Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Right now I believe that only God will get us through this. He has provided in so many ways, so I know that He will also lead us to the right path to take for our family.

J did get a job but it is about 3 hours away from us. This does not make this momma and kids happy. H is handling it pretty well but still wants/needs to talk with his dad almost nightly. The girls will ask for him and ask where he is and I tell them he is working and the day he will be home. They seem ok with that answer for now.

So many questions arise from this situation...Should we move? Should we stay? If we move where do we move to? and Can we afford this change? Then I would have to find a new job, UGH...the kids would have to start new schools...we would have to sell our house here first...These are things that we just don't know the answers to and relying on God to show us the signs for the direction we are to go. In almost two months the job that J took is the only thing that has been offered full time. Is that a sign? I have just gotten to where I am happy at work and very happy where the kids are going to school. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS????

I am doing well so far on the home front, handling the kids and house by myself. I still get stressed and think at times that I just cant take this anymore and money problems still arise. But then I remember that I am NOT in control of things and that, thankfully, I can put them in Gods hands. I also remember to take just one day/moment/hour at a time. Its hard when the husband, a grown man, calls you from out of town crying because he just misses his family and feels like a failure because we are going through this. (sometimes we don't know what we have till it becomes absent from our lives) FAITH...we have to walk by faith.

I pray that if moving is not the right direction then God will open a door for a job here at home. But if it is then to clearly show us that that is our next step in our life. I really would like to be settled and just enjoy raising the kids. Living in limbo is not fun at all...

This story is to be continued of course...

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