Friday, September 16, 2011

The bug...

This morning as I was getting out of the van, I noticed a big black bug. Kinda looked like a grasshopper but it was black? Anyway, as I was getting A out I asked if she wanted to see a big bug and she said yes. So I showed her. We marveled and saw it moving its legs. Once we were done we went and got L out of the van and she immediately asked to see the bug too. So I lifted her up to see the bug and of course her first question was can she touch it. I tell you, this girl has no fear of touching bugs. I told her no, of course. There I was holding up two little toddler to look at a big black grass hopper. Fun times!

And just to give you a mental picture, I g**gled it :)

Update on A, she has had two good days. I don't want to jinx anything but I really hope she is learning not to bite. As we were walking in to school today, I asked her if we were going to have a good day. Her immediate response was, yes, no bite. So, the girl understands what I am trying to get through to her. Now she just has to put it into practice.

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