Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well, today, I am feeling ok. Not better but ok. My throat is not as sore but my nose is still so stuffy. Mom, I have the snoofies! A seems to be doing better. I called the nurse at the doctors office and got the ok to give her some new medicine and she said to give it about a week. So we are trying that. H started sneezing last night and woke up with a stuffy nose, so we are giving him the same medicine. Trying to ward off before it gets bad. He is not complaining at all and everyones appetite is fine. I guess summer colds or sinuses.

Today, TWO years ago, I went to work and my regular schedule ob appointment. But what wasnt scheduled was to be admitted to the hospital.

I went in and the doctor checked me out and asked how I was feeling. I said fine but was having alot of braxton hicks. I was into week 33 of my twin pregnancy. He sent me to the hospital across the street to be monitored for a few hours. Sure enough, I was having real contracts only a few minutes apart. I called J, who was on his way to work, to tell him the news and that I needed his parents to pick up H from school. J came to the hospital and we got admitted and settled in. They started the Mag drip and it took the next three days to stop the contractions. I was so out of it and its kinda funny trying to listen to your doctor tell you what is going on when there is three of him standing in front of you!  The nurses also brought in every portable fan they could find on the floor because the Mag medicine makes you very hot. And I got my first ever catheter (sorry if tmi). I really cant remember feeling afraid if the girls were born early but I knew that we had to try to keep them in a little longer. I was discharged three days later with orders not to return to work and to stay off my feet and taking procardia. Not strict bed rest but there were not going to be any wally world trips in the next few weeks. My mom came up and helped with H and helped me around the house. Kept me somewhat sain for the next three weeks.

I cannot believe that my girls are going to be 2 in just 21 more days. I am happy to see them growing and changing but sad that this stage of their life is over. In the last two weeks I have had an occasion to actually hold my girls till they were asleep. Our routein is to give the girls good night kisses turn the music on and pat their back for just a few minutes till they quiet down and then leave the room. But one night A just wouldnt settle down and I held her untill she was asleep and then put her in her bed. Then it was L another night and I just held her till she was ready to be put in the bed. Although at first I was tired and just wanted to put them down and walk out of the room, I realized that these times to hold the girls are precious few. I blame this on the fact that they are twins and it is difficult to rock two babies to sleep at the same time and get them in bed. Its a good and bad thing with me. With one baby, you can rock as long as you like because there is not another to tend to. But I was glad on those nights to kiss their sweet heads and sway to the lullaby music playing and just reflect on their littleness. Sometimes in the busyness of life we miss those little moments. I was glad I had those to remember.

I read a book this morning that I had in my closet by Karen Kingsbury called Let Me Hold You Longer. It reflects on the fact that we see each first in a childs life but not their lasts. As my son is fixing to turn 7 it makes me sad. He is not that little toddler boy anymore, he is growing into a young man. We wish time away and then we wish for it back. I held him a little longer this morning. Once I got dressed, I left my room to get H up. It was still quiet in the house. I go to his room and find his bed empty and his night clothes on the floor. So I go to the living room. He is in J's chair fully dresses with shoes on playing his DS. I just looked at him. So grown yet so young. I had him come to me and sit in my big lap. As he sits down I think how little he used to be and that he weighs a ton now! I asked him to stop growing. He tells me what he always tells me, "I cant mom, because God wants me to grow". He said its ok momma, God love me and He loves you and He loves my sisters and God loves everyone. I said yes bug he does, no matter what we do good or bad, God loves us. I love that little booger.

Hope you have a great day and wether it be your own child or your grandchild. Give them hugs and hold them just a few extra seconds/minutes and remember this time will pass and we cannot get it back.

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