Friday, September 30, 2011


I am back. I never left but just didn't feel up to writing. The past few days have been an adventure to say the least!

Monday and Tuesday were more of the same with H. Still having troubles. But Wednesday was a great day! Praise Jesus! Maybe we are getting through to him. When I picked him up on Wednesday from school I was early so I thought I would see if his teacher was in. She wasn't in her room and her lights were off but I did see her in another room. We spoke and I cried. Not much but just a relief when she said he had a much better day. Then Thursday, I got a note in him assignment book that he had and "awesome" day! I am so happy to finally see this change. I really hope it sticks too.

Drama at daycare again, of course. On Wednesday they called me to come get A because she had two loose stools. No other symptoms. They said that she couldn't come back the next day w/out a doctors note. I picked both girls up and called the on call nurse. Explained the situation and she faxed me an excuse. The school ended up sending a lot of kids home that day. I figured if things were going to get worse they would that night. A had no other bm's that night and still no other symptoms. So I took her on to school the next day. She had a good day and no other problems. The daycare did give me a fit when I handed them the note but that is exactly what the director said she needed! I pray today is a good day and we will have the weekend to get over any lingering issues - but at this time I don't foresee any.

I am now on my countdown to go out of town sans babies/husband! I am excited to say the least! Will I miss the kids? Yes. Will I miss the work? No!

The consignment sale started yesterday too and I enjoyed going. Although I didn't buy much I do plan to go back for the half off sale next Friday. For the first time I really didn't have much to look for for the kids. ** Update: just checked and I have already made $197.75 -- not sure if this is before or after their percentage but still -- awesome!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

When does it sink in...

We had a great weekend to celebrate H's birthday. Nana and Papa came up on Friday and we got to spend all day on Saturday with them. Got the girls some new brown church shoes, which they absolutely love and never want to take off! But Sunday evening before night church, I decided to go through H's book bag and get things ready. I opened his folder and saw a note from his teacher and the whole world stopped turning!!!

H was only two punches away from his goal at school ( a contest they are doing) and I asked him Friday after school if he got it. At first he said no but then changed his story and said yes, that he got his goal. I believed him. Thought everything was good all weekend but he had a secret that he wasn't telling me.

He got a write up Friday at school. This will go into his record. Lying and then Talking during a test. I don't know if he will get a zero on his test or not? He was warned twice and still did it and he also lied to the teacher but later admitted the truth. I really don't know what I am going to do about this boy. Nothing seems to get through to him. He got a serious spanking and has had everything taken away from him. Not only did he do this at school but he also lied to me on Friday. Now, I know and understand that he is never going to be perfect. I remember hiding things and lying too as a child. He has to get a hold of himself and stop talking. That is the root of all of this.

I am not sure if the change in his diet is affecting him or not. Some people believe that colors in food/drinks has alot to do with hyperactivity. He has had a lot of sweets in the past couple weeks and also a lot of sugary snacks with papa (mimi/papa) and that will no longer be. But starting this week, it will be milk only in our house. No buying snack/juice at school. I packed his snack and he will drink water or milk. When he gets home it will be shower/homework/dinner/bed. No exceptions, until he makes changes. I think he is understanding but we will see if he changes his actions. Any advice would be appreciated on how you would handle things.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 7th birthday...

The rest of the story...

The next morning we were moved to a real room. The pitocin drip started and the epidural put in. Things were progressing nicely. The drugs were a little heavy and I slept most of the time. That was the only thing I wish I could have changed. I really missed talking to the family while waiting. My mom and dad and my in laws were there. I had one blood pressure scare where they made everyone leave the room. Of course I don't remember it at all. Finally came time to push. I was so ready for the whole process to be over. The only ones in the room was the hubby and the needed doctor/nurses. It only took about 30 minutes overall and very few pushes and H was born. I can still remember his little whimper cry and how gross it was that they wanted me to touch him right after he came out. But, I was amazed of what I had just accomplished and that God saw me through it all. I did tear pretty badly (tmi) and took a while to recover from that but he was so worth it and was a beautiful and healthy baby boy.  Born at 2:06pm 7lbs 5.5oz 21.5 inches long. AMAZING!

An now he is SEVEN! I cannot believe how time has flown. I remember him turning 5 and what a big deal that was and now it just seems as if I have lost that little boy and I can never get him back.

I am trying to cherish the moments with the girls because of lessons learned. I love the story by Karen K*ngsbury "Let Me Hold You Longer". A beautiful story about how we cherish all our kids "first" but not the "lasts".  When is the "last" time that you will get to prop that little baby on your hip or cheer at his "last" tball game before he goes to big kid baseball. I could go on and on because I see that I have already gone through so many "last". But I promise no matter how big he gets he will never have his "last" hug or kiss from his mom!

I love you H and I am so very proud of you! Enjoy your Seventh year!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seven (7) years ago today...

I was so ready to have my firstborn. Hurricane Ivan had hit about a week and a half prior and the clean up was still in progress. We had power outage for about a week and we were very thankful for our generator and pop up camper. (who knew that a year later, Katrina would make us use the very same items, but with a one year old that had to suffer too) I was supposed to have a doctors appointment the Thursday after the hurricane but because of the power outages they cancelled all appointments. I made sure though that I had one for the following Monday. That was a very long weekend to say the least. Monday came and I went to the doctor and said that he just had to schedule my delivery, I just couldn't carry any longer. He checked his schedule and came back in the room and asked me how the next night sounded. Of course, I said GREAT! So, seven years ago today, I had my bags packed and was getting ready to go to the hospital to be induced.

When we got there to check in, there was no room in the inn! :) They told us to go have one last supper and then come back. Our last meal, was Arby's. It was very good, believe it or not, and we talked about how we couldn't believe that we were fixing to meet our son. Around 8 or 9 pm we go back to the hospital and checked in. Again no room but they did fit us into a spare closet of sorts. They put in medicine to loosen my c*rvix and get things going. They told me to sleep but of course I couldn't because of the pain from the medicine. Reluctantly I got a pain shot in my b*tt. I slept much better after that. Husband and I got to sleep some that night, only little did we know that that would be the last night of sleep for a while...



I really need some right now. Don't worry the kids are fine. Finances are just getting the better of me. I had a great meeting with my dad, who is helping us get our feet back on the ground and we have a game plan. Then life happens. I knew for several weeks now that I had to go get an oil change and tires rotated and also have them look at my front tires because they were kinda balling on the corners, like where you would turn corners, but not on the middle part. The drivers side was really bad. Now, I have to admit that I do not rotate my tires on a regular basis, but I have never seen this happen before. So I go in to the place where I bought the tires originally and get oil change, tire rotate and balance, and an alignment. Just to put a long story short, one new tire and an expensive alignment (that wasn't really out of wack), and I end up paying $200.00. Well that is $200 that I do not have. Here we go again. Life happens!

Very frustrated right now!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The bug...

This morning as I was getting out of the van, I noticed a big black bug. Kinda looked like a grasshopper but it was black? Anyway, as I was getting A out I asked if she wanted to see a big bug and she said yes. So I showed her. We marveled and saw it moving its legs. Once we were done we went and got L out of the van and she immediately asked to see the bug too. So I lifted her up to see the bug and of course her first question was can she touch it. I tell you, this girl has no fear of touching bugs. I told her no, of course. There I was holding up two little toddler to look at a big black grass hopper. Fun times!

And just to give you a mental picture, I g**gled it :)

Update on A, she has had two good days. I don't want to jinx anything but I really hope she is learning not to bite. As we were walking in to school today, I asked her if we were going to have a good day. Her immediate response was, yes, no bite. So, the girl understands what I am trying to get through to her. Now she just has to put it into practice.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Just wanted to praise L. She went to the potty this morning! A was already awake and we got L up. About 5 minutes later I went to get her dressed and change her diaper and I noticed that she was not wet yet. So I asked her if she wanted to go use the potty. She said yes and off we went, naked boot*e and all :)
She sat for a couple minutes and noticed all the things around her of course and then I asked if she was done, knowing she hadn't gone yet. She told me no. About another minute later a little grin crossed her face and the tinkle started. I smiled back, careful not to say anything as to distract her and make pee pee go flying. After she was done I praised her! She was such a big girl and I am so proud of her for not wetting her diaper and going on the big girl potty.

On a side note A had already been awake before I ever went in the room, therefore she filled her diaper.
Still not attempting to potty train but when the chances appear I take them. Just to get them used to sitting on the potty.

Two year checkups...

Well, after being cancelled and rescheduled we finally made it to the girls two year checkup. I really wasn't sure if it would be a well or a sick check up considering they still have gunk in their noses and a cough. The doctor looked in their ears and found that they both had ear infections. A surprise really because they haven't complained about them. I was proud of the girls for standing on the big girl scale to get weighed. L is still little at 23lbs and A is now got a 2lb lead at 25lbs. Their height is right about the same at 35 1/2 inches. These girls are going to be tall! They did cry and fuss but they also got to walk around the room and the doctor heard them talk some. This visit was much better than their 18 month checkup in which they cried the entire time and I couldn't even talk to the doctor because of the screaming. But this one I was able to talk with the doctor.

I also talked to the doctor about A's biting and she just said that toddlers this age are just mean. She said they don't comprehend that things hurt others just like they hurt them when they happen.

A also has some eczema on the creases of her elbows and the doctor gave some prescription ointment to put on. We started that last night and I will say that I say a big improvement this morning. Bless A's little heart, I hope this works really good for her.

The shots were not much fun. They got one shot and then a second shot was the flu shot. H will get his when he goes in a few more weeks. J and I also plan to get one this year.

A good visit and hope that the next one is even easier!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving it to God...

I have resolved to give it to God.

I am and will do all I can to prevent my child from biting, but truthfully it is not in my hands. I am not at school with her and it is out of my control. As I dropped the girls off at school this morning, I took A to the side and talked to her about not biting. I am not sure how much is getting through. I got back into my van and I drove to work. But as I drove I also prayed and told God that it was all in His capable hands and that only He could give her the help she needs through out the day. Now, I know she is just a toddler but we as parents still have to pray for our children and I know that He is working faithfully to make them good kids.

As a mom/wife/woman, I like to be in control and if I am not then I worry. But God tells us not to worry and that it is not for us to be in control. That is His job. God is in control.

(Philippians 4:6-7) 6 In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The biting continues...

I have two year olds! I have one particular two year old who likes to bite!!

I have officially got the call from the school to let me know that A's continuous biting is becoming an issue and that one particular boys parents have been complaining. I truly understand, but I also know that there is nothing I can do but be firm with her and get through this phase. I have read everything possible and just don't see any other options than what I am already doing. Their solution for the next few days is to call me each time that the incident occurs and have me come to the daycare to discuss/discipline her. I am not sure this is going to work or if it will become a scenario where she knows if she bites she will get mom. They also mentioned to possibly call me and let her speak to me on the phone. Again, I think this will only be a fun thing for her and not punishment. The director said that there are three main biters in their room right now and that she is going to try putting them all in the same room to see if that is going to change anything. (I have read that this is not a good thing to do). We'll see.

The problem is her biting is not always provoked, IE not a defensive reaction. She just bites!?! I don't know why. When I talk to her about it she knows that she is not supposed to do it and quickly says she is sorry. I pray this "phase" comes to an end quickly. I really don't want to have to find other daycare options.

Pray without ceasing...


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of names. Some parents name their children because of the meaning of a name, but does the meaning of the name really matter? Our son was named after family. His first name is after my husbands grandfather who is passed and his middle name is after my dad. But L & A are not named after anyone and we have no other reason as to why we named them their names other than we liked them. So there you have our story.

H:  spirit,soul   precious

L:  freedom   people of victory

A:  defender   God is my judge

Although my children were not named because of their meanings, I love what their names mean!

Work smarter, not harder...

OK, I finally got smart. Or finally took some peoples advice...

Bedtime since the transition to toddler beds has been tough for this momma. We did our normal routine of dinner, bath, and bedtime. We tuck them in and turned on the music and I would pat them to sleep. Getting L to sleep is not as hard as A. I struggled and lost some sanity and finally realized that something has to change.

We did cry it out when the girls were babies and I just wasn't sure of how to tuck my girls in bed and just leave the room. I worried about clothes being thrown everywhere and furniture being destroyed. But like I said, something had to give, I was loosing it again. So I child proofed the drawers and I put a child proof door knob cover on and prayed hard.

The advice was to tuck them in, say goodnight, give kisses and leave the room. So... that is what I/we did. The first night took about 15 minutes of crying and the girls repeating "pat pat momma" pat pat... over and over again. Then silence. I gave it about 20 more minutes and then went in to check on them and they were asleep! Silence is golden! And they were in their beds!  The next night it was about 20 minutes but this time it wasn't crying the whole time, but more of a whine. Then again silence. Checking on them before bed and they were still in their appropriate beds. The next night, so much easier and only about 5-10 minutes of whining, and I believe that they got out of their beds and J went in their room and firmly told them it was bedtime and to stay in bed. They got into bed and that was it.

I believe that they understand that it is bedtime and we are working on our second week now. The weekend naps were interesting but I did tell them that I was only staying in for 5 minutes and they needed to go to sleep and thankfully they did. Now if they hadn't I would have left as I told them, so they understand that I mean what I am telling them. If we hear them playing we go in and tell them to get into bed that its sleep time. We haven't had to do that more than 2-3 times on any occasion. So far anyway. Their bedtime did change and they now go to bed at 7 pm.

My sanity has been restored. Although sometimes A just doesn't want to stay in her bed, the time is minimal and bearable.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Roll Tide Roll...

In our house the colors are Crimson and White!!

This weekend the tradition of going to a University of Alabama game will carry on to the next generation. H will be going to his first every Bama game!! He is excited but his daddy is more excited, I think! This has been in the works for almost a year now. H was able to go with J to the A-Day game as a test run to just let him see how things will be. But his first game is a night game and to me those are more exciting than any. J will be sent with specific picture order too. Must have some very good shots of the first game! J picked up the tickets today and has already called me to say he cannot wait to show H the tickets and how he cannot wait to go! I picked up a couple of birthday gifts for H today. Since the game tickets are for his birthday that is where most of his expense went. We are letting him take his dollars from his piggy bank, mainly ones he collected from Memaw, to buy something at the game. I picked him up a stuffed football that has the Alabama A on it and also an Alabama hamper. You guess right, his room is decorated in the Alabama theme, well, everything but his bedspread.

So, Roll Tide Roll!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have found a babysitter! Although costly but's someone to call and pre set a date night with!! :) I am excited!

Got a good report from H's teacher yesterday. So, even though he has had some rough times he is still doing OK. Most of his test are 100's but nothing has been below a 94. They did the Deibles testing and he has already excelled above the end of the year goals in 2/3 areas and in the third he is only like 8 points away from the end of the school year goal. I have a smart kid! He still has to work on talking less though an keeping his hands to himself.

We still have a sickly household. J went to the doctor today and got a shot and antibiotics and cough medicine. His blood pressure is really high and the doc told him to get off the pheudo. Anyway, so I have 4 sick kiddies. H still has the stuffy nose, A is doing better, L has a very nasty cough, and J is all the above. I just keep praying that I don't get any of any of it.

The rain has been nice from the tropical storm and the cooler weather is great. It also makes me realize that fall/winter is coming and I am not ready for the cold season. I think we only had about 6 healthy weeks this summer and we have already started in on the sickness.

I am trying to stay positive, I really am, but things are tough. I feel so bogged down at time that I just wish it all away. I know that "D" is not the answer but you get time off as a parent and you don't have the extra duties of the husband. You don't have to try and be in agreement with anyone else but yourself. Do what you want to do. BUT then I am thankful that I have someone to go home to and that I have a beautiful family who loves me. Broken homes do not have that. Just a catch twenty two sometimes. I know that you have to take the good with the bad, just seems like the more people that are involved the more stress there is. That is what I loved about the week at the beach. I didn't worry about others, just our little family of 5.

Keep cheering me on and one day things will change and get a little easier. The girls will grow. The challenges I know will still be there but just different ones. The terrible twos and the fact that I have girls and twin girls on top of that are just some of the added challenges today. I am sure in a couple more years it will be way different.

Friday, September 2, 2011

In need of a baby sitter...

I so need to find a baby sitter. The in-laws are just not cutting it anymore. You see without getting into further details, my sister n law, their daughter, also has twins that are about 9 months younger than mine. The problem is my mil is so wrapped up in theirs, going to run to their aid at any time and when we call to have help or a baby sitter she is not available. I am sick and tired of it! My sister in law is married and I just don't understand why her husband doesn't go help. He is self employed and can go whenever he needs to.  I know exactly what she is going through because I have twins to plus another so I feel like I am fully allowed to make these statements. I just wish my sil would grow up and be a real mother to her kids instead of letting her mom raise them.
OK, vent over...for now anyway :/


was OK...

No phone calls from school and the sky is not falling! :)

I did have a mommy thought fail though. I picked up A & L from daycare yesterday afternoon and A had a write up that she bit someone. But then I also got a write up that she got bit too! Finally! I am sorry to say that I had a little happy dance in my head that someone finally bit her back. You see, before you condemn me, she has had so many write ups about biting and they even gave me handouts to read on how to try and stop. This is not a problem at home but only at school. When I talked to A about it. She said it hurt when she got bit and I was able to talk to her about how it hurts when she bites her friends too.

This is going to be a long holiday weekend. I hope to make some plans to be out and about because it will be a long weekend if we have to stay at home. But trying to do that and not spend to much money is another story.

Mom, if your reading, think about coming up on the 17th. I think that we will try to have a get together for H's birthday. J has to take the dog to the vet that morning but I was thinking about sandwiches and cookie cake around 10:30ish and let him open a few presents. Just let me know. I promise the next trip will be me coming down (although it might not involve the kids coming with me).

The fund raisers have started! L&A got theirs yesterday and H is supposed to get his on the 20th. Oh I hate them!

Anyway, keep smilin' because I'm trying too! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


has been going on! Mainly being sick and frustrated. I am just going to do this blog in daily order.

Friday:  Got to meet my mom, dad, grandma and husband for lunch! And the bonus was it was Mexican!! It had been forever and a day since I had eaten out. Dinner was a little hectic and A was not feeling all that well still. If I remember correctly that night went as mostly as usual but also involved a lot of cooking. A lot A lot of cooking! We, my mom and I, baked a cake and made rice krispy treats, and made pasta salad, all for the party the next day.

Saturday:  A woke up with croup. Oh glorious, and the day of her bday party too. J was outside washing the vehicles and spraying off the carport. I was in the kitchen fixing to cut up fruit for the party and mom was cutting out the krispy treats and Memaw was in the living room watching the girls run around and play. The next thing I heard was a hard thud! I knew it when I heard it that it would be bad. I immediately dropped the knife that I was cutting with and ran around the corner and A had hit her head, it was bleeding, and I could see deep into it! She had hit her head just above her right eye on the door hinge. I grabbed a towel, mom got J and we took her to the ER. Thank goodness it wasn't a gusher and she calmed down really quickly. She just kept saying that she wanted to go see the doctor. We walked right in and no on was waiting. They were able to glue it together and I am hoping that it doesn't scar badly. We came back home and ate lunch and had naps. I iced cakes and did the finishing touches while the girls were asleep. The girls got up and it was party time.

The party went great and I am please with all the decorations and food. Shout out to my mom who helped with the signs and decorations. I swear we would be no where with out our moms!  The girls got lots of H*llo Kitty stuff and dishes/pots to go with their new cupcake kitchen. It was a great day.

Sunday:  Another great and full day. H woke up with croup today and he was also getting baptised. I was thankful that his Nana, papa, memaw, Mimi, and poppa were all able to be there to see him. After his baptism, as he was walking down the isle to get to his seat, he just beamed! He was so happy and we all were so proud! 

Mom helped me by cooking a potato casserole for my SS breakfast and we had fruit and muffins. This was our second week in  our new SS class and we love it. Thank you Jesus! After SS, we met Nana and papa at Ol*ve Garden for lunch! It was so good and yummy! After lunch we got the girls home for nap and then Nana and memaw left to go home. Later that evening, we decided not to go back to church and just have family night. H and A still had croup and we were trying to nurse them all. J and I and all three kids did go for a nice walk that afternoon and it was very enjoyable. We talked about finances and getting our life strait on that and having the commitment to do just that! It is going to be so worth it to get out of debt!

Monday:  J went into the girls room first after they got up. I walked in later and asked how A was doing. He said she didn't sound good and that he would stay home with her. I had to go to work because my co worker was out for Monday and Tuesday. J took A to the doc and I told him not to leave until he had a real reason why she was sick, not just that her throat was red. (not sure if I blogged about it previously, but A had been to the doc on Wed because the daycare called about her having a fever. The doc couldn't find anything and just said it was a virus.) After seeing the doc, she confirmed strep and also took blood to make sure she didn't have pneumonia. Thank goodness she didn't. Just step and croup. She got steroids for the croup and antibiotics all around!

Tuesday:  If I remember correctly: A went back to school and H got in trouble at school. He has a big problem, he is too smart for his own good!! He talks to much but he gets A's on all his test. He got in trouble because he was talking when he wasnt supposed to and also because he pinched a girl in his class because she took his eraser. Oh this boy knows better and I am just loosing my mind trying to get though to him.

Wednesday:  This was supposed to be the day the girls went for the well check up at the doctor, but we rescheduled for two weeks. So I took my half day. Only to be interruped with another call from daycare saying that A was really fussy and that she didnt eat much lunch and was coughing a lot. Very frusterated, I told them I have already taken her to the doc twice and they have the notes. That all three of my kids are on antibiotics and I could call the phone nurse but not much else I can do. The phone nurse said to just give her some tyln/mtrn and some cough meds to help her through the day. We decided not to go to church but we did go to dinner as a family and H stayed for Awana and mimi brought him home. A still sounds croupy in her cough but I guess well see in a few more days.

Thursday:  Well, thats today. So good???