Monday, September 17, 2012

It has been a while...

Sorry, just to say thing have gotten crazy would be an understatement.

Since I last wrote, we have gone to the beach, become fully potty trained, started K3 & 2nd Grade, and celebrated our 3rd and 8th (on Saturday) birthdays.

Not sure what made things click in A's head, but once returning from our week long trip she understood that she could get up in the middle of the night and go potty. Of course since then I have been getting up at least once 5 out of 7 nights. Of course I don't mind because it is better than having to do loads of laundry. L still maintains staying dry all night too. They love that they are big girls now! Stores have lost their excitement too for the most part. We can go and not have to worry about a gazillion potty breaks.

The girls third birthday was an experience! We did the donut theme and it turned out very cute and simple. The girls had their dresses especially made just for that day and they were adorable in them. I just sit back in awe some days and cant believe that they are 3. Amazing! When they turned one, the thought was - ok we made it past the first year of twins. When they turned 2 it was - ok we have toddlers now. But 3 - I have two little girls who are slowly but surly growing up on me. I am ok with this for now, but in about 10 years, probably not. The seem to be normal sisters in that they squabble and they are learning to share. They are understanding so much more that I give them credit sometimes.

K3 also started this past August. Of course my girls are the youngest in the class because of their birthdays, but if you could see all they are learning and saying and doing - it again, amazes me! Sponges for sure. We are learning to recognize and write our names, they know their first letters and that is how they distinguish their backpacks, lunchboxes, and nap mats. It used to be only by color for their sippy cups and bags. I absolutely love their new school!!! Actually that is an big understatement. They have been in school for a a month now and they both have gotten in to trouble once each. BUT the big difference is that along with what they did wrong they also praise for what they have done right/good! At little school they never gave positive feedback - only negative each day. So this change has been good for this momma. Maybe it is all in my head but the girls also seem much happier at the end of the day.

H has started 2nd grade and just like last year, the talking is still a problem some days. Only one note home so far though. H will also turn 8 this Saturday and we are going to surprise him with a party. We have been downplaying it saying that when he turned 5 is when parties stopped. He had a friend over for 6th birthday and 7th he went to an Alabama game. So this year ... He will love it! J and H are going to hit golf balls that morning (weather permitting) and then maybe some BassPro and while they are doing that I will be setting up at home. Grandparents will come over and surprise!!!

On the home front with J & me. Sad news, J lost his job. Not sure how to take this but we are moving forward. Praying and praying some more...God will get us through, it is just hard to wait for His plan sometimes. The kids don't know yet, I'm not sure we will tell them either until we have to. The girls probably wont care but H will know. Whoever you are please keep praying for us!

Maybe that catches us up in a brief way...

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