Wednesday, August 10, 2011


OK. A check off the list. Yesterday was my half day at work so I took the opportunity to do my errands in town. The town I never go to anymore.

My first stop was Toys*Us. I had called about a week ago and checked to see if they had the kitchen in stock in the store that I saw online. They said they had three. Of course I didn't print it off so when I went to the store I couldn't find it or reference it. Oh well. That one would have cost about 70$, but I found a really cute "cupcake" kitchen and I really like if for only $40. Of course once I got home I had a coupon for $5 off. Oh well, that's how it always seems to go. I also picked up a potty seat w hook for the girls and two pairs of pink pants because they were only $5 a piece.

My second stop was S*ms. For diapers of course. Sticker shock and takes a bit out of the pocket. Hopefully not too many more of these in our future. (ps. Thanks mom and mamaw for all the boxes of diapers in the past!! oh so many thanks)

My third stop was to the material store. It really didn't take me too long once I got my thoughts straight. But I did think that I would be able to find it cheap, but really didn't. Oh well. I did get some so that I can reuse the garland each year and just change my theme hanging from it. I also got the material to do the #2 on the girls shirts.

So now I have some projects to start working on!

My fourth stop was to K*hls. Of course when I came out of the material store there was a storm a brewing. I really wanted to stop there to see if they had the knit skirts that I wanted the girls to wear at their birthday party. I parked on the side of the store that the kids are on, but forgot that I wasn't in my regular K*hls store and so I had to run to the other side. They didn't have them and because of the rain storm coming I decided just to go and I would look this weekend at my regular K*hls store. I just beat the rain. It poured most of the way home but by the time I picked up the girls all the rain had stopped. Thank goodness, because it is no fun trying to load up twins in the rain.

Husband and I had a good night with the girls and then I made fried rice for dinner and we ate while we watched Rizzole and Isles. Love that show!

Invitations are officially mailed out! Mom, if you are reading this, I stuck two invites in yours so you can have one for each of the girls books. Things are coming together!

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