Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 7th birthday...

The rest of the story...

The next morning we were moved to a real room. The pitocin drip started and the epidural put in. Things were progressing nicely. The drugs were a little heavy and I slept most of the time. That was the only thing I wish I could have changed. I really missed talking to the family while waiting. My mom and dad and my in laws were there. I had one blood pressure scare where they made everyone leave the room. Of course I don't remember it at all. Finally came time to push. I was so ready for the whole process to be over. The only ones in the room was the hubby and the needed doctor/nurses. It only took about 30 minutes overall and very few pushes and H was born. I can still remember his little whimper cry and how gross it was that they wanted me to touch him right after he came out. But, I was amazed of what I had just accomplished and that God saw me through it all. I did tear pretty badly (tmi) and took a while to recover from that but he was so worth it and was a beautiful and healthy baby boy.  Born at 2:06pm 7lbs 5.5oz 21.5 inches long. AMAZING!

An now he is SEVEN! I cannot believe how time has flown. I remember him turning 5 and what a big deal that was and now it just seems as if I have lost that little boy and I can never get him back.

I am trying to cherish the moments with the girls because of lessons learned. I love the story by Karen K*ngsbury "Let Me Hold You Longer". A beautiful story about how we cherish all our kids "first" but not the "lasts".  When is the "last" time that you will get to prop that little baby on your hip or cheer at his "last" tball game before he goes to big kid baseball. I could go on and on because I see that I have already gone through so many "last". But I promise no matter how big he gets he will never have his "last" hug or kiss from his mom!

I love you H and I am so very proud of you! Enjoy your Seventh year!

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