Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry peeps, I just haven't felt like blogging in a while. Lots and lots of sickness in our household with all three kids. Back to back bouts of strep throat, croup, and ear infections. Troubles at school with the older one and just down right tired!

Big thanks to my mom for rescuing me last week and helping me. Although stressful at times, blessings all around! I pray that one day I will look back on these days and just laugh that I stressed over the little stuff. Not that I am looking for the big"ger" stuff but you know what I mean.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Highs & lows...

Up and down, up and down...that is the roller coaster that I am on. Yesterday as I said was a really good day. Then today... another whole story.

From about 4 am. The neighbors dog starts barking (till about 6 am). Then L wakes up crying, I go in and cover her back up and she is fine. Then about 5 am A starts fussing in her bed. I give her a few minutes and then go in cover her back up and she is fine. But A continues to fuss off and on. Teething maybe? Not sure. I get up around 6 because the early morning hours indicate that if I don't I might not get a shower at all before work. J is already gone because he had to get ice for the clinic before going to work and he had to be there by 7 to open. I get H up and get him dressed and then go in an wake the girls up. That is right, they are still sleeping. But seem to wake up in a good mood. But then time passes and I cannot find them anything to wear. Nothing, absolutely nothing fits them in the waist for pants and tops all seem to be too big. I just don't know what to do. I cannot go smaller in the pants because then they are too short. Anyone out there know of a brand that runs small in the waist but regular in length, I would love to hear from you! So that is frustrating. Then A needed a second diaper change but she wouldn't lay down for me to change her. Thus the mom/daughter fight begins. She threw major fit to say the least this morning and it lasted almost all the way to the daycare. Let me tell you that girl has a set of lungs!!! Then I get to school finally and I get a write up that was no where to be seen yesterday, that A bit someone at 2:30pm yesterday while they were playing outside. I cannot discipline or explain anything to her for something she did yesterday. She just wouldn't understand. I did talk to her but still... I guess I will start dating and putting the time on the write up part that I have to sign. That way they will know and I can keep record. I also had to stop by J work to get him to sign a loan document so therefore I was late to work.

This day has to get better. ? ? ? ?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another weekend...

Yes, we had sickness again!!!

H had a great day at school on Friday. He has proved to me that he can do it, so he wanted his DS back. Now he has to maintain...

J had to work till about 3pm on Saturday so I was on my own. But it was a good morning and naps were in full swing. About the time the girls got up from nap J was home. We went on to Walm*rt for grocery shopping. We decided instead of pushing two buggies we would use one and push the girls in the stroller. Mainly because now it is a fight to get them to sit in the seat of the buggies. Just not worth the fight. All good except the amount that we spent but it was needed. The girls were whinny on Saturday night but once in bed all was right again :)  I had to cook for SS the next morning so I was up till almost 10pm doing that. I was tired. Went to bed and at about 1 I was awoke by L. She had gotten out of her bed and was laying in the middle of the room. I guess she woke up and couldn't figure out where she was. I put her back in her bed, checked on A too and she went back to sleep. Well, about 2 I was woken up by A. But not just a cry but vomit!!! Oh how I love throw up. NOT!  Four time with in the next two hours. Long night of changing sheets. And yes, every time A got up L got up too. But they were good about laying back down and going to sleep. A didn't eat much the next morning for breakfast or lunch. I stayed home with the girls and J went to church with H. J had to usher and he took the breakfast for me. I got a good nap at lunchtime when the girls took theirs. Sunday night was when we were going to see the movie Courage*us. We had to pre purchase tickets and the childcare for the little ones was at the church. J really wanted for me to go too. He made the decision to drop the girls off and leave our cell numbers. We went to the movie and I was really glad to. It was good and is a good encouragement to all men/dads out there. I didn't have to worry about H seeing any bad things in it either. We had some good fellowship with Josh and Crystal as well. We picked up the kids after the movie and they were in great moods.

The new thing with the girls is fighting over who is sitting on 'mommy's' side of the van. If they are not on my side they cry and want to hold my hand. Makes for a long drive home holding a little ones hand in the backseat! Anyway, we got home and fed the kids chicken nuggets and some chunk cheese and milk. A ate all of hers and I was so happy she had her appetite back. There were no other symptoms but the throw up so maybe just a bug. So far L has not caught it.

This morning on my drive to work the girls were in such good moods. We were talking and dancing to the music. I had to talk to God and tell him that most of the time that I come to him in desperate need of help, but today I was coming to thank him for this good moment!

H had a problem as well. He has some kind of bug bites/red bugs/not sure what all over his legs all the way to his hiney and on his arms? Not sure what it is but so far I have wiped his legs down with alcohol and we are also using calemine lotion. He says the pink stuff helps. I also think that he has something else going on not just bug bites but well see at his doc appt.

4 more days --- you know who you are!!! :)