Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear L...

Dear L,

My sweet first born little girl. Your entrance into this world made me cry. Of course it was a happy, relieved cry. You were healthy and beautiful! You are two years old today and again you make me cry happy tears. You have grown and developed so much in the last year and seeing your personality change daily is amazing. Like a flower blooming and each day a new petal opens.

The first year of your life we called you "lazy L", not out of meanness but because you were so laid back and enjoyed just watching others accomplish tasks. It seemed as if you always did things on your own time table. This second year though, has been so amazing to see you accomplish so much.

You can speak words so well and you pronunciate things well when you repeat.

You love your lovie!

Going potty has been fun, even though we are not training right now, you have pee peed once.

Right now, baby dolls are your favorite thing to play with. What surprises me the most is you always have two and the babies have to have their lovies too! You will lay them down and cover them up and pat pat them to sleep. You will put them in the stroller or cart and push them around. Such a sweet girl and maybe you will be the one to carry on the twin tradition! (I promise to help you too, just like your Nana did me)

All foods are your favorite. There isn't much that I have found that you don't like. You are not to fond of yogurt, but you have started eating some and you really don't care for ice cream yet. You love: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, hamburger helper, peas, green beans, corn, applesauce, raisins, salisbury steak meat, spaghetti o's, cheese and cake. I could probably go on but I wont.

Your smile and laugh are so beautiful! I melt every time I look into your eyes. When I tell you I love you, you always say back, "lub you"! You will even give kisses. You have daddy wrapped around your finger and your brother truly loves you!

Your favorite teacher right now is Ms. Lisa. She had you in the baby room and when you moved up to the toddler room, you struggled with the transition. Ms. Lisa had the opportunity to move up and she did! Then when she would try to leave for lunch you would melt down and not even eat, so once again she adjusted her schedule just for you! You are a special girl and one day you will have to thank Ms. Lisa for loving you so much! For now I will let her know.

You are a good sleeper and will lay down in you toddler bed like such a big girl. When you think I have moved away, you will poke your head up and see if I'm still there and then lay back down.

Most of the time your sister is the one picking on you, she even has gotten in trouble for biting you at school. But just recently you fought back and scratched her on the face because she was trying to take something you had. Even though I had to give you a time out for scratching/pinching I was still kinda proud that you fought back.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you as you grow into a three year old. I am sure many struggles of the terrible twos await but the beauty of who you are is also going to grow and develop and I can not wait to see who you become.

I love you L, with all my heart and all the way to heaven!


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