Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have found a babysitter! Although costly but's someone to call and pre set a date night with!! :) I am excited!

Got a good report from H's teacher yesterday. So, even though he has had some rough times he is still doing OK. Most of his test are 100's but nothing has been below a 94. They did the Deibles testing and he has already excelled above the end of the year goals in 2/3 areas and in the third he is only like 8 points away from the end of the school year goal. I have a smart kid! He still has to work on talking less though an keeping his hands to himself.

We still have a sickly household. J went to the doctor today and got a shot and antibiotics and cough medicine. His blood pressure is really high and the doc told him to get off the pheudo. Anyway, so I have 4 sick kiddies. H still has the stuffy nose, A is doing better, L has a very nasty cough, and J is all the above. I just keep praying that I don't get any of any of it.

The rain has been nice from the tropical storm and the cooler weather is great. It also makes me realize that fall/winter is coming and I am not ready for the cold season. I think we only had about 6 healthy weeks this summer and we have already started in on the sickness.

I am trying to stay positive, I really am, but things are tough. I feel so bogged down at time that I just wish it all away. I know that "D" is not the answer but you get time off as a parent and you don't have the extra duties of the husband. You don't have to try and be in agreement with anyone else but yourself. Do what you want to do. BUT then I am thankful that I have someone to go home to and that I have a beautiful family who loves me. Broken homes do not have that. Just a catch twenty two sometimes. I know that you have to take the good with the bad, just seems like the more people that are involved the more stress there is. That is what I loved about the week at the beach. I didn't worry about others, just our little family of 5.

Keep cheering me on and one day things will change and get a little easier. The girls will grow. The challenges I know will still be there but just different ones. The terrible twos and the fact that I have girls and twin girls on top of that are just some of the added challenges today. I am sure in a couple more years it will be way different.

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