Friday, September 30, 2011


I am back. I never left but just didn't feel up to writing. The past few days have been an adventure to say the least!

Monday and Tuesday were more of the same with H. Still having troubles. But Wednesday was a great day! Praise Jesus! Maybe we are getting through to him. When I picked him up on Wednesday from school I was early so I thought I would see if his teacher was in. She wasn't in her room and her lights were off but I did see her in another room. We spoke and I cried. Not much but just a relief when she said he had a much better day. Then Thursday, I got a note in him assignment book that he had and "awesome" day! I am so happy to finally see this change. I really hope it sticks too.

Drama at daycare again, of course. On Wednesday they called me to come get A because she had two loose stools. No other symptoms. They said that she couldn't come back the next day w/out a doctors note. I picked both girls up and called the on call nurse. Explained the situation and she faxed me an excuse. The school ended up sending a lot of kids home that day. I figured if things were going to get worse they would that night. A had no other bm's that night and still no other symptoms. So I took her on to school the next day. She had a good day and no other problems. The daycare did give me a fit when I handed them the note but that is exactly what the director said she needed! I pray today is a good day and we will have the weekend to get over any lingering issues - but at this time I don't foresee any.

I am now on my countdown to go out of town sans babies/husband! I am excited to say the least! Will I miss the kids? Yes. Will I miss the work? No!

The consignment sale started yesterday too and I enjoyed going. Although I didn't buy much I do plan to go back for the half off sale next Friday. For the first time I really didn't have much to look for for the kids. ** Update: just checked and I have already made $197.75 -- not sure if this is before or after their percentage but still -- awesome!!

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