Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want off...

this roller coaster ride!!!


Yesterday afternoon, A goes to the back door and tells us their is a snake outside. I told her no there is not a snake. I got up to look with her anyway and sure enough...a snake slithering across the back patio. Our neighbors were not home so I ran across the street and got HK's dad, she is a girl in their K3 class. He was so very nice to come and kill it with a shovel and promptly throw it over the back fence. Uck!!

J was able to come home last night and the kids absolutely LOVED it. They miss and love their daddy so much. We did have to sit down and talk last night. J believes that he cannot do this new job. He has decided to come home. He does have a part time job lined up to start as soon as he gets back. And he is trying to get another one in place as well. He stated that he will do what he has to to keep this family together. I do believe him but it is hard to trust sometimes. So I am trusting God to provide, like he already has for us.

BIG thanks to my parents for letting J stay at their house for the last two weeks and treating him just like a son. I know that he will miss his lunch being made for him. :)

Please just keep praying for us...

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