Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of lots...

Wow, lots going on in our house.

Had a good weekend away at the parents house. I even got to see my brother/sisnlaw and their kids from Ohio too. Learned a lot too and how different families can be. Anyway...

We had a first in our house. A went poopy on the potty! We had just gotten home from our trip and it was about 7pm. We were giving the girls their bath and A just stood up and said potty. I potty. I asked if she had to go and she said yes. I put her on and she sat for about 2 min and I asked if she was all done. No was her response. Another min later, I smelled a poop smell but saw nothing. I asked again if she was all done. No, again was her answer again. Then about 30 sec later she just pooped! :)  We were so proud and we just clapped and L clapped for her too. Then L had to sit on the potty and try. But nothing happened with her. I talked to day care this morning and they said that they have been placing them on the toilet when they asked and a few others in their class are training. I requested to let me know if pee or poop comes out to let me know. We have done alot of sitting but nothing coming out. So I guess once they fluids start flowing then we will start potty training. Fun times ahead!

Hoyt is at his grandparents house. I have heard from him twice and he is having fun. I couldn't believe when we were driving off yesterday that L & A were both waiving goodbye and J was tearing up. I forgot that he wasn't with me when he spent spring break with them. But last night and this am J just kept saying how much he missed H. I know that H is having fun though.

I tried to find out H's teacher for this coming school year but the office said that some teachers are just now getting their list and other are still being adjusted. She said open house is Thursday and we will find out then. She wasn't very nice but what can you do? J says he has a patient that is a 4th grade teacher out there and he might ask her to find out. Not sure it really matters.

I also contacted the store that is making the girls birthday hair clips. She said they shipped out a couple days ago. I hope to get them this week. AND I got an email from the lady doing the cupcake toppers and said they should be complete and shipped by Thursday! So exciting. I got the girls Mermaid appliques this past Friday. I got stamps today to mail out invitations. Mom is working on the display cards!
Now all I have to do is get material for the garland and for the girls shirts and birthday candles (not sure what I am going to do for this). Its all coming together though.

I went to the doc today. Got a shot in my butt. Some medicated allergy spray and an antibiotic. Hope I start to feel better soon. The girls are doing better but I notice that A is still kinda stuffy. 

Alright enough for now...

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