Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two year checkups...

Well, after being cancelled and rescheduled we finally made it to the girls two year checkup. I really wasn't sure if it would be a well or a sick check up considering they still have gunk in their noses and a cough. The doctor looked in their ears and found that they both had ear infections. A surprise really because they haven't complained about them. I was proud of the girls for standing on the big girl scale to get weighed. L is still little at 23lbs and A is now got a 2lb lead at 25lbs. Their height is right about the same at 35 1/2 inches. These girls are going to be tall! They did cry and fuss but they also got to walk around the room and the doctor heard them talk some. This visit was much better than their 18 month checkup in which they cried the entire time and I couldn't even talk to the doctor because of the screaming. But this one I was able to talk with the doctor.

I also talked to the doctor about A's biting and she just said that toddlers this age are just mean. She said they don't comprehend that things hurt others just like they hurt them when they happen.

A also has some eczema on the creases of her elbows and the doctor gave some prescription ointment to put on. We started that last night and I will say that I say a big improvement this morning. Bless A's little heart, I hope this works really good for her.

The shots were not much fun. They got one shot and then a second shot was the flu shot. H will get his when he goes in a few more weeks. J and I also plan to get one this year.

A good visit and hope that the next one is even easier!

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