Thursday, August 18, 2011


I know that this is a phase but really, how long is it going to last.

A is my biter! I truly do not know what to do to stop it. So far at home I have been able to prevent it from happening but at school its a different story. I know it is usually a fight over a toy. Her sister has been victim to many and her friends a few times.

But today, I got a call from daycare to let me know that L had taken a fall and has a bruise on her face and that they were also going to send home some pamphlets on biting for A. I just told them OK. But the more I think about it the more it frustrates me, because I just cannot think of anything I can do since the incidences are happening at school. If she has an incident report from school, I always talk to her right after we leave school that we do not bite and she will look at me and say no bite, sorry. She really is a sweet girl but just when she get frustrated she doesn't know what else to do to get her way. When I see her getting uptight at home I will step in and tell her she has to share and that she cant just take the toy. She seems to understand that, so I wonder what daycare is actually doing. Maybe they should read these pamphlets? I have been on both sides of the argument where one is the biter and there other is the receiver. When H was in preschool he was the one being bitten so I am very upset when A does bite another child. What can this mother do when she is not there to correct the situation when it happens?

Any one out there have any advice for biters at daycare? What did you do.

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