Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Movin' on up...

I am so excited! We finally got the notice that our girls are moving up to the toddler room at school! Of course we knew is was coming sometime in August but they got it earlier. They will be starting there on Monday! So many changes are coming in the next months. I got to thinking about it and once the girls move up there they will have more learning experiences and new friends that they can learn from, hopefully only the good things! :) 

Things to come this year I'm sure: moving to the toddler room at school, turning two, potty training, toddler beds, playing more in their rooms v/s in the living room. This all leads to us reclaiming our living room and study. Not that there will no longer be toys in there but...
We have already changed in the kitchen and all eat as a family of 5! I love it!

The above picture is the new arrangement and they are playing with playdoh for the first time!

Also, last night while walking down the hallway to take the girls to bath, they noticed their pool floats that were drying. They just kept saying wawe over and over and also pool! They were so excited and I cannot wait for the beach and to see their little faces light up over the excitement of all the new experiences they will have!

Fun times ahead...we just keep movin' on up!!

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  1. Hi there!!! So glad you stopped by....I actually thought I started following your blog when I stumbled across it that day. Anyways following on, hope you come visit again! :)

    Yay, for the toddler transition!! It is so much fun! :) take care!