Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missin' you...

I sure am missing you! And YOU know who you are!

I feel the impending doom of sickness louring on our household. The girls school now has RSV, strep, fever virus, & bronchitis on the sick board. The girls are getting stuffy again and loose bm. Started the mucine% again this morning. IF I make it through today then I did make it a whole month with out sickness, but not a whole month without having to take off work for the girls. They had a gas leak and they had bad weather twice. Oh well, its going to have to happen sooner or later...
I'm sure that story it tbc...

H did really good this past week. He ended up with 7 punches and only 2 strikes, the most he has had ever in one week this entire school year. Monday was also a good day, no strikes and 1 punch. The goal is to have 5 punches by the end of the week and no more than 3 strikes. I got a low balance notice from the school lunchroom on Saturday saying that he only had 7 dollars left. He should have had 10. I wrote a note to his teacher to find out where the extra money was going. Come to find out, he had started going to breakfast (1 dollar per day) because one of his friends was going. So... once again another chitchat with H about money and being honest and telling/asking us everything. It seems that kids these days have much more freedom to do things than before at a much younger age.

J & I need a time to get away together for an overnight stay, so I am trying to see how that can be worked out. Maybe when we come down to bring H for spring break. We might can leave the girls to for one overnight stay with just Nana & Papa. Another goal I would like to work towards, which is probably not going to happen, but I would like to save about 20$ per week for a big vacation for me & J to go for our 15 year anniversary. This would give us about 2 years to save. I really would like to do a "blue water" vacation for approx 4 nights??? This is in no way planned out at all so, right now its just dreaming. The reason I say that its probably not going to happen is because we are trying to get out of debt and we are already overextended.

I did buy a splurge this month. I got a good deal for the girls some bows. I noticed this past Sunday, when trying to get the girls ready, that they needed bigger bows and more colors. I contacted a lady who makes them out of Auburn and she gave me a good deal. I got 20 bows, 3inch, for 50. The shipping was free. So I only paid an even 50. This makes these bows only 2.50 a piece. I have ordered two of each color: pink, red, orange, yellow, apple, navy, orchid, black, turquoise, & peach. I already have hot pink and white at home in a bigger size. I hope this was a good investment...

OK, I think I have spilled my guts long enough now, ta ta for now...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Final Decrease and Stage...

My oh my, I am getting a little excited. Even if it is only $80 per month. The girls final decrease in daycare is coming at the end of February! Then just about 2 and a half more years and the girls will be starting K5!

If I figured it right, in the year fall of 2014 the girls will enter K5. I am hoping though that they get into the state funded program for the K4, which H went through, and the cost will decrease then too. Praying my girls are ready when the time comes.

They are growing up and I am excited about that. I know that the struggles will be different but they will be alot more self-sufficient and that will help out alot. I look forward to cooking dinner and not having to scream over and over to get out of the kitchen. This is not out of meanness but out of fear that they might touch the stove or something hot be dropped on the by accident. Our kitchen is not big by any means and they have the whole living room and all their toys to play with for the 30 min that I am in the kitchen.

I see alot of other moms that have twin girls about the my girls age and some are going through the potty training stage. I am too but not full force. I feel like this is the final hurdle that I have to cross before things will calm down. If you read previous post about paci's, toddler beds, and potty training. Well we got through the first two and now we are getting to the 3rd. About 3ish months ago, L decided that she would start going on the potty at school. She eventually got more and more comfortable. Now going #2 is another story but sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. She is still using pull*ps, but only because I am scared to change to big girl pant*es. A is still in diapers. She also is a hit or miss for #1or2. She is very proud of her sister and gets excited for her. She is also starting to ask more to sit on the potty, but well see once we run out of this pack of diapers. Pull*ps it might be for her to see what she can do. I plan on in the spring to start the real transition to pant*es, maybe once the full effect of the liquid going down their leg will be all it takes. I also have in mind to keep a small jar of M*M's in the bathroom. Currently this is the girls vice! They will do anything for and M*M, even take their nasty medicine. I dread this potty thing and pray it catches on sooner than later. I don't know if I can handle the mess, but I did it with H and I know that the girls can do it too.
Fun times ahead...and more stories I'm sure!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cute things they say...

I wish that I could write all the funny things that my kids say but I don't ever remember to write them down.

Funny story: Our family of 5 was sitting at the dinner table just casually eating. It was Christmas time. Out of the blue H pipes up and says "mom, I hope that you don't cheat on daddy". Needless to say we were not amused at the time but had to get to the bottom of why he said this (because it is in no way true). Finally after about 5 minutes of trying to find out why, he said, "mom, you said that you kissed Santa last year". After that we found it hilarious. Oh the innocence of children. I guess he wont know the real truth till he learns that Santa is not real.

H used to call bugs baw-bwees

A & L say  ho-ju-me when they want to be picked up.

L was watching the Tinkerbell movie and she said, mom, Tinkerbell has a butterfly on her back. I loved this and thought it was so sweet. She doesn't quite know what fairies are but she sure does love Tink.

Almost every day that I pick the up from school A tells me and everyone that she is going to church! I have to remind her that it's only on Sunday and Wednesday.

L was playing with my hair one night and she told me very seriously, I no hurt you, I be niiiicccee (as she petted my hair like a cat).

I love when I wake the girls up in the morning, I always tell them to watch their eyeballs as I turn on the light. They bury their heads into the pillow/bed and finally raise to look at me. A 'always' has a smile on her face and she lights up the room then happily gets out of bed. L on the other hand will give you a little devil grin but just lay there in bed. It takes L a little longer to wake up.

The girls will play mom and dad, when one of us is trying to get something done, like putting on a jacket or getting dressed thy will say that they want the other person to do it. Not to fun especially when your in a hurry. But if it gets the job done, we go with it.

I love H's enthusiasm when he is doing math or spelling. Reading is also a joy of his. He loves to buy new books and asks to read one almost every night before bed. Most nights I love this because I get to have quality time with him and he needs that.

I can remember before the girls were born and I was able to rock H to sleep. Sweet times that I miss with the girls, since there are two of them things had to be done a little differently. When H got bigger he would lay beside me on the couch to fall asleep. I miss that sweet little boy. He is growing all to fast.

H went to his first Alabama game this year for his birthday in September. And he was able to watch the National Championship game that Alabama won with his dad and the boys. Good times ahead for dad and son.

A brand new year...

Happy New Year to you all!!! I feel like 2012 will be a better year. The kids are getting older and I am hoping the girls will be fully potty trained by the end of the year. Win for me and daddy (and Nana/Memaw who help buy diapers/pull ups).

A good start was that H made the A Honor Roll!!! Yes you read it right, I have a very smart 1st grader!

The girls are doing good so far. A got a write up for biting another child and L got in trouble for attempting to bite. The girls are learning and they know that it hurts and is ugly to bite. Still a work in progress. This will pass and it will be something else next month.

More good news is that the girls tuition will go down in February. This will be the last decrease until they get in K4/K5, but still something to look forward to.

Things are also looking up for J and I. We are doing our best to work together and talk more. Its been nice to have that closeness again, physically and emotionally.

We are also going to work harder this year on getting out of debt. We started toward the end of last year, but I can already see progress.

I know there will still be bumps in the road but...

Hope your New Year has great promise to.