Friday, January 13, 2012

Cute things they say...

I wish that I could write all the funny things that my kids say but I don't ever remember to write them down.

Funny story: Our family of 5 was sitting at the dinner table just casually eating. It was Christmas time. Out of the blue H pipes up and says "mom, I hope that you don't cheat on daddy". Needless to say we were not amused at the time but had to get to the bottom of why he said this (because it is in no way true). Finally after about 5 minutes of trying to find out why, he said, "mom, you said that you kissed Santa last year". After that we found it hilarious. Oh the innocence of children. I guess he wont know the real truth till he learns that Santa is not real.

H used to call bugs baw-bwees

A & L say  ho-ju-me when they want to be picked up.

L was watching the Tinkerbell movie and she said, mom, Tinkerbell has a butterfly on her back. I loved this and thought it was so sweet. She doesn't quite know what fairies are but she sure does love Tink.

Almost every day that I pick the up from school A tells me and everyone that she is going to church! I have to remind her that it's only on Sunday and Wednesday.

L was playing with my hair one night and she told me very seriously, I no hurt you, I be niiiicccee (as she petted my hair like a cat).

I love when I wake the girls up in the morning, I always tell them to watch their eyeballs as I turn on the light. They bury their heads into the pillow/bed and finally raise to look at me. A 'always' has a smile on her face and she lights up the room then happily gets out of bed. L on the other hand will give you a little devil grin but just lay there in bed. It takes L a little longer to wake up.

The girls will play mom and dad, when one of us is trying to get something done, like putting on a jacket or getting dressed thy will say that they want the other person to do it. Not to fun especially when your in a hurry. But if it gets the job done, we go with it.

I love H's enthusiasm when he is doing math or spelling. Reading is also a joy of his. He loves to buy new books and asks to read one almost every night before bed. Most nights I love this because I get to have quality time with him and he needs that.

I can remember before the girls were born and I was able to rock H to sleep. Sweet times that I miss with the girls, since there are two of them things had to be done a little differently. When H got bigger he would lay beside me on the couch to fall asleep. I miss that sweet little boy. He is growing all to fast.

H went to his first Alabama game this year for his birthday in September. And he was able to watch the National Championship game that Alabama won with his dad and the boys. Good times ahead for dad and son.

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