Friday, July 29, 2011

Just not feeling it...

I am just not in the mood to write but I feel the need to keep up with the blog, since I have no internet on the weekends. I love reading peoples blogs daily and get kinda bummed when they don't have a new entry. So here it goes...

I had a good chat with my mom this morning. Funny how one minute she can get on my nerves and then the next I just love love love her to death! By the way, much more love than nerves! I promise! I wasn't in the mood to chat this am but that quickly changed and thank God because I needed it. I only have about 5 minutes peace in the car each morning from the time that I drop off the kids to the time I get to work. God put a song on the radio JUST FOR ME! It was Twyla Paris singing Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Loved it and just asked God to keep reminding me this throughout the day. And yes, I sang it as loud as possible in the car to myself :)

This weekend will mark two weeks without going out to eat. This means no quick breakfast stops at the gas station or a 1$ Hardees biscuit and no lunches out and no dinners out. Whether its just me or the whole family. Some days its hard but most, I am finding out that it really isn't. And if at all possible I would like for it to stay that way. That will also make date night much more treasured! Also, grocery trips are for just the supplies that we need to get through the week. Until we get on top of bills/finances, this is how it will go. Then slowly, once the bills are paid as the plan states, we will have a little extra to do a few things (I think). I feel the change, it is hard, but if we stick with it after a few years we will be living much better off.

I started cleaning out the study area of the house. Really its the dinning room but we put our computer stuff in there. I have placed an add to get rid of the roll top desk because I never use it and it is just taking up space. But the shred stack is unbelievable!!! The dust is unbelievable!!! I cannot wait to get it finished and de-cluttered. I really would like my house to look good by the girls party weekend. I know that I can do it. I still want to add some black and white pictures to the kids bathroom. I have my idea, just have to do it. Only a few more party supplies to get and then just the food. But the huge expense, except for food, is done! :)

Well, I guess I have more to talk about then I thought.

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