Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not much going on here.

On A's daily sheet from school yesterday there was a note on it that she used the potty one time! Then at bath time she asked to potty and she did go pee pee then too! Exciting. Not sure how this is going to work if only one potty trains at a time or do you just try both at the same time and hope the other one gets it too? I am still not at the full point of starting but A is definitely getting the idea. L will sit on the potty and has even gone pee pee once but nothing since. Time will tell I guess.

H forgot his homework notebook yesterday in his class room. We had a good discussion last night about responsibility. It seems as if they go from the teacher doing a lot of things for them in k5 but then in 1st grade they are expected to remember themselves. We kinda have three goals for him this year: Listening, Obeying, and Responsibility. He is learning that when a teacher or parent are speaking that he is not to say "I know" but to listen and then obey. Listening usually involves him following more than on step at a time, that is the part he has to learn.

Girls did pretty good going to sleep last night. It only took one walk out and about 40 minutes total to get them both to sleep. They slept all night and they were up and moving when I went in their room this morning. They had taken their pants off but other than that they were such good girls. Only eight more days and my babies are going to be 2!!

I made one of the fabric garlands last night. The one for the mantle. It looks cute and I think is going to complement the decorations good. I am going to try and make the other one by this weekend. J even suggested that I make one in Christmas colors for Christmastime. Good idea!

Going to go to church tonight and the girls will start Puggles and H will start Sparks. I am excited for him and I know he will enjoy game time alot! Hopefully he will learn some good verses to use in his future!

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