Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I really need some right now. Don't worry the kids are fine. Finances are just getting the better of me. I had a great meeting with my dad, who is helping us get our feet back on the ground and we have a game plan. Then life happens. I knew for several weeks now that I had to go get an oil change and tires rotated and also have them look at my front tires because they were kinda balling on the corners, like where you would turn corners, but not on the middle part. The drivers side was really bad. Now, I have to admit that I do not rotate my tires on a regular basis, but I have never seen this happen before. So I go in to the place where I bought the tires originally and get oil change, tire rotate and balance, and an alignment. Just to put a long story short, one new tire and an expensive alignment (that wasn't really out of wack), and I end up paying $200.00. Well that is $200 that I do not have. Here we go again. Life happens!

Very frustrated right now!!

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