Friday, August 19, 2011


L really did get an owie yesterday at school. She fell down and hit the side corner of the sidewalk. So if you were to put your hand up and down on your cheek/eye area that is where her big ole bruise is. Yesterday it was bad but still OK. This morning though its more swollen under he eye and under her eye is also bruised now. I hope most of it is clear by next weekends party. But that is my little Grace-ful! No scratches were involved thankfully. The side walk is padded but she hit at just the right angle. I was going to take her to the doctor this morning because it was watery and puffy. But she is eating, playing, laughing and her hand/eye coordination seems just fine. I did call the nurse and she said as long as she is acting fine that she is OK. Just to keep a look out for discolored discharge from her eye. I really think she will be fine.

A had a good day yesterday. No biting instances. Her teacher said that she had told the director that I was looking for help/information on if there was anything that I could do to help and that is why she printed it off for me. The teacher also said that she wanted a copy of it and that she needed to read it too. I shared my feelings with her and also got a little teary eyed. She gave me a hug and knew that it was a phase that kids go through. Even another teacher in the room says that it is normal phase that most all kids go through. I felt better after I left. I also shared with the teacher that I am doing all that I can do at home but that they have to deal with it when she does it there. A is frustrated when she cant have/get what she wants and that is her reaction. She has a lot to learn about getting her way. Politeness goes a lot further.

H had another good day at school. He did his homework in after school care and we checked it last night and he seemed to do very well on it. He is reading his own instructions and doing well.

I always seem to be constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. For the next bad thing to happen. Like sickness, boo boos, or getting in trouble at school. I want to stop that worry and just enjoy each day and not worry about tomorrow. God help me in this area!

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