Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pet peeve...

After going out of town this weekend, I have started noticing more and more places that do not have a changing table in their bathrooms! This is horrible!!!!

We stopped at one particular fast food joint to change babies and also pick up lunch. It was brand new and had a play place. I was sure that they would have a changing table in the bathroom. But NO... of course it was early enough and the manager was the one taking the order so she heard me say that there was not one and that I was going to have to change the baby in the car. She pulled a chair from a table and put it in the bathroom for me to change A on. This was a good idea but not practical. Can you see changing a toddler that is over 32 inches long on a seat that is much less than that wide? But, I made do and changed a poopy diaper on that little chair. I decided though to change L in the van.

Every restaurant should have a changing station!!

One other is the high chairs. Number one, they should be cleaned after every use!!! I know this may be hard but they clean the tables, shouldn't the chair that a baby sits in also be cleaned??  The other thing, have more that one high chair! We stayed at a hotel that offered a complimentary breakfast. Three stories of hotel and only ONE high chair! Crazy!!

OK, enough ranting. But I am getting good at changing a diaper in the van/car!

Sorry one more. The straps on the said high chairs should WORK! If they don't, then they are useless!! This also goes for grocery carts, if the straps are broken then it defeats the purpose!

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  1. Hi there! Coming over from M&M. I am the mother to 3 year old B/G twins. Wanted to say hello and welcome to blogland!! I have "met" some pretty amazing MoM's here. It is nice having the extra support. Take care, Andrea