Thursday, November 15, 2012

God is faithful...

to us even when we do not deserve it!

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is next week. It always has been my favorite holiday and Christmas is J's. We truly have so much to be thankful for this year. We are still in our battle but God has the victory taken care of for us. (J is really enjoying his job!)

The girls are still having bad days at school. Not horrible but just something every day. Please pray that L gets her fits under control. I know she understands, I just think at the time she doesn't know what to do when she gets upset and cant have her way. I have not had any problems lately at home, so maybe the discipline that we are doing is making at difference at home. School is kinda in a catch 20/20. They really cant do anything, therefore she is getting away with her fit. Of course she doesn't get her way but that still doesn't stop her. A is just being defiant. If she doesn't want to do it then she just ignores and does it anyway. She thinks its funny. Again discipline has stepped up a notch at home trying to stay on top of these things so they don't get out of hand. They must understand that what we say is what we mean.

H is doing well. Not to many problems talking and he has gotten a 100 and a 90 on the last two chapter books he read for AR. He really is smart!!! (of course he gets that from me :) ))) JK

I have moved the girls room around. We had to figure out a way to separate the girls beds because they were standing on the head boards and climbing from one bed to the other. They have just been bothering each other lately. I had enough, SO.... Now A is on one side and L is on the other. I moved it on Sunday and that nap was the best one ever. I didn't have to pat, both girls laid in their beds and went right to sleep. Took L about 2 minutes and A about 10 to fall asleep. Nights have also been better too. Not as much playing. I pray that it continues.

J still feels so honored to be a deacon. I am excited for him because there is so much growth. He is going to teach SS this coming Sunday. I think he enjoys it but just doesn't want the weekly responsibility to do it all the time. He also is going to be helping with the Lord's Supper. A really special thing at church on Christmas Eve is the Lord's Supper and I am proud J gets to be involved this year. The girls are doing well at church too. L still doesn't like to go down the isle during children's church call. A will run down to meet papa. Needless to say its kinda the thing for the girls to have papa take them to children's church. I am just happy that they will go. They have been asked several times for them to sing in tiny tones. That is a Sunday night thing, we don't always make it, but we need to start trying again. They are still loving cubbies of course!

Me...I am just taking one day at at time and letting tomorrow worry about itself!


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