Friday, June 3, 2011

Envious a little...

Well, maybe.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to my sons last t-ball game of the season. Of course it was a 6:30pm game. That is exactly the girls bedtime! But I knew he was counting on me to be there and I try very hard not to always say I cant do something "because of the girls". After work I picked up the girls and met my son and husband at his parents house. My husband is the t-ball coach, therefore watching the girls was going to be solely my duty. I was happy that both of his parents were home and that I might have a little help at the game. We fed the girls and let them play for about thirty minutes. While the girls were eating I find out that mil is not going to go to the last game because she has arrangements to be somewhere else. (that's another story!)
Again, I am on my own.

We get to the game early and of course the stroller and sitting still only last so long. About twenty minutes into the game the girls get restless and I am no longer able to enjoy watching my son play. He really doesn't care, just as long as I was there. The girls start crying to get out and I get comments from other parents asking if they ever get out of their stroller. I try to politely explain that the girls go in different directions when they are out of the stroller and there is only one of me. I think about it for a moment and then I get very brave. I got both girls out and we walked. That lasted for a little while and then we sat in the grass and dirt and just played. They got so dirty but I was ok, because they were very happy! A couple time one started to run off and I had to go catch them but we survived. Dripping sweat from all of us but it worked out. Once the game was over, God stepped in and did a miracle. I told the girls that we were going to get raisins and juice and we had to get back into the stroller. They did it! As I strapped one in the other climbed into her seat and we enjoyed our snack. My father in law came back to sit with the girls so I could go see my son receive his trophy. All in all a good night.

Here is where the envy come in...I am jealous of parents who only have one baby at a time! It make me so sick to hear when they complain about how hard it is to take care of just one baby. I have had a singleton and I have had twins and they just don't realize how EASY they have it! There were a lot of other parents there that had small babies and toddlers. I watch them have help with their one baby and enjoy the game. Why not me? Why did I have to struggle with twins just to be able to be there for my son. Why couldn't my mother in law say to me, why don't I watch the girls for you tonight so you can go and enjoy your sons last and final t ball game?

God tells us not to be envious of others. So, looking back last night I see even though it was tough, it was worth every struggle to be there. Thank you God for strength!

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