Thursday, September 1, 2011


has been going on! Mainly being sick and frustrated. I am just going to do this blog in daily order.

Friday:  Got to meet my mom, dad, grandma and husband for lunch! And the bonus was it was Mexican!! It had been forever and a day since I had eaten out. Dinner was a little hectic and A was not feeling all that well still. If I remember correctly that night went as mostly as usual but also involved a lot of cooking. A lot A lot of cooking! We, my mom and I, baked a cake and made rice krispy treats, and made pasta salad, all for the party the next day.

Saturday:  A woke up with croup. Oh glorious, and the day of her bday party too. J was outside washing the vehicles and spraying off the carport. I was in the kitchen fixing to cut up fruit for the party and mom was cutting out the krispy treats and Memaw was in the living room watching the girls run around and play. The next thing I heard was a hard thud! I knew it when I heard it that it would be bad. I immediately dropped the knife that I was cutting with and ran around the corner and A had hit her head, it was bleeding, and I could see deep into it! She had hit her head just above her right eye on the door hinge. I grabbed a towel, mom got J and we took her to the ER. Thank goodness it wasn't a gusher and she calmed down really quickly. She just kept saying that she wanted to go see the doctor. We walked right in and no on was waiting. They were able to glue it together and I am hoping that it doesn't scar badly. We came back home and ate lunch and had naps. I iced cakes and did the finishing touches while the girls were asleep. The girls got up and it was party time.

The party went great and I am please with all the decorations and food. Shout out to my mom who helped with the signs and decorations. I swear we would be no where with out our moms!  The girls got lots of H*llo Kitty stuff and dishes/pots to go with their new cupcake kitchen. It was a great day.

Sunday:  Another great and full day. H woke up with croup today and he was also getting baptised. I was thankful that his Nana, papa, memaw, Mimi, and poppa were all able to be there to see him. After his baptism, as he was walking down the isle to get to his seat, he just beamed! He was so happy and we all were so proud! 

Mom helped me by cooking a potato casserole for my SS breakfast and we had fruit and muffins. This was our second week in  our new SS class and we love it. Thank you Jesus! After SS, we met Nana and papa at Ol*ve Garden for lunch! It was so good and yummy! After lunch we got the girls home for nap and then Nana and memaw left to go home. Later that evening, we decided not to go back to church and just have family night. H and A still had croup and we were trying to nurse them all. J and I and all three kids did go for a nice walk that afternoon and it was very enjoyable. We talked about finances and getting our life strait on that and having the commitment to do just that! It is going to be so worth it to get out of debt!

Monday:  J went into the girls room first after they got up. I walked in later and asked how A was doing. He said she didn't sound good and that he would stay home with her. I had to go to work because my co worker was out for Monday and Tuesday. J took A to the doc and I told him not to leave until he had a real reason why she was sick, not just that her throat was red. (not sure if I blogged about it previously, but A had been to the doc on Wed because the daycare called about her having a fever. The doc couldn't find anything and just said it was a virus.) After seeing the doc, she confirmed strep and also took blood to make sure she didn't have pneumonia. Thank goodness she didn't. Just step and croup. She got steroids for the croup and antibiotics all around!

Tuesday:  If I remember correctly: A went back to school and H got in trouble at school. He has a big problem, he is too smart for his own good!! He talks to much but he gets A's on all his test. He got in trouble because he was talking when he wasnt supposed to and also because he pinched a girl in his class because she took his eraser. Oh this boy knows better and I am just loosing my mind trying to get though to him.

Wednesday:  This was supposed to be the day the girls went for the well check up at the doctor, but we rescheduled for two weeks. So I took my half day. Only to be interruped with another call from daycare saying that A was really fussy and that she didnt eat much lunch and was coughing a lot. Very frusterated, I told them I have already taken her to the doc twice and they have the notes. That all three of my kids are on antibiotics and I could call the phone nurse but not much else I can do. The phone nurse said to just give her some tyln/mtrn and some cough meds to help her through the day. We decided not to go to church but we did go to dinner as a family and H stayed for Awana and mimi brought him home. A still sounds croupy in her cough but I guess well see in a few more days.

Thursday:  Well, thats today. So good???

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