Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Highs & lows...

Up and down, up and down...that is the roller coaster that I am on. Yesterday as I said was a really good day. Then today... another whole story.

From about 4 am. The neighbors dog starts barking (till about 6 am). Then L wakes up crying, I go in and cover her back up and she is fine. Then about 5 am A starts fussing in her bed. I give her a few minutes and then go in cover her back up and she is fine. But A continues to fuss off and on. Teething maybe? Not sure. I get up around 6 because the early morning hours indicate that if I don't I might not get a shower at all before work. J is already gone because he had to get ice for the clinic before going to work and he had to be there by 7 to open. I get H up and get him dressed and then go in an wake the girls up. That is right, they are still sleeping. But seem to wake up in a good mood. But then time passes and I cannot find them anything to wear. Nothing, absolutely nothing fits them in the waist for pants and tops all seem to be too big. I just don't know what to do. I cannot go smaller in the pants because then they are too short. Anyone out there know of a brand that runs small in the waist but regular in length, I would love to hear from you! So that is frustrating. Then A needed a second diaper change but she wouldn't lay down for me to change her. Thus the mom/daughter fight begins. She threw major fit to say the least this morning and it lasted almost all the way to the daycare. Let me tell you that girl has a set of lungs!!! Then I get to school finally and I get a write up that was no where to be seen yesterday, that A bit someone at 2:30pm yesterday while they were playing outside. I cannot discipline or explain anything to her for something she did yesterday. She just wouldn't understand. I did talk to her but still... I guess I will start dating and putting the time on the write up part that I have to sign. That way they will know and I can keep record. I also had to stop by J work to get him to sign a loan document so therefore I was late to work.

This day has to get better. ? ? ? ?

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