Monday, June 13, 2011 I loathe thee...

Well, its kinda a love/hate relationship really!

It never fails, when I take one twin to school and not the other one, that day care is going to call. And today they did! One fussy toddler with one loose bm and I get a phone call. ughhhh! I feel like they find any reason to have a parent to come pick up their child and I guess since I have two it makes it feel as if I am being picked on. Could be that she ate something that her tummy didn't like or her fussiness might be because she is teething (right now we are cutting our canines). At 2:30 I get the call saying these things and when I call husband who is at home with the strep toddler he has to wake her up to go to pick up the healthy one at day care. Of course day care was not calling to say "come pick her up" but they do this and it just puts that notion in my head because if they call you "to" come pick up your child then you have to keep them out for 24 hours before you can bring them back and that means no work and no money! I really would like to ask them sometimes if they ever get diarrhea?? Doesn't everybody...does this mean that everyone is a contagious case walking around???  I know that there has to be guidelines but come on. I ask them if they call about a diarrhea diaper that they keep it, because if it is that bad I want proof and something to take to the doctor, and did they keep!

They never asked about the twin that stayed home. Husband was told that the poop was watery and was almost white??? What is that???  Also they say she was complaining about her tummy hurting??? She doesn't have a clue what this even means yet. I really am disliking the new girl in their room. I just don't think she has enough real life experience to really make these points.

She will get her dose of antibiotics to ward off any sickness and they will both be at school tomorrow. Oh the frustration. Thanks for the venting!

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