Monday, August 1, 2011

A work in progress...

Many things in my life are a work in progress.

I did finish, for the most part, cleaning out the study room of the house. I am doing pretty well to keep the kitchen clean and the counter tops/table uncluttered. It helps a lot that we all eat together as a party of 5 for dinners. My living room got cleaned too. We have vaulted ceilings in the living room and I finally got the long dust thing out and dusted the webs off the ceiling. Washed some curtains and changed some out. Vacuumed the floors and rearranged the play area. Now I need to dust/Windex my curio and make a shelf for the girls and dust/vacuum the TV area. Then the living room will be done.

Another picture project I am working on is almost complete. Its for the bathroom. And, no, there are no naked butt pictures involved.

All this to be completed by the girls 2nd birthday party. I think I am doing well.

Got the girls some new shoes this weekend. They are their first pair of tie. And we'll see if they are the last for a while :)  JK  They really do look cute on them and they love them.

Got H his school supplies. Not much to pick out for him. But he is still excited. We should get a letter in the mail this week to tell us who his teacher will be. Also will have teacher open house next week. Fun times!

Its August, can you believe it. Summer is almost over and I absolutely cannot wait for fall. The girls birthday, then H's birthday, football season, the fair, pumpkin patch, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Love love love this season to come. Busy times, but also lots of family times!

Still sticking to our no eating out. But trust me, we are so looking forward to our BK on Friday! I will get a full whopper, no whopper jr here! :)

I still need to go to the dollar general and hobby lobby to pick up some party things. But my major thing I need to start is my fabric garland. I really need to go to a material store and pick out the material. Also some material to do the girls #2 shirts. This weekend we are going out of town, the next weekend is the girls two year pictures, the next J is working, then the next week is the party! Busy busy busy.

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