Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I guess we made it...

I guess the bridge has been crossed. Toddler beds are a success and our night routine has been altered. The girls will now be able to stay up till around 7pm vs the 6-6:30 before. I think they understand that they stay in bed but not sure about falling asleep by themselves yet. Last night it took about 45 min and one walk out from mommy and daddy. But once we came back in, I noticed that neither got out of bed. L was OK but A was crying. She understood that it was time for bed and about 10 minutes later she was asleep.

H had a good first day of school. He says he likes his teacher and that he did know a couple of kids in his class from last year. There are 19 in his class and we have heard that this is the largest first grade class so far at HES.

What do you do about feet stinking? Both L and A will not leave their socks on but for some reason will leave their shoes on if they don't have socks? BUT now their feet just stink! And their shoes stink!! Funny thing, they took their shoes off in the van yesterday and I could smell them in the front seat. EWWWW! I though only boys were supposed to stink. Baby powder in the shoes did not work at all...what are my other options?

This morning as I dropped H off at school. A thought she would say goodbye to H. He got out and a few minutes later I heard her say, "bye bye booger"! This made me laugh, because that is what I call H sometimes and I guess she picked it up too. Cute!

Also, when I dropped off the girls at school, they walked right in and sat down to eat breakfast. But before going to sit, L turned and waved bye to me and then blew me kisses! OH MY they are growing so fast now.

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

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