Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odd N Ends...

My mind is in many things going on in there, it's dangerous.

I have been thinking a lot this week on the girls second birthday. I am going with Mermaids and Under the Sea. The girls absolutely love Bubble Guppies from Nick Jr. Looking on Etsy and finding thing and ideas! I have found the exact theme and even decoration that I plan to do. Cannot wait! I plan to make the cake...I pray that I can handle all this, I know I can!

Our sons 7th birthday will be very low key. I kinda decided after the fifth birthday that the huge "party planning" goes out the window. I will do the same with the girls. He had a sleep over with one friend last year and this year husband is taking him to his first Alabama game! Yes, we are big Roll Tide fans in our house! He cannot wait. After going to A-day, he got in a good dry run practice and cannot wait for the real thing! I am as excited for him.

Juice boxes are the next big thing! Mom took me to Sams and I decided to get some little juice boxes (about 4oz) to try and get the girls used to drinking from a straw. I took the chance last night in the bath tub to try it out. And I do believe that they might have had some before at school. They did great! Their eyes lit up with excitement and they knew just what to do. A slugged her down in t-2 seconds and L kinda just took sips and kept saying juice box over and over. By the end of the bath it was all gone. Still need a few more lesions in not tipping them up like sippy cups but they will get it quickly.

L has found her shoes and socks. About 3 months ago it was A that I was yelling at to leave her shoes and sock on and now its L! I love it though and am so very thankful she is learning. She is also doing much better going up and down steps.

Ants...Ants,,,Ants!!!  Last two night have been a little crazy. It started Sunday night that husband noticed ants in the kids bathroom. No big deal, we sprayed and cleaned and they were gone. The next morning they were  in our bathroom. Again, spray and clean and gone. Then Tuesday, I noticed they were in my closet (which is in between the two bathrooms). Again, spray and clean. No big deal. Here's the kicker: last night we were playing in the girls room and L was looking by her bed and said "ants". I said no baby no ants and then she kept repeating. So I looked and sure enough, ANTS! Not only crawling on the floor but also IN their bed! OMGoodness, I was so horrified and just thinking, what if I had put them to bed in that??? We sent the girls into the livingroom to play and me and husband vacumed the floor, stripped the beds, moved the cribs and sprayed the baseboards with ant spray. Keep in mind that the baseboard is no where near where the girls can get to, it is behind their beds. So they are chemically safe. I checked on them several times before we went to bed and all was clear. We had done everything possible. We checked H's room as well but so far none. I pray we are done with the ants in our house!

Mad at Nick Jr...Why oh why have you changed the schedueling for Bubble Guppies! Special plans are made in my house to make sure we can watch this show when ever possible, but 8 PM ??? What toddler is up at that time???

Things I want:  a Kindle, a Kitchen Aid Mixer, new wood flooring in my house, new living room furninture, painted walls in my bedroom, painted walls in my livingroom, ect...

Things I am blessed with: a beautiful family, a house to go home to, and food to put on my table... God is good!

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