Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear A...

Dear A...

My second born daughter, but only by 9 minutes, you have amazed me from day one! You are my solid rock. Your beautiful round face with a smile that beams as bright as the sun! Your personality from the very beginning has been evident. Outgoing and dominant for sure. You might not have been the first born but you were the first to do many things, talking and walking for one. The first year was an amazing one and watching you grow and change was always an exciting thing to watch. But your second year, you developed personality beyond my imagination.

The words you are saying these days are so very clear but with a sweet accent that is only you! I especially love then you say "uh hu" and "yes". Your voice inflections are so sweet.

I am not sure if you have a favorite toy or not but you do like to put linkados on as bracelets. You alsolove blankets. You will spread them out and then lay on them and just smile so big. Really, any toy that L has, it has to be yours to. The twin thing applies, when you buy one then you buy two just alike for the other sister.

Going potty has been an adventure so far and we are not even training yet. You have gone poo poo first and then about a week later you went pee pee. So many fun times are ahead. You do not like to be in a dirty diaper and you will come to me and say "change".

You are a little more picky than your sister when it comes to food. You are more like H in this area, textures are not always a good thing. Rice, corn and lettuce - you hate. But you do love yogurt, aka "yo yowt". You also like: chicken nuggets, raisins, juice boxes, fish sticks, peas, green beans, salisbury steak meat, bread and butter, cake and grits. Again, I could go on.

You are a decent sleeper but a pain in the bootie to get to sleep. The toddler bed transition has been much harder for you. You do a good job of staying in bed but falling asleep takes you a lot longer. Average is about 30-40 minutes. But once you are asleep I look at your sleeping face and I soak it up. These days will soon pass and you wont even want me in the room.

Clothes: You love to tell me no when I am putting shorts on you. You love to wear dresses! You are even asking for panties and bloomers too! Picking out clothes is becoming a daily thing.

Right now your favorite place is not school but church! Although you do love school, you are such a social butterfly. Not afraid at all to go into a new place. You ask all the time now to go to church. Again, in your sweet little accent. We have started going on Sunday am and pm and Wednesday nights. So you are loving it!

A, when I think about you, I see strong, independent but with a soft center that is nourished on love. If you have a boo boo then you need us, but you love to do things yourself. As you grow over the next year into a three year old, I pray that as we struggle and sweep through the days that I am able to see your beauty through and through. I can not wait to see the joys we will enjoy though out the next year.

A, I love you with all my hears and all the way to heaven!


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