Monday, August 15, 2011

"Momma's not ready"...

This weekend was a very busy weekend. A lot of "first" happened! And of course this momma was not ready at all!!!

Friday night was as usual at our house. I knew of course that the husband was going to have to work half day on Saturday and I was going to attempt to get the twins two year pictures made.

Saturday morning went well. We were at the picture place at a quarter till and we were the first in, first to get pictures done, and the first to leave!! I have to say that L was fine at first and we got a few single shots of her. Then A got a little more comfortable and I got a couple with both of them. Then L melted down. She wouldn't let go of me for anything. I had to tell the ladies that we were done. They wanted to reschedule, but I was not going to go through that again :/' Way to much work. We did get one good shot of the girls together, so that will be their "2" year pictures. I was tired after this. We went straight home. Lunch was next and all went fine. Then naps. Here is where things all started going downhill for this mom. A wasn't ready for nap. I put her t shirt on and then put her in her crib. I turned around to put L shirt on and about the same time I looked back just as A was putting her foot over the railing of the crib. She was so mad at me. She went right over the top and onto the floor. I screamed and was right there. She was absolutely fine! She didn't even cry for a minute. But at that time I also realized that we were no longer going to be in cribs. TODDLER BEDS, OH MY!  They did take their final nap in their cribs. When J got home he got the beds out of the attic and we put them together. We were prepared for this but I emotionally was not. A automatically loved her bed. L on the other hand was not as happy, at first. After a few more minutes she was on the bed playing just like A. We took the girls and H to the grocery store and came back home to take the cribs apart and put the toddler beds in their place. I cried. I was not ready for this. I knew that this meant more work, more time, and freedom for two little girls. My thought was, we'll shut the door and they will only have their room to play in. Of course as I was changing L, A decided to learn how to open the door! Another first, thankfully we had the door knob covers to put on.

Bedtime took two hours and I was one very frustrated mom. I knew that it would be difficult because it was all new to them. But around 9, all was well. I was awaken about 1:45 in the morning to L crying. I think she was disoriented. Its pitch black in the room and I go to her bed, she is not there. I found her in the middle of the room. Put her back in bed, covered her up and patted her back to sleep. I looked over on the floor next to me to see if A was OK. She was double over sleeping in the middle too! I put her back in her bed and went back to bed myself. The next morning I was awaken by the girls talking and playing in their room at 6am. This was a decent time and they played till about 6:30 when we went in to get them. Off to church. They moved up to the two year olds class at church and will start Puggles on Wednesday nights. Church was good and lunch at home. I said my prayers for our first nap time in toddler beds. OH MY WORD, easy! 5-10 minutes flat. They were asleep and they slept for 2 hours! Praise God! We all took naps Sunday afternoon. We decided to go to pm services at church for the first time in 2years. The girls were the only ones in the nursery. H went to the children's night service. Of course he only sang a couple songs and then they played kick ball. After church we went to the in laws house and stayed about 30 minutes. Went home and it was about 8:30. Again, saying prayers! L went right to sleep but A put up a fight. She cried so hard but wouldn't lay down. I picked her up and held her till she went to sleep. Only about 10 minutes later she was in her bed and sleeping. No sounds from their room. I got up half way through the night and checked on them to make sure they were in bed. Sure enough, both in bed and sleeping good! When I went to get them up this morning. L was already walking around the room but I woke up A. God is good and He knew what this momma needed. Another bridge crossed!

H started 1st grade today! He is getting so big and so grown up. Independent. I wouldn't want it any other way. Our family of 5 took him to school, walked him in, and got him settled into his new desk, I took a few pictures and we were on our way. I asked J if he wanted to talk to H any more and he said if he had stayed any longer he would have cried. His little boy is growing up.

If you are still reading this bless you. Sorry I am so long winded today but I wanted to document these days.

Also, L pee peed on the potty on Saturday morning. We are not fully potty training but just getting the idea of how it works.

H will start Awana on Wednesday nights too. A lot of changes this week but I know for the better of our family. Growth and change are hard but needed and Gods plan is best.

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