Thursday, August 18, 2011


Again, we survived Wednesday night church. H really enjoyed Awana and the girls were OK in Puggles. L cried when I left for about 5-10 minutes but was fine when I went to pick her up. They ate well at church too, but bath was very whiny and bed was OK. On the upside, it only took about 20 minutes to get them to sleep. All in all OK but well see how the next few weeks go.

Another first for H! His second day of school and he forgot to bring home his notebook. In that notebook is a place for the parent to initial that we saw it and homework done. I noticed when looking in the book last night that my initial was on the Tuesday note. BUT I did NOT sign it! HA, H is only in 1st grade and already forging my initials. My oh my, what am I going to do? I did talk to him about it and I will now only initial in a colored ink pen, not pencil like I did the first day. He is way too smart for this own good.

Not much else going on. A bit L yesterday at school and left a bruise. Again, this mom doesn't know what to do. The teacher tell me not to worry about it, that it is just a phase. I am ready for the weekend and lots of party buying to do. Only one more week and the girls are two! The party is next Saturday and I am ready for it to be over with so I dont have to think/worry about it anymore. Gonna be fun though.

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