Thursday, June 9, 2011


After having a singleton baby, you would think things would be a breeze the next time. Well, in most cases it probably is but when its twins the second time that just throws a curve! Small hurdles become major ones or at least in the adult mind. I think things end up being much harder on the parents then the kids.

We have crossed many bridges with the girls, such as bottles to sippies, formula to milk, and baby food to table food. All has gone well, but I can also remember how much I stressed about these things. Another major step was getting rid of the pacifiers! I have read that anywhere from 16 months to 2 years is the best time to get rid of it and after two years old it is just a habit. With my first son, I realized one day driving home as he fell asleep in the back of the car, that if he can do it in the car with out a paci with out fussing then he can do it at home. So cold turkey, at around 15 months, he was done! And it was just that easy with him. With the girls, I dreaded it, because it had also become my source of go to for crying situations. I feel as if girls cry and whine so much more than boys.?!? We had one more road trip coming up for Easter and I just decided that when we got back on Monday that we would stop giving the girls their paci. Of course they would be 20 months old at the time and they had been on pacis for only nap and bedtime for several months prior to this. I broke and ended up not starting till May 1st. This was a Sunday and beginning of the new week of a new month! This worked! And after just 2-3 days of asking for "papi" they realized it wasn't coming back. We even survived our first sickness without pacis just 5 days after the process started! I am proud to say my girls are paci free and it really wasn't as bad as I was dreading it to be. I will also admit that I wish on some cranky afternoons that I had a "papi" to give to them to hush them. We are in the process of becoming big girls!

Next big hurdle that I see coming is potty training!!!! Boys are so different, first I didn't have to think about this till he was closer to three and all he had to do was stand, pee pee, and then we were good to go. If he had to go while traveling, just stop on the side of the road, let him aim it and pee, get back in car and go. I have a scary feeling about the girls though. Many many stops to pee pee and now I have to carry a porta potty. Two at one time? Two at one time? Will they do fight over who gets what potty and will they train together and be ready at the same time? I know that we are only 21 months right now but I see it coming very close to when they turn 2. Only two and a half months away :) They both are sitting occasionally on the potty and talk about it very often, and one is telling me to change her when she is pee pee. We are now working on how to put pants up and down. There has been no official pee or poo in the potty yet, so we are not getting on board the ship just yet. The girls will move up into a new class in August and will also be two then, so I am seeing a light coming on in that tunnel.

One final hurdle that I am also feeling but have absolutely no idea when it will occur is toddler beds. We already have them purchased and just waiting for the right time. Our son was around 27 months and handled it very well. Two girls in the same room with freedom...pray hard once this happens!

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