Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still on...

the track to getting out of debt.

I did a spreadsheet that generalized categories like groceries, gas, and not necessary. WOW is all I can say. I was amazed at where the money was going. We have already started saving every single receipt from this month and will continue to do so. I want to be accountable for where my money is going. So we are keeping this ball rolling. We have already crossed off 5 of the smaller debts and I cannot wait to cross out more. I also love that J is in this with me. He will send me daily post from DR that just give us a little reminder of where we are going and why. I pray that in less then two years we will be over half way there.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, but I didn't ask!

That is about all I can say for the past years in accumulating the debt. As my dad says, you played earlier so you have to pay for it now. When I get done with this process I want to pay first and then play! Life would be a little easier and stress free.

Kids are doing good. H is having problems in school still - talking, not following directions, and forgetting to bring homework home. He has been grounded from everything. But he seems to find a new something and just says that no one told him he couldn't play with it. The other thing is the TV. If his sisters are in their room watching he just wants to go in there. But being on TV restriction mean NO TV at all. He did it this morning too. Sisters got up and he took them in his room and turned on the TV. Said he was trying keep them quiet. Sure. But don't get me wrong, he got a few hours to watch and was at his grandparents on Sunday and Monday. So he is not being deprived by any means. I pray that this week at school is much better.

Girls are also doing good. L had a great week and we are so proud - she was the super star for the day. Her teacher said that she was patient and kind and helpful. This is a big step for L, because she was my strong willed child. Well it seems as with everything else, A has taken over this position. She is being so stubborn and doing the little things that kids so - like blowing a raspberry at you when you walk away and also saying some smart remarks. We are trying to stay on top of things because this has carried over some into her days at school. I think they hear some of this stuff at school and are trying it out at home to see if they can get away with it...NO!

We took H to doctor yesterday about a foot issue that has been making him limp. It has been there about a month but he still played and did his business like normal, except when he walked. I asked him Friday if it hurt or if it was a habit and he said it hurt. So I made an appointment for Monday, which was a holiday for us, and took him in. He has also been fight a cold/sinuses so they checked that to. The doctor checked him out and wasn't concerned she said it is part of the growing pains. Because of pulling ligaments/bone ect... She called it Sever's Disease. Sounds bad but it is something that he will grow out of.

Well, that seems to be the update for now, till next time...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting back...

...on track...

The year 2013 has started which means new goals and ambitions. Kids getting another year older and another year wiser. Speaking of years and kids, I have thought a lot this past weekend about the fact that the girls will be turning 4 and H will be turning 9. WOW! The other thing that hit me, when J and I were talking finances, is that the girls only have a year and a half till they start K5~! That means I will only have after school fees for the school year! No "daycare". (except for summertime) Amazing that I thought this day would never come and now it really is so close.

The girls are doing great in K3 - They have learned to write/recognize letters/numbers and have even started writing their names. Not perfect of course but it is a good start. Coloring has drastically improved. L is so very neat and colors in the lines. A is not quite as careful but she doesn't get outside too far. Vocabulary is amazing and some days I hear new words and cant believe that such a word has come out of their mouth, not a dirty word but just a more complex one.

Christmas was so fun this year with the kids. The girls really did well, sitting and opening their presents. Only occasionally when one sister would get a present did the other ask where hers was. But their was not any arguing or pouting from any of them. H still believes in Santa, not sure how much longer this will last but...it was a lot of fun this year to see him watch his Santa video. The girls got one too, L watched her closely but A was just carefree with the whole thing. Hearing all three of them singing Christmas songs in the backseat is so wonderful. I think that Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa Clause is coming to town, were the absolute favorites this year. Video games were the thing again this year for H and also Angry Brds. The girls were all about dress up and princesses.

H is still doing well in 2nd grade. Report cards come out on the 10th, but all the progress reports and graded papers indicate that he will have straight As this time again. I have to make sure that we do something to celebrate. I have to find out what eateries that give rewards for those things.

The other thing we are getting back on track this year, FOR SURE, is money!!!

In December, I purchased the Dave R Book and got his CD with worksheets and print outs on it. I read the book within a week and a half and then requested that J read it also. I really thought that he would put it to the side and that would be that. BUT, he read it in two days. His new word is GAZELLE. If you know anything about DR then you know that he says you have to do it like a gazelle. Fast and swift to attack debt. We truly know that this will be a total change in thinking for us and we are truly determined to get our lives back and not be a slave to the world.  DR motto: "If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else". I love it and want that to be us!
We have created a spreadsheet from the CD that shows us all the debt and when we pay one off then we mark it off...gives us hope for sure! We have it posted up in our room so we see it daily and remember the big goal. The thing we are working on now is the budget. We kinda know what our limits are but it will take a couple months to adjust our thinking and adjust accordingly. We are keeping ALL receipts too so we can truly see where our money is going and be held accountable by each other. I have also opened a 'household' account to separate 'bills' from 'other'. There are no credit cards in my wallet or J's. Therefore the temptation will not be there. I really like his plan about using cash, because I do believe he is correct that there is no feeling associated with credit/debit cards but when it is cash it hurts more and makes you think a lot more. I hope all these steps will lead us to a debt free future in a few years.

Well, I am going to try and keep up with this blog again this year. I really want to keep a log of how we are doing each month.

Love to all...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Odds n ends...

Well, I was able to get a lot of cleaning done this past holiday weekend. It started in the girls room - going through clothes and moving their room around. J & I cleaned the kitchen up - got all the stuff down from on top the cabinets, pulled out the refrigerator, cleaned the pantry, and got rid of a lot of stuff we don't ever use. I also cleaned out the two closets, the one by the front door and the hallway closet. J finally got rid of some of his jackets too! I was then able to clean the study up. Vacuumed and dusted the TV area.

I even did a little sewing, pillowcases for the girls and one for J.

I took Tuesday off from work and stayed home and did some more cleaning. This time I got in H's room - drawers and closet and dusted. Put up his bulletin board finally. :) I was able to go through the girls toy box and get rid of some junk that had accumulated. Then the big one - my closet. I got rid of some clothes that I just don't like to wear or never wear. I packed away the pants that are too big for me to wear now and some of the shirts too - to be put in the attic. Went through the birthday bags/tissue to get that cleaned up.

Then Wednesday was my early day, so I went home and cleaned both bathrooms. Dropped all the stuff off at good will. I hope someone is blessed by the little that I was able to donate.

So all I lack is to get in the top of my closet. I need to go through cards/pictures, high school stuff and stuffed animals. I need to have a little more room in my closet. I did rearrange things a little but it is still full.

One day this winter J & I need to get up in the attic and purge some stuff there too.

Spring cleaning, only in the winter...Makes this person happy...I really don't like clutter.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

God is faithful...

to us even when we do not deserve it!

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is next week. It always has been my favorite holiday and Christmas is J's. We truly have so much to be thankful for this year. We are still in our battle but God has the victory taken care of for us. (J is really enjoying his job!)

The girls are still having bad days at school. Not horrible but just something every day. Please pray that L gets her fits under control. I know she understands, I just think at the time she doesn't know what to do when she gets upset and cant have her way. I have not had any problems lately at home, so maybe the discipline that we are doing is making at difference at home. School is kinda in a catch 20/20. They really cant do anything, therefore she is getting away with her fit. Of course she doesn't get her way but that still doesn't stop her. A is just being defiant. If she doesn't want to do it then she just ignores and does it anyway. She thinks its funny. Again discipline has stepped up a notch at home trying to stay on top of these things so they don't get out of hand. They must understand that what we say is what we mean.

H is doing well. Not to many problems talking and he has gotten a 100 and a 90 on the last two chapter books he read for AR. He really is smart!!! (of course he gets that from me :) ))) JK

I have moved the girls room around. We had to figure out a way to separate the girls beds because they were standing on the head boards and climbing from one bed to the other. They have just been bothering each other lately. I had enough, SO.... Now A is on one side and L is on the other. I moved it on Sunday and that nap was the best one ever. I didn't have to pat, both girls laid in their beds and went right to sleep. Took L about 2 minutes and A about 10 to fall asleep. Nights have also been better too. Not as much playing. I pray that it continues.

J still feels so honored to be a deacon. I am excited for him because there is so much growth. He is going to teach SS this coming Sunday. I think he enjoys it but just doesn't want the weekly responsibility to do it all the time. He also is going to be helping with the Lord's Supper. A really special thing at church on Christmas Eve is the Lord's Supper and I am proud J gets to be involved this year. The girls are doing well at church too. L still doesn't like to go down the isle during children's church call. A will run down to meet papa. Needless to say its kinda the thing for the girls to have papa take them to children's church. I am just happy that they will go. They have been asked several times for them to sing in tiny tones. That is a Sunday night thing, we don't always make it, but we need to start trying again. They are still loving cubbies of course!

Me...I am just taking one day at at time and letting tomorrow worry about itself!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


to please everyone just doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am worried about to many things and too many people. Why oh why does life have to be so difficult and blind.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just have faith...

Just have faith...
That is what J just told me as he got off the phone. I just don't think that I have much left. Yes, I know God will take care of us, but (and I know there shouldn't be any buts) why not provide a great job now. Why is this taking so long?

I get so frustrated at him. I try to be supportive but I am struggling. I feel like my parents are mad with me/us. I don't want them to ever think that I am only taking, but I want them to know that I am grateful and indebted forever to them.

Someone has told him that they will have a full time position in 2013! 2013!???? I know part time will come before that but really, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming...The kids don't deserve this at all. I am tired of taking and asking of my family.

J's mom gave him an envelope on Sunday night and said that someone gave it to her to give to us. It is a $50.00 Wallyworld gift card. I am not sure if it was for us or if she gave it to us because someone gave it to them for their pastor appreciation day which was this past Sunday. I guess I shouldn't question Gods blessings, no matter where they come from.

I am just ready to give up.

I am amazed at the two weeks that J was out of town working, how less stressed I was every night, even my coworker noticed. Wow! I also realized when he came home last weekend that it is his indecisiveness that gets me so frustrated. Even when I tell him that he can choose he just throws it back at me until I make the decision. He tells me not to worry that he will do what he needs to do to take care of his family. I don't know if these are just words or...He tells me things will be different when he comes home, because he realized how much he missed us when he was gone and he doesn't want to go through that again.

Pride...It is a hard thing to let go of. Is that what God is teaching me??? To let go of my pride. To know that He is the one in control and that I can leave it with Him to take care of?

When it came right down to him leaving, I didn't want him to go. When it came time to go bed, I wanted him there. I love this man...the man God gave to me to support and be his helpmate.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want off...

this roller coaster ride!!!


Yesterday afternoon, A goes to the back door and tells us their is a snake outside. I told her no there is not a snake. I got up to look with her anyway and sure enough...a snake slithering across the back patio. Our neighbors were not home so I ran across the street and got HK's dad, she is a girl in their K3 class. He was so very nice to come and kill it with a shovel and promptly throw it over the back fence. Uck!!

J was able to come home last night and the kids absolutely LOVED it. They miss and love their daddy so much. We did have to sit down and talk last night. J believes that he cannot do this new job. He has decided to come home. He does have a part time job lined up to start as soon as he gets back. And he is trying to get another one in place as well. He stated that he will do what he has to to keep this family together. I do believe him but it is hard to trust sometimes. So I am trusting God to provide, like he already has for us.

BIG thanks to my parents for letting J stay at their house for the last two weeks and treating him just like a son. I know that he will miss his lunch being made for him. :)

Please just keep praying for us...