Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I wasn't sure what to title this one because it will be random thoughts.

First, thanks to my mom for just listening to me vent. Mom + Daughter = BFF!

Second, day two no sound machine went just as well as the first night. I am so excited that this transition is going well. One more night and I think I will be ready to get rid of the machine altogether.

Third, I am party planning! Fun times and getting lots of list going. The party will be "under the sea" theme with mermaids. The girls love bubble guppies show, so I went with under water idea. I have ordered some decorations and gotten some table wear. Now the long lists begin. But I am having fun with this party and cannot wait! Really, my girls are going to be 2!

They moved up into their new toddler room this past Monday. The first day was rough on L and she didn't eat her lunch at all, but she did come home and eat a good dinner. I was told yesterday was a lot better for them both. Again, they are growing so fast and say 4 word sentences and can respond back with answers. I love the communication, makes things go smoother when I know what is wrong or what they want.

A was at the dinner table last night and we gave her some alfreado w shredded chicken. She took one bite and spit it out and said, "no like it, mama" and pushed her bowl away. Just funny :)  She saw me eating peas and asked for a bite. I gave her one and then she asked for more. I gave her a bowl of peas and then later she had some applesauce. Oh well, I guess if she was hungry enough she would have eatin it. Of course L ate it all. She eats anything!

H is getting so excited for 1st grade. He ask a lot about how much longer it is till he gets to go back. I truly hope that his attitude stays the same for the whole next year. Also pray that he learns how to control his talking. Fun times are ahead for him and I love his enthusiasm.

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