Monday, September 26, 2011

When does it sink in...

We had a great weekend to celebrate H's birthday. Nana and Papa came up on Friday and we got to spend all day on Saturday with them. Got the girls some new brown church shoes, which they absolutely love and never want to take off! But Sunday evening before night church, I decided to go through H's book bag and get things ready. I opened his folder and saw a note from his teacher and the whole world stopped turning!!!

H was only two punches away from his goal at school ( a contest they are doing) and I asked him Friday after school if he got it. At first he said no but then changed his story and said yes, that he got his goal. I believed him. Thought everything was good all weekend but he had a secret that he wasn't telling me.

He got a write up Friday at school. This will go into his record. Lying and then Talking during a test. I don't know if he will get a zero on his test or not? He was warned twice and still did it and he also lied to the teacher but later admitted the truth. I really don't know what I am going to do about this boy. Nothing seems to get through to him. He got a serious spanking and has had everything taken away from him. Not only did he do this at school but he also lied to me on Friday. Now, I know and understand that he is never going to be perfect. I remember hiding things and lying too as a child. He has to get a hold of himself and stop talking. That is the root of all of this.

I am not sure if the change in his diet is affecting him or not. Some people believe that colors in food/drinks has alot to do with hyperactivity. He has had a lot of sweets in the past couple weeks and also a lot of sugary snacks with papa (mimi/papa) and that will no longer be. But starting this week, it will be milk only in our house. No buying snack/juice at school. I packed his snack and he will drink water or milk. When he gets home it will be shower/homework/dinner/bed. No exceptions, until he makes changes. I think he is understanding but we will see if he changes his actions. Any advice would be appreciated on how you would handle things.

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