Friday, September 2, 2011

In need of a baby sitter...

I so need to find a baby sitter. The in-laws are just not cutting it anymore. You see without getting into further details, my sister n law, their daughter, also has twins that are about 9 months younger than mine. The problem is my mil is so wrapped up in theirs, going to run to their aid at any time and when we call to have help or a baby sitter she is not available. I am sick and tired of it! My sister in law is married and I just don't understand why her husband doesn't go help. He is self employed and can go whenever he needs to.  I know exactly what she is going through because I have twins to plus another so I feel like I am fully allowed to make these statements. I just wish my sil would grow up and be a real mother to her kids instead of letting her mom raise them.
OK, vent over...for now anyway :/

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