Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good times...

I would say that this weekend was a success. With the exception that we did not see the fireworks that were to occur at 9pm Monday evening. I thought they were going to be a 8 and had every intention to go see them, but since they were another hour later, I just couldn't imagine what we were going to do for 3 hours past the girls bedtime. And yes, our girls go to bed between 6:30 and 7.

Saturday, I had a few running around things that I wanted to do. Accomplished and at home for nap and then a date afternoon. We got back home from our date around 7:15pm. We let the in laws babysit the kids and told them that the girls should be in bed by 7pm. Of course we get home and they are NOT in bed. In law tells us that they rocked a little and they were trying to wind down. Whatever!! First, they know that we do not rock the girls to sleep. They may live in fantasy land but it was just not feasible for us to rock the girls to sleep. We put them in bed and they may fuss a few minutes but they either go right to sleep or talk to each other before going to sleep. J tells them to wait a couple minutes and we will put them to bed and then we could talk more. Of course the m in law didn't want to wait because she didn't want to hear them crying. Really??? I am hoping that when we spend several days at the beach with them that they will see our method and understand how it works. Because it really does work. ( the kicker is that my sis in law, their daughter, also have twins. my in laws are at her house all the time and practically raise her kids and their bedtime situation is much different than ours and also a lot more chaotic. meaning, I cant stand it. but that is a whole other situation/story!)  Funny thing is the girls didn't even fuss that night!

Sunday was church and it was a good day!

Monday was July 4th! I decided last minute to call a friend and see if we could use her pool that morning. Thankfully she said yes and by 8:30 we were pooling it! The girls did great and I believe are going to do great when we go to the beach! I cannot wait!

That evening J said to me that it was a great weekend and wanted to know why this weekend seem so much easier and more relaxed then normal? He wanted to repeat it! I hope this is a sign that things are getting a little less chaotic in my organized chaos! :)

On another note... The girls were moved to regular booster seats at the table. We now eat as a family of 5 at our dinner table and I love it!

Also, we played with play-doh yesterday for the first time. I got brave and tried not to worry about the mess. The twins loved it and H has always loved playdoh. Good times and not too much mess. They did try to eat it but never took a successful bite!

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