Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation no more sound...

The sound machine that is.

Props to Moms On Call. If you are a new mom or just need to learn a technique to getting your baby to sleep with a swaddle and sound machine, call them! The girls were sleeping through the night at around 7-8 weeks and that made this mom very happy and gave me sanity too! They were out of their swaddle wraps by 6 months but we still used and traveled with the sound machine. I never used one with our first child but it worked with the method for the girls. More or less, I just got tired of having to make sure it was packed.

I waited till after the week long beach trip and decided that Monday would be the day. I am very proud to say that last night was so so so very easy! :)  I put the girls in their bed and walked out of the room and they didn't even fuss at all. A few minutes later L was calling to for me to come back. I went back in the room, which was strangely silent, she asked to be covered up. I covered her and checked on A again and then left the room. Again no peeps. Shocked is my word!! I just marveled at how easy it was. And they slept until I woke them up this morning at 7am. I truly believe that we parents dread change more than the babies, ie. pacifiers.

Well see how tonight goes...

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