Monday, July 25, 2011


Day after day. We wish our time away and then when we get there we want to go back and do some of it over. We wonder why we make the choices we make, but they all lead us to one destination, HERE!

I found Dave Ramsey, by searching, getting out of debt. I plugged our debt into the program and at first just credit cards, then I added a few more big ticket items. I was shocked to say that least that we could be out of debt in just 5-7 years. And I am talking some big ticket items. I talked with the husband and he is now more dedicated to sticking with the plan of no extra spending and getting bills paid off. If we can relieve the debt and monthly payments then we can actually enjoy a trip to the zoo and other fun things. I read in a magazine yesterday, something to the effect of: Instead of keeping up with the Jones', try to keep with the Smiths.  In other words, keep company with people who are like you and want to keep your financial goals instead of living beyond your means. Now not all our expenditures were excessive, but some were not needed. As my mom and dad say, there is a difference in needs and wants. Ask yourself this when you go to buy something.

We have kept our goal so far by not eating out. Its going good and I know that over a months period we will see a difference. We do have one scheduled eating out time and that will be the night of Aug 5, due to unavoidable things. But we are looking forward to that. Also we decided to skip our Sunday school social to keep our "Smith" goal and avoid a big dinner bill because they are eating at a "nice" "expensive" restaurant.

I did spend a little this weekend, I bought picture frames. This was a need in my mind. My girls are one month away from turning two and they were no where on our walls. Well, except for a couple small places. Well, we remedied that. I love it too. We added our family picture to the large living room wall, it looks glorious. I added H and L&A to the front door wall - that will change annually with their new pictures they get on their birthday. Also in the hallway the girls were added to the family wall from the 1 year photos. I completed their collage and also added their picture beside my bed. I love each and every one and they make me smile when I pass them!!! Cant help but stop and pause, I should have done it sooner.

Operation sound machine is over! We have gone a whole week now and also completed nap times and all is well in our house!

We are three weeks away from H starting 1st grade and we will go shopping for school supplies this weekend! He is excited!

I found out today that the girls will be promoted to the two year old class at church. I am happy and sad. I am very glad they will be out of the nursery... That nursery is horrible. Matter of fact I just told Husband yesterday that I really didn't like our Sunday school (teacher) and the nursery. But we have the next two weeks off. So well see when we get back.

I guess I have rambled on enough...

Holdin on tight to my goals!!

PS: Thanks for the post!! You know who you are :)

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