Friday, September 2, 2011


was OK...

No phone calls from school and the sky is not falling! :)

I did have a mommy thought fail though. I picked up A & L from daycare yesterday afternoon and A had a write up that she bit someone. But then I also got a write up that she got bit too! Finally! I am sorry to say that I had a little happy dance in my head that someone finally bit her back. You see, before you condemn me, she has had so many write ups about biting and they even gave me handouts to read on how to try and stop. This is not a problem at home but only at school. When I talked to A about it. She said it hurt when she got bit and I was able to talk to her about how it hurts when she bites her friends too.

This is going to be a long holiday weekend. I hope to make some plans to be out and about because it will be a long weekend if we have to stay at home. But trying to do that and not spend to much money is another story.

Mom, if your reading, think about coming up on the 17th. I think that we will try to have a get together for H's birthday. J has to take the dog to the vet that morning but I was thinking about sandwiches and cookie cake around 10:30ish and let him open a few presents. Just let me know. I promise the next trip will be me coming down (although it might not involve the kids coming with me).

The fund raisers have started! L&A got theirs yesterday and H is supposed to get his on the 20th. Oh I hate them!

Anyway, keep smilin' because I'm trying too! :)

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