Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello again...

Well, where have I been? If you read the previous then you will know! I have been out with sick kids. Between the poop and throw up, I am tired. Thank goodness for Mom who came to the rescue so I could work on Friday. I had never been so happy to see solid poop like I was on Sunday! The results from the trip back to the Doctor on Thursday was possibly that the antibiotic wasn't working or that they had a virus on top of strep. And yes, it was all three who were puny! We are all much better now and the girls have their appetite back for sure!

On another positive note... Son pulled his third tooth out this weekend! We told him that it was Double Super Saturday! and that it only comes around once a year and that the tooth fairy will double money or bring a real good prize. The top right tooth has been loose for about 3-4 weeks now and was hanging on really tightly. I told him I would try to pull it three times and he agreed. I couldn't get it but I told him instead of back and forth to try and twist it. He did it one time and it started bleeding. I got a napkin and with one light pull it was out! He was so excited. The tooth fairy left him a dsi game he wanted and also left fairy dust for him!

Another positive was I got to spend a great weekend with my mom and my grandma. It was fun! UNO like the old days and with my son and husband was so much fun and I CANNOT wait to do it again! I also get to see them on Friday for a family reunion!

Thanks mom and memaw for all your help! Love you!!

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