bruised now. I hope most of it is clear by next weekends party. But that is my little Grace-ful! No scratches were involved thankfully. The side walk is padded but she hit at just the right angle. I was going to take her to the doctor this morning because it was watery and puffy. But she is eating, playing, laughing and her hand/eye coordination seems just fine. I did call the nurse and she said as long as she is acting fine that she is OK. Just to keep a look out for discolored discharge from her eye. I really think she will be fine.

A had a good day yesterday. No biting instances. Her teacher said that she had told the director that I was looking for help/information on if there was anything that I could do to help and that is why she printed it off for me. The teacher also said that she wanted a copy of it and that she needed to read it too. I shared my feelings with her and also got a little teary eyed. She gave me a hug and knew that it was a phase that kids go through. Even another teacher in the room says that it is normal phase that most all kids go through. I felt better after I left. I also shared with the teacher that I am doing all that I can do at home but that they have to deal with it when she does it there. A is frustrated when she cant have/get what she wants and that is her reaction. She has a lot to learn about getting her way. Politeness goes a lot further.

H had another good day at school. He did his homework in after school care and we checked it last night and he seemed to do very well on it. He is reading his own instructions and doing well.

I always seem to be constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. For the next bad thing to happen. Like sickness, boo boos, or getting in trouble at school. I want to stop that worry and just enjoy each day and not worry about tomorrow. God help me in this area!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I know that this is a phase but really, how long is it going to last.

A is my biter! I truly do not know what to do to stop it. So far at home I have been able to prevent it from happening but at school its a different story. I know it is usually a fight over a toy. Her sister has been victim to many and her friends a few times.

But today, I got a call from daycare to let me know that L had taken a fall and has a bruise on her face and that they were also going to send home some pamphlets on biting for A. I just told them OK. But the more I think about it the more it frustrates me, because I just cannot think of anything I can do since the incidences are happening at school. If she has an incident report from school, I always talk to her right after we leave school that we do not bite and she will look at me and say no bite, sorry. She really is a sweet girl but just when she get frustrated she doesn't know what else to do to get her way. When I see her getting uptight at home I will step in and tell her she has to share and that she cant just take the toy. She seems to understand that, so I wonder what daycare is actually doing. Maybe they should read these pamphlets? I have been on both sides of the argument where one is the biter and there other is the receiver. When H was in preschool he was the one being bitten so I am very upset when A does bite another child. What can this mother do when she is not there to correct the situation when it happens?

Any one out there have any advice for biters at daycare? What did you do.


Again, we survived Wednesday night church. H really enjoyed Awana and the girls were OK in Puggles. L cried when I left for about 5-10 minutes but was fine when I went to pick her up. They ate well at church too, but bath was very whiny and bed was OK. On the upside, it only took about 20 minutes to get them to sleep. All in all OK but well see how the next few weeks go.

Another first for H! His second day of school and he forgot to bring home his notebook. In that notebook is a place for the parent to initial that we saw it and homework done. I noticed when looking in the book last night that my initial was on the Tuesday note. BUT I did NOT sign it! HA, H is only in 1st grade and already forging my initials. My oh my, what am I going to do? I did talk to him about it and I will now only initial in a colored ink pen, not pencil like I did the first day. He is way too smart for this own good.

Not much else going on. A bit L yesterday at school and left a bruise. Again, this mom doesn't know what to do. The teacher tell me not to worry about it, that it is just a phase. I am ready for the weekend and lots of party buying to do. Only one more week and the girls are two! The party is next Saturday and I am ready for it to be over with so I dont have to think/worry about it anymore. Gonna be fun though.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not much going on here.

On A's daily sheet from school yesterday there was a note on it that she used the potty one time! Then at bath time she asked to potty and she did go pee pee then too! Exciting. Not sure how this is going to work if only one potty trains at a time or do you just try both at the same time and hope the other one gets it too? I am still not at the full point of starting but A is definitely getting the idea. L will sit on the potty and has even gone pee pee once but nothing since. Time will tell I guess.

H forgot his homework notebook yesterday in his class room. We had a good discussion last night about responsibility. It seems as if they go from the teacher doing a lot of things for them in k5 but then in 1st grade they are expected to remember themselves. We kinda have three goals for him this year: Listening, Obeying, and Responsibility. He is learning that when a teacher or parent are speaking that he is not to say "I know" but to listen and then obey. Listening usually involves him following more than on step at a time, that is the part he has to learn.

Girls did pretty good going to sleep last night. It only took one walk out and about 40 minutes total to get them both to sleep. They slept all night and they were up and moving when I went in their room this morning. They had taken their pants off but other than that they were such good girls. Only eight more days and my babies are going to be 2!!

I made one of the fabric garlands last night. The one for the mantle. It looks cute and I think is going to complement the decorations good. I am going to try and make the other one by this weekend. J even suggested that I make one in Christmas colors for Christmastime. Good idea!

Going to go to church tonight and the girls will start Puggles and H will start Sparks. I am excited for him and I know he will enjoy game time alot! Hopefully he will learn some good verses to use in his future!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I guess we made it...

I guess the bridge has been crossed. Toddler beds are a success and our night routine has been altered. The girls will now be able to stay up till around 7pm vs the 6-6:30 before. I think they understand that they stay in bed but not sure about falling asleep by themselves yet. Last night it took about 45 min and one walk out from mommy and daddy. But once we came back in, I noticed that neither got out of bed. L was OK but A was crying. She understood that it was time for bed and about 10 minutes later she was asleep.

H had a good first day of school. He says he likes his teacher and that he did know a couple of kids in his class from last year. There are 19 in his class and we have heard that this is the largest first grade class so far at HES.

What do you do about feet stinking? Both L and A will not leave their socks on but for some reason will leave their shoes on if they don't have socks? BUT now their feet just stink! And their shoes stink!! Funny thing, they took their shoes off in the van yesterday and I could smell them in the front seat. EWWWW! I though only boys were supposed to stink. Baby powder in the shoes did not work at all...what are my other options?

This morning as I dropped H off at school. A thought she would say goodbye to H. He got out and a few minutes later I heard her say, "bye bye booger"! This made me laugh, because that is what I call H sometimes and I guess she picked it up too. Cute!

Also, when I dropped off the girls at school, they walked right in and sat down to eat breakfast. But before going to sit, L turned and waved bye to me and then blew me kisses! OH MY they are growing so fast now.

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Momma's not ready"...

This weekend was a very busy weekend. A lot of "first" happened! And of course this momma was not ready at all!!!

Friday night was as usual at our house. I knew of course that the husband was going to have to work half day on Saturday and I was going to attempt to get the twins two year pictures made.

Saturday morning went well. We were at the picture place at a quarter till and we were the first in, first to get pictures done, and the first to leave!! I have to say that L was fine at first and we got a few single shots of her. Then A got a little more comfortable and I got a couple with both of them. Then L melted down. She wouldn't let go of me for anything. I had to tell the ladies that we were done. They wanted to reschedule, but I was not going to go through that again :/' Way to much work. We did get one good shot of the girls together, so that will be their "2" year pictures. I was tired after this. We went straight home. Lunch was next and all went fine. Then naps. Here is where things all started going downhill for this mom. A wasn't ready for nap. I put her t shirt on and then put her in her crib. I turned around to put L shirt on and about the same time I looked back just as A was putting her foot over the railing of the crib. She was so mad at me. She went right over the top and onto the floor. I screamed and was right there. She was absolutely fine! She didn't even cry for a minute. But at that time I also realized that we were no longer going to be in cribs. TODDLER BEDS, OH MY!  They did take their final nap in their cribs. When J got home he got the beds out of the attic and we put them together. We were prepared for this but I emotionally was not. A automatically loved her bed. L on the other hand was not as happy, at first. After a few more minutes she was on the bed playing just like A. We took the girls and H to the grocery store and came back home to take the cribs apart and put the toddler beds in their place. I cried. I was not ready for this. I knew that this meant more work, more time, and freedom for two little girls. My thought was, we'll shut the door and they will only have their room to play in. Of course as I was changing L, A decided to learn how to open the door! Another first, thankfully we had the door knob covers to put on.

Bedtime took two hours and I was one very frustrated mom. I knew that it would be difficult because it was all new to them. But around 9, all was well. I was awaken about 1:45 in the morning to L crying. I think she was disoriented. Its pitch black in the room and I go to her bed, she is not there. I found her in the middle of the room. Put her back in bed, covered her up and patted her back to sleep. I looked over on the floor next to me to see if A was OK. She was double over sleeping in the middle too! I put her back in her bed and went back to bed myself. The next morning I was awaken by the girls talking and playing in their room at 6am. This was a decent time and they played till about 6:30 when we went in to get them. Off to church. They moved up to the two year olds class at church and will start Puggles on Wednesday nights. Church was good and lunch at home. I said my prayers for our first nap time in toddler beds. OH MY WORD, easy! 5-10 minutes flat. They were asleep and they slept for 2 hours! Praise God! We all took naps Sunday afternoon. We decided to go to pm services at church for the first time in 2years. The girls were the only ones in the nursery. H went to the children's night service. Of course he only sang a couple songs and then they played kick ball. After church we went to the in laws house and stayed about 30 minutes. Went home and it was about 8:30. Again, saying prayers! L went right to sleep but A put up a fight. She cried so hard but wouldn't lay down. I picked her up and held her till she went to sleep. Only about 10 minutes later she was in her bed and sleeping. No sounds from their room. I got up half way through the night and checked on them to make sure they were in bed. Sure enough, both in bed and sleeping good! When I went to get them up this morning. L was already walking around the room but I woke up A. God is good and He knew what this momma needed. Another bridge crossed!

H started 1st grade today! He is getting so big and so grown up. Independent. I wouldn't want it any other way. Our family of 5 took him to school, walked him in, and got him settled into his new desk, I took a few pictures and we were on our way. I asked J if he wanted to talk to H any more and he said if he had stayed any longer he would have cried. His little boy is growing up.

If you are still reading this bless you. Sorry I am so long winded today but I wanted to document these days.

Also, L pee peed on the potty on Saturday morning. We are not fully potty training but just getting the idea of how it works.

H will start Awana on Wednesday nights too. A lot of changes this week but I know for the better of our family. Growth and change are hard but needed and Gods plan is best.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My baby is coming home...

I am so excited to see my baby boy tonight!!

I know he had a great week and is excited to be starting the 1st grade on Monday. Right now he loves school and I pray that he is challenged and learns so much this year.

I miss his sweet smiling face. Even with all the challenges that he brings he also is very sweet and compassionate to the core. I also can not wait to see him and his sisters together again. As hard as it was to have a singleton and twins, I really cant imagine my "family" any other way! God knew what he was doing. Although two singletons would have been soooo much easier, I am truly blessed.

Come home quickly H, Mom and Dad miss you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thank you so much for the blog this afternoon. It really meant a lot to read about H's day. I also have missed your blogs this week. I just feel as if they are a connection for us, like writing letters, without the mail delay! :)

I am glad that you have enjoyed your time with him and one day I hope to add a couple little girls to the mix, if your up to it! ha ha 

Love and kisses from your daughter.

You know your a parent when...


You know your a parent when your CD holder in your car no longer holds acutally CDs but DVDs for the kids in the backseat!!


Getting crafty...

Well, I started last night getting some craft projects done for the girls party. I made their shirts and if I do say so myself they look really cute! Now just have to find the bottoms to go with it!

I also completed the banner that says Happy 2nd Birthday!! Thanks mom, it really does look great!

Now I just have to start cutting the strips for the garland and then we will be ready to party!

I got to talk to H today and he said he wanted to come home. I told him OK, to come home. Then he got upset and said that he really wanted to stay a few more days. Then not even a minute later he asked if he could stay another week! I love that little boy!! So funny. I am very glad that he is having a good time and that he loves his grandparents and great grandma. Those times are precious and are things he will remember as he gets older...

PS. mom if your reading this, take pictures of you all together!

Going to meet H's teacher tonight. Still do not know who she is but I guess we will find out tonight for sure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


OK. A check off the list. Yesterday was my half day at work so I took the opportunity to do my errands in town. The town I never go to anymore.

My first stop was Toys*Us. I had called about a week ago and checked to see if they had the kitchen in stock in the store that I saw online. They said they had three. Of course I didn't print it off so when I went to the store I couldn't find it or reference it. Oh well. That one would have cost about 70$, but I found a really cute "cupcake" kitchen and I really like if for only $40. Of course once I got home I had a coupon for $5 off. Oh well, that's how it always seems to go. I also picked up a potty seat w hook for the girls and two pairs of pink pants because they were only $5 a piece.

My second stop was S*ms. For diapers of course. Sticker shock and takes a bit out of the pocket. Hopefully not too many more of these in our future. (ps. Thanks mom and mamaw for all the boxes of diapers in the past!! oh so many thanks)

My third stop was to the material store. It really didn't take me too long once I got my thoughts straight. But I did think that I would be able to find it cheap, but really didn't. Oh well. I did get some so that I can reuse the garland each year and just change my theme hanging from it. I also got the material to do the #2 on the girls shirts.

So now I have some projects to start working on!

My fourth stop was to K*hls. Of course when I came out of the material store there was a storm a brewing. I really wanted to stop there to see if they had the knit skirts that I wanted the girls to wear at their birthday party. I parked on the side of the store that the kids are on, but forgot that I wasn't in my regular K*hls store and so I had to run to the other side. They didn't have them and because of the rain storm coming I decided just to go and I would look this weekend at my regular K*hls store. I just beat the rain. It poured most of the way home but by the time I picked up the girls all the rain had stopped. Thank goodness, because it is no fun trying to load up twins in the rain.

Husband and I had a good night with the girls and then I made fried rice for dinner and we ate while we watched Rizzole and Isles. Love that show!

Invitations are officially mailed out! Mom, if you are reading this, I stuck two invites in yours so you can have one for each of the girls books. Things are coming together!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A letter to H...

Dear H,

I love you all the way to heaven!!!

I hope you are having a fun time and Nana and Papa. Enjoy every little moment and remember to be sweet and obey. Dad and I really are missing you. Especially Dad. You might want to give him a call tonight say...around 7ish. He would really like it. I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures and look forward to seeing you on Friday. I am excited to meet your new teacher on Thursday too.

Again, I love you all the way to heaven!!!

Love, MOM

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of lots...

Wow, lots going on in our house.

Had a good weekend away at the parents house. I even got to see my brother/sisnlaw and their kids from Ohio too. Learned a lot too and how different families can be. Anyway...

We had a first in our house. A went poopy on the potty! We had just gotten home from our trip and it was about 7pm. We were giving the girls their bath and A just stood up and said potty. I potty. I asked if she had to go and she said yes. I put her on and she sat for about 2 min and I asked if she was all done. No was her response. Another min later, I smelled a poop smell but saw nothing. I asked again if she was all done. No, again was her answer again. Then about 30 sec later she just pooped! :)  We were so proud and we just clapped and L clapped for her too. Then L had to sit on the potty and try. But nothing happened with her. I talked to day care this morning and they said that they have been placing them on the toilet when they asked and a few others in their class are training. I requested to let me know if pee or poop comes out to let me know. We have done alot of sitting but nothing coming out. So I guess once they fluids start flowing then we will start potty training. Fun times ahead!

Hoyt is at his grandparents house. I have heard from him twice and he is having fun. I couldn't believe when we were driving off yesterday that L & A were both waiving goodbye and J was tearing up. I forgot that he wasn't with me when he spent spring break with them. But last night and this am J just kept saying how much he missed H. I know that H is having fun though.

I tried to find out H's teacher for this coming school year but the office said that some teachers are just now getting their list and other are still being adjusted. She said open house is Thursday and we will find out then. She wasn't very nice but what can you do? J says he has a patient that is a 4th grade teacher out there and he might ask her to find out. Not sure it really matters.

I also contacted the store that is making the girls birthday hair clips. She said they shipped out a couple days ago. I hope to get them this week. AND I got an email from the lady doing the cupcake toppers and said they should be complete and shipped by Thursday! So exciting. I got the girls Mermaid appliques this past Friday. I got stamps today to mail out invitations. Mom is working on the display cards!
Now all I have to do is get material for the garland and for the girls shirts and birthday candles (not sure what I am going to do for this). Its all coming together though.

I went to the doc today. Got a shot in my butt. Some medicated allergy spray and an antibiotic. Hope I start to feel better soon. The girls are doing better but I notice that A is still kinda stuffy. 

Alright enough for now...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Last nights talk...

Well, last night I called to check in on mom and she wasn't home. Good! That means she went! Good for you mom!!!!

I also had another positive- I got to talk with my dad. Most times when I call, if I speak with my dad its just the basic hello how are you doing. Last night we talked for about 30 minutes. He said he was excited to see us this weekend and we discussed dinner plans. Mom, I hope you are reading this. Do not worry about Saturday. Me and Dad will take care of dinner plans. We discussed doing shrimp, maybe fried or boiled, and also tossed up, coleslaw, potato salad, fries, and vegetables. Of course some home made ice cream too. I told him that we don't know things that he wants unless he talks to us. I asked him why he didn't go with M/S when they went to the battleship and he said he just wanted to relax at home. I told him the same thing that I tell you, GO GO GO, you can relax all year long. This is only one week and you need to make memories with your grandchildren. Anyway, not sure if I got through to him or not but...

So, we are coming this weekend, snoofies and all. I hope you are ready! I pray things are better today for you all. See you soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A special note...

to my mom.

First off, I love you!

Second, relax, take a deep breath and relax!

1 Peter 5:7  Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

An oldie but a goodie.

You have to stop worrying or you are going to worry yourself to death. Take one moment at a time.

I love you, leave the details to God!


Well, today, I am feeling ok. Not better but ok. My throat is not as sore but my nose is still so stuffy. Mom, I have the snoofies! A seems to be doing better. I called the nurse at the doctors office and got the ok to give her some new medicine and she said to give it about a week. So we are trying that. H started sneezing last night and woke up with a stuffy nose, so we are giving him the same medicine. Trying to ward off before it gets bad. He is not complaining at all and everyones appetite is fine. I guess summer colds or sinuses.

Today, TWO years ago, I went to work and my regular schedule ob appointment. But what wasnt scheduled was to be admitted to the hospital.

I went in and the doctor checked me out and asked how I was feeling. I said fine but was having alot of braxton hicks. I was into week 33 of my twin pregnancy. He sent me to the hospital across the street to be monitored for a few hours. Sure enough, I was having real contracts only a few minutes apart. I called J, who was on his way to work, to tell him the news and that I needed his parents to pick up H from school. J came to the hospital and we got admitted and settled in. They started the Mag drip and it took the next three days to stop the contractions. I was so out of it and its kinda funny trying to listen to your doctor tell you what is going on when there is three of him standing in front of you!  The nurses also brought in every portable fan they could find on the floor because the Mag medicine makes you very hot. And I got my first ever catheter (sorry if tmi). I really cant remember feeling afraid if the girls were born early but I knew that we had to try to keep them in a little longer. I was discharged three days later with orders not to return to work and to stay off my feet and taking procardia. Not strict bed rest but there were not going to be any wally world trips in the next few weeks. My mom came up and helped with H and helped me around the house. Kept me somewhat sain for the next three weeks.

I cannot believe that my girls are going to be 2 in just 21 more days. I am happy to see them growing and changing but sad that this stage of their life is over. In the last two weeks I have had an occasion to actually hold my girls till they were asleep. Our routein is to give the girls good night kisses turn the music on and pat their back for just a few minutes till they quiet down and then leave the room. But one night A just wouldnt settle down and I held her untill she was asleep and then put her in her bed. Then it was L another night and I just held her till she was ready to be put in the bed. Although at first I was tired and just wanted to put them down and walk out of the room, I realized that these times to hold the girls are precious few. I blame this on the fact that they are twins and it is difficult to rock two babies to sleep at the same time and get them in bed. Its a good and bad thing with me. With one baby, you can rock as long as you like because there is not another to tend to. But I was glad on those nights to kiss their sweet heads and sway to the lullaby music playing and just reflect on their littleness. Sometimes in the busyness of life we miss those little moments. I was glad I had those to remember.

I read a book this morning that I had in my closet by Karen Kingsbury called Let Me Hold You Longer. It reflects on the fact that we see each first in a childs life but not their lasts. As my son is fixing to turn 7 it makes me sad. He is not that little toddler boy anymore, he is growing into a young man. We wish time away and then we wish for it back. I held him a little longer this morning. Once I got dressed, I left my room to get H up. It was still quiet in the house. I go to his room and find his bed empty and his night clothes on the floor. So I go to the living room. He is in J's chair fully dresses with shoes on playing his DS. I just looked at him. So grown yet so young. I had him come to me and sit in my big lap. As he sits down I think how little he used to be and that he weighs a ton now! I asked him to stop growing. He tells me what he always tells me, "I cant mom, because God wants me to grow". He said its ok momma, God love me and He loves you and He loves my sisters and God loves everyone. I said yes bug he does, no matter what we do good or bad, God loves us. I love that little booger.

Hope you have a great day and wether it be your own child or your grandchild. Give them hugs and hold them just a few extra seconds/minutes and remember this time will pass and we cannot get it back.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Horrible... I am feeling horrible.

You see, I am sick with sinuses. I feel horrible and I thought I was going to die last night. A has it too. Poor girl. Stuffy noses/Runny noses. I gave her some Benadryl this morning and I pray that it helps her get through the day. Hoping not to have to do a dr run. But that might be coming.

Signing off for today...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clearing my head...

I made a decision to get off Facebook. I don't know about you but yes, it is a good source of gossip or for a more positive angle, to keep up with who is doing what. But I also personally struggled with the "keeping up with the Joneses". And I wonder to much about who is doing what. I guess it is just me but as I stated before when we went on vacation I was able to focus on what my family was doing and not be concerned with the minor gossip. That is what I want to do know. Yes, I miss facebook and knowing what is going on, but I also am able to not worry about what is going on to. Focus on what is important: My Family.

I am not sure that I will return to FB but at this time, I like not having that tie down. Maybe if I do, me and J will have one together? We'll see in the future.

OK, to my mom: Not going to redo the kids bathroom at this time. I am not sure what I would change it to and things are either to girly, to boyish, or to grownup? Just keeping what I have for now.
Also, I am sending you the name place listings. Be creative... Love you! Please please keep your chin up. I know this week will be a trying time. But this is also their vacation time to go and keep the kids active. Enjoy the time you do have with them and take pictures!! Stay on the positive for sure! That will make those times together more enjoyable. AND Go ... when they invite.. go! Don't worry about being the third wheel. If they invite GO!

I love you LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A work in progress...

Many things in my life are a work in progress.

I did finish, for the most part, cleaning out the study room of the house. I am doing pretty well to keep the kitchen clean and the counter tops/table uncluttered. It helps a lot that we all eat together as a party of 5 for dinners. My living room got cleaned too. We have vaulted ceilings in the living room and I finally got the long dust thing out and dusted the webs off the ceiling. Washed some curtains and changed some out. Vacuumed the floors and rearranged the play area. Now I need to dust/Windex my curio and make a shelf for the girls and dust/vacuum the TV area. Then the living room will be done.

Another picture project I am working on is almost complete. Its for the bathroom. And, no, there are no naked butt pictures involved.

All this to be completed by the girls 2nd birthday party. I think I am doing well.

Got the girls some new shoes this weekend. They are their first pair of tie. And we'll see if they are the last for a while :)  JK  They really do look cute on them and they love them.

Got H his school supplies. Not much to pick out for him. But he is still excited. We should get a letter in the mail this week to tell us who his teacher will be. Also will have teacher open house next week. Fun times!

Its August, can you believe it. Summer is almost over and I absolutely cannot wait for fall. The girls birthday, then H's birthday, football season, the fair, pumpkin patch, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Love love love this season to come. Busy times, but also lots of family times!

Still sticking to our no eating out. But trust me, we are so looking forward to our BK on Friday! I will get a full whopper, no whopper jr here! :)

I still need to go to the dollar general and hobby lobby to pick up some party things. But my major thing I need to start is my fabric garland. I really need to go to a material store and pick out the material. Also some material to do the girls #2 shirts. This weekend we are going out of town, the next weekend is the girls two year pictures, the next J is working, then the next week is the party! Busy busy busy.